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Harry M. Covert

June 14, 2018
Campaigning Monkey Business
Harry M. Covert

It is no secret. Skullduggery is alive and well in the political arena. Surprised? Of course not. It can be a bit surprising at times, particularly when opponents have been quasi-friends for long periods at work “for the public good.”

June 12, 2018
Mr. Trump’s Singapore Sling
Harry M. Covert

In preparation for this historic day, it was appropriate to look back 68 years and refresh memories from the Korean War, not in the least a police action.

June 8, 2018
“There Oughta Be A Law!!!”
Harry M. Covert

Admittedly carpetbaggers have invaded The Commonwealth under the opened eyes of native borns in the Old Dominion. And, days of the Virginia Gentleman and Gentlewoman could now be headed to oblivion.

June 5, 2018
Churlish Trash-Talking Culture
Harry M. Covert

A good question for today: who’s going to be the next whiz kid who says she or he knows how to change the weather, I mean turn on or off rain?

May 25, 2018
Sanctuary for Gun Owners
Harry M. Covert

In a state surrounded by others allowing concealed carry weapons, time has come again to question Maryland’s belligerence to permitting good citizens to pack heat.

May 22, 2018
Good Morning Texas
Harry M. Covert

The bulletin crawled across the bottom of the screen early in the morning. Alerts were immediate on my iPhone. Reports of a Texas High School shooting. No information available at that moment.

May 15, 2018
Tactics for Peace: More Prosperity
Harry M. Covert

Among the magnificent benefits of our technological advances is the ability to block unwanted, or any at all, telephone calls. In this gregarious season of political obsessing, eluding messages can be easy.

May 10, 2018
Blinking and Osculating in North Korea
Harry M. Covert

It is rather apparent that North Korea’s little imp not only blinked but has discovered that posterior osculation is the road to peace and saving himself from annihilation.

May 8, 2018
American Lingo on the Rise
Harry M. Covert

There’s been a lot conversation among all the mugwumps and barking moonbats that former cabinet officers become consultants for foreign governments and receive incredible fees and enjoy riches forever.

May 3, 2018
Respite from General Swindling
Harry M. Covert

And, now for some good news. But first, I don’t want to hear any piffle about starting a paragraph or sentence with “And.” It’s a perfectly good locution, plus this is not an English class paper.

May 1, 2018
Dancing Around the Maypole
Harry M. Covert

Somehow it’s not likely that dancing around Maypoles will occur today. There was a time when May First was a celebratory activity in public schools.

April 26, 2018
Does Weed Whack Pain?
Harry M. Covert

Debate over medicinal marijuana continues to weave its way into modern approval. A number of states say it’s okay, while a majority, not including Maryland, one of the Original 13 colonies, has legalized pot use. Now the fight proceeds whether dispensaries will be among downtown shops.

April 24, 2018
Chips for the Crime Cure
Harry M. Covert

Maybe, just maybe, time has come to inoculate all the crazies out there with computer chips. Certainly alarms will explode with violent repercussions about personal civil rights. Somehow a solid program could be developed.

April 19, 2018
Ignorance is No Excuse
Harry M. Covert

Wonders never cease, especially when considering that the state of history teaching in schools is lacking big time. Is it good to not educate the populace on the past?

April 17, 2018
Muggles and Murders
Harry M. Covert

Where are all the public demonstrations, the students who walk out of classes, or the alleged caring lawmakers who echo the same old chants about guns?

April 12, 2018
Ongoing Public Hanging Attempt
Harry M. Covert

Might as well be straightforward here. With all the winks and nods, the evidence is rather obvious, the coup and overthrow attempt is in full gear.

April 10, 2018
Enchantment of Privileges
Harry M. Covert

All this talk about privilege has me commiserating. Foolish talk has been around forever. The latest has nearly reached the zenith of idiocy, the acme of worthlessness.

April 5, 2018
Music for the National Guard
Harry M. Covert

Music is swirling in the air. Yes, joyous strains of marching bands, even high stepping and recollections of John Philip Sousa, the recognized king of brass and drums and so on.

April 3, 2018
Comparing Infectious Parades
Harry M. Covert

On this grand third day of April, some leftover scraps from what has historically been April Fool’s Day. Remember, please, it’s not courteous to describe any one as a dullard, dope or ignoramus.

March 29, 2018
Joys of Bail Bonding
Harry M. Covert

Time to spread the good news. Major League Baseball returns this afternoon. Take your pick, grab the remote and refreshments. But first here’s a preamble which may include some rapier wit.

March 27, 2018
When Does the Tomfoolery Stop?
Harry M. Covert

I figured the miasma of mischief, my description of course, would keep on keeping on. Leaks, or not, it’s a maelstrom constantly and fun to follow although monotonous.

March 22, 2018
Where’s the Snow Button?
Harry M. Covert

In my neck of the woods the first day of Spring arrived rather nicely. That is snow, the white stuff, fell indiscriminately. It was fun to watch. And, it’s March.

March 20, 2018
No Protestors to Bridge Collapse, Bombings
Harry M. Covert

With some fear and trepidation, recent horrors are leading to some questions, however indelicate, as to how bombs and shootings can be eradicated so we can return to a semblance of civil order.

March 15, 2018
Correct Shameful Management
Harry M. Covert

It was mighty encouraging to hear that Mr. President is finally getting the cabinet members he really needs. We’re led to believe a few more department heads will get the heave-ho in the immediate future.

March 13, 2018
When Skipping Class was Fun
Harry M. Covert

On second thought, maybe the national students’ walkout tomorrow, Wednesday, a month after the Valentine’s Day disaster in Parkland, Florida, may be a good thing.

March 8, 2018
The Order of the Day
Harry M. Covert

All this malarkey, underway every which way we turn, has become full blown hogwash. I’m waiting for someone to put a muzzle on the ongoing nonsensical babbling.

March 6, 2018
A Senator Spouts Tripe
Harry M. Covert