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The Tentacle

Harry M. Covert

July 22, 2016
An Early Morning Education
Harry M. Covert

Where does it say in the law – or anywhere else – that good people just oughta give up and let robbers and gun-toting thieves have their way? I mean, shooting, stealing or threatening us and getting away with such conduct.

July 21, 2016
Keep Bags of Quote Marks Handy
Harry M. Covert

I learned early in the writing and newspaper games to always keep a bag full of quotation marks handy. You never know when wit and wisdom will strike and a pen, pencil or keyboard of some sort needs attention.

July 18, 2016
Un-hyphenating Lifestyles
Harry M. Covert

Tragedy after tragedy continues to befall life as we know it. I will admit shamelessly that the police fatal shootings in Falcon Heights, MN, and Baton Rouge, LA, brought real tears to my eyes. Then the Dallas assassinations of five police officers brought horror to my heart. And now, Baton Rouge again.

July 14, 2016
'Neutrals' Fooling Partisans
Harry M. Covert

So, according to a peculiar tradition, the Frederick County Board of Education election is nonpartisan. For the naïve and innocent, this means members are neutral, or eunuchs, when it comes to partisan politics. They are elected supposedly as non-Democrats and non-Republicans and other political influence.

July 7, 2016
A Nation 'Up for Grabs'
Harry M. Covert

Not for one second was I among the many who figured federal charges of any sort would be brought against a woman presidential nominee.

July 4, 2016
Happy Birthday to Us
Harry M. Covert

Never thought I'd reach the 240th birthday of the greatest country on the planet. I most certainly have, as have so many millions today; so without further ado, let’s eat, drink and be merry.

July 1, 2016
Governor’s Cabinet, 20-20 Vision
Harry M. Covert

Here we are smack in the middle of summer. Everybody in this haven of tranquility, I am speaking about Frederick City and county and all the other towns, is getting ready for the weekend and the birthday celebration.

June 28, 2016
Vigils and the Bully Pulpit
Harry M. Covert

The time has come for a real vigil. Using this bully pulpit, something must be done to halt the slide to “Hell in a Handbasket” as a humorist of yore penned more than a century ago.

June 14, 2016
The Pulse of the Nation
Harry M. Covert

By all rights the subject today ought to be about local topics of interest. There are plenty. The growing upheaval regarding the Frederick County Council and more specifically, the so-called leadership of the president which is swirling – whether partisans agree or not. And, continuing, the discourtesy to the minority members of the board.

June 9, 2016
World Series for Politics and Baseball
Harry M. Covert

Multi-tasking can be fun. This is expressly true when it comes to punching the teevee remote control in these largesse days of politics, baseball and tweeting. The fields of communication and comments are white with harvest – dare we use a scriptural emphasis.

June 7, 2016
Keeping the Pots Boiling
Harry M. Covert

Everybody all over the place is enduring the shock treatment of the past year. It’s hard to imagine the national political free-for-all gets worse every 24-hour period. It does.

May 31, 2016
Etymologists and Expletives Deleted?
Harry M. Covert

I’m not quite certain, but the use of vain and profane babblings has sure become prevalent on every venue these days. This has been brought on by the political vernacular in use on all levels. Now, no one even flinches.


May 26, 2016
This Weekend for Heroes
Harry M. Covert

The coming weekend will be bright and fair, perfect for the fun and sun beach enthusiasts and those enjoying backyard grilling or other restful pursuits.

May 19, 2016
Saluting Sailors on Maritime Day
Harry M. Covert

Amid magnificent rolling hills and farms throughout Frederick County there are not lots of conversations about ocean-going vessels and those who serve or have served in maritime endeavors. It is entirely appropriate to alert the public about Sunday celebrations of National Maritime Day.

May 17, 2016
Tomfoolery Still On, Time for a Real Poll
Harry M. Covert

Perhaps the time has come to consider the negative effects of the constant news cycle of presidential politics. The health of everyone is truly threatened these days. It takes lots of chutzpah and self-discipline to turn off “the teevee” and computers and all matters of the latest technologies.

May 13, 2016
Explaining Number 13
Harry M. Covert

I can’t resist it. Today marks Triskaidekaphobia. No, this is not when the populace is incessantly scratching, or itching, or running for the hills, or fearing things like ghosts, or scurrying from black cats and ladders or debating the mark of the beast.

May 10, 2016
A Chicken in Every Pot
Harry M. Covert

The chickens are coming home to roost, at least within the friendly educated confines of Frederick’s city limits. Those who love fowl play are all excited now, clucking with joy.

May 5, 2016
The Revamped Political Landscape
Harry M. Covert

The day is going to arrive soon when all of the “Republican establishment aficionados” stop running to their cubbyholes or dens and begin their lives as “posterior osculators.”

April 26, 2016
Tips on Election Day
Harry M. Covert

In case all the wise and ebullient people have somehow forgotten, today is Election Day. Perhaps the county-wide polling centers will be stormed and keep the judges busy, unable to take a break to go to lunch.

April 25, 2016
The Loo, Downtown, What If's
Harry M. Covert

In these days of fast changing lifestyles, it is always pleasant to receive notes from readers. Usually when readers disagree with viewpoints, they are civil.

April 21, 2016
Boots on the Ground Here?
Harry M. Covert

So, a national presidential wannabe hopes to charm the smart people of Frederick today. Wouldn't you know it? My laptop has crashed. My 50-year-old plus Royal typewriter still works but, similar to politics of today, not capable of cutting the mustard in the world of computers.

April 19, 2016
From Poll Tax to Norman Thomas to Sanders
Harry M. Covert

I voted early in the Maryland primary – last week. Right here in Frederick County it was a delight to see all of the smiling faces of election judges and workers, who were tickled with the turnout and the fun of seeing people learning how to use a ballpoint to make selections.

April 14, 2016
Gardner’s Arriving Budget
Harry M. Covert

First ever Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner has taken to the job with plenty of zeal. She has developed an effective ability to communicate. This job is not an easy task for anyone.

April 12, 2016
A Chat with President Otis
Harry M. Covert

It’s easy to be verbose about the machinations on national politics. It’s not so tranquil to comment about local affairs when it’s so close to home, and the writers and partisan observers just might run into their victims in the grocery store or restaurants.

April 11, 2016
Interviews with Mr. Truman, GW and TJ
Harry M. Covert

I’ve interviewed lots of people over the years. I can say it was fun then and also in these days of remembering the words of so many personages from politicians to sports figures to hell-fire and damnation preachers.

April 7, 2016
Politics, Baseball and The Masters
Harry M. Covert

This is the week that is, if I can use most of the title of a long ago television show. Politics on both the national and local levels is incredibly stunning, baseball is back and the preeminent golf tournament, The Masters, is under way today.

March 29, 2016
‘Packing’ for the Convention?
Harry M. Covert

In these zany days watching exciting events unfolding everywhere, there is so much to say, write and disseminate. The business of cacoethes scribendi gets easier and easier. In the midst of all the serious business, there is plenty of room for belly laughs, guffaws and grins.

March 24, 2016
A Rest from Nerve-Wracking News
Harry M. Covert

It is a good thing society, as we live it, is fat and sassy. Of course, there are numerous levels of our standing and, let’s face it, we’re more fortunate than most of the rest of the world.

March 22, 2016
Conjurers Criss-Crossing the Land
Harry M. Covert

Now is the time for all Kool-Aid drinkers, professional left and right-wingers, and middle-of-the-roaders of all sorts to take a “chill pill” for a few days – or weeks – or months.

March 15, 2016
Chief Justice Taney and Francis Scott Key?
Harry M. Covert