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The Tentacle

Joe Charlebois

February 5, 2016
Socialism Defined Understandably
Joe Charlebois

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (D.) is a self-described Democratic Socialist. His belief that government is the answer, rather than a free citizenry, is not as concerning as the support his socialist message has received so far in this campaign season from the generation that was born after the Berlin Wall fell.

January 29, 2016
Bold Prediction or Cold Reality?
Joe Charlebois

As Vice-President Elizabeth Warren looks on, he raises his hand and states “I Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.”

January 22, 2016
Trump’s Dangerous Bi-Partisanship
Joe Charlebois

The problem with “bi-partisanship” is that it signifies near unanimity or at best compromise. In a nation of over 322 million, where deal making leads to political gain and citizen losses, there should be very little unanimity and very little compromise.

January 15, 2016
“Call 9-1-1” Full Circle
Joe Charlebois

February 4, 2015, was a day hundreds of Frederick’s students, parents, basketball officials and school personnel were struck with the realization that two young men were shot just outside of the Frederick High gym and dragged onto the basketball court as the boy’s JV game was just about to end.

January 1, 2016
Out With The Old, In With The New
Joe Charlebois

Robert Burns, the 18th century Scottish poet, first laid these words to the music of an old Scottish folk melody in the late 1780's. Since then this song has been a way to bring in the New Year in a celebratory way.

December 25, 2015
What today really is all about!
Joe Charlebois

Christmas Day is for me more of a day of thanksgiving than Thanksgiving Day. I reflect on the many blessings that have been bestowed on me today more than any other day of the year.

December 18, 2015
Terror Plot Foiled Near Niagara Falls
Joe Charlebois

On December 17th, police picked up four men in New York and Jersey City on the suspicion of a terroristic plot to blow up a shipping channel near Niagara Falls. Once the four were charged, Department of Justice agents raided the offices of the suspects finding information that revealed names of their associates.

December 11, 2015
Trump – He Hasn’t Faded Yet
Joe Charlebois

In late August I commented on how the leadership vacuum created by the progressive left – led by Barack Obama – and Republicans led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell created the climate for Donald Trump’s emergence. Now with the Iowa Caucus seven weeks away, it is Mr. Trump’s race to lose.

December 4, 2015
The Second Amendment
Joe Charlebois

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

November 27, 2015
Remembering the Meaning
Joe Charlebois

Here is hoping that everyone reading this column had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Many of you, I am sure, spent it with family, or friends feasting on turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, dressing, and, yes, even gluten-free stuffing.

November 20, 2015
Hope on The Horizon
Joe Charlebois

Geo has cancer. It is curable but metastasizing. Last Friday he collapsed as a result of an attack on his heart. He is recovering, but he is still in pain. He is getting all types of advice from friends, family and physicians on how to proceed.

November 6, 2015
Anti-constitutionalists at bay – finally
Joe Charlebois

The divisive political climate of today is as divided as it has been in my lifetime. Although it may be problematic, it isn’t unhealthy. And it is a good thing. It means that true conservatives are actually fighting back.

October 23, 2015
Serfdom? Never!!!
Joe Charlebois

Friedrich A. Hayek was the leading light in classical liberalism in the 20th Century. He was also well versed in psychology and political thought. He witnessed the acceptance of socialism in Europe, which developed into the totalitarian states of National Socialist Germany and the Fascistic Italy. He watched as the loss of individual freedoms was replaced with “freedom from want” by ever increasing socialist governments.

October 16, 2015
Gardner Takes Aim at Private Industry – Endorses Socialist Sanders
Joe Charlebois

A Charles B. Satire Report


Frederick, MD – In a move that has taken Maryland Democrats by surprise, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner (D) has announced her intention to throw her support in the presidential primaries to the self-proclaimed socialist from Vermont – Senator Bernie Sanders (I).

October 9, 2015
The Modern Man vs. The Real Man
Joe Charlebois

Recently The New York Times published a column entitled “27 Ways to Be a Modern Man,” by Brian Lombardi. It is an interesting if not perverse take on what a “man” is.

October 2, 2015
The “Jackass” from Texas – Senator Cruz
Joe Charlebois

Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, has few friends in Washington. He does things his way, and that irks leadership. He is a true constitutional lawyer, who actually believes in the U.S. Constitution, and that irks nearly everyone inside the beltway.

September 25, 2015
A Fair Shake for All
Joe Charlebois

A good sign for Republicans so far this campaign season has been the candidates’ abandonment of overt pandering that has been a hallmark of both Democrats and Republicans for several election cycles. There has been little discussion of winning over distinct minority groups through government assistance, aid, or favoritism.

September 18, 2015
The Cult of Personality
Joe Charlebois

The tidal wave of support for outsider candidates in this upcoming Republican presidential primary has been amazing, especially for the front-runner Donald Trump. Could Mr. Trump’s cult of personality put him in the White House, mirroring the happenings of 2008?

September 11, 2015
I Don’t Want to Forget…
Joe Charlebois

Every year on my electronic calendar I have recurring reminders of a day I spent in Marietta, Georgia while my wife and children where in Frederick and thousands more spent in a fiery hell in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

September 4, 2015
The Ranking Member’s Deflections
Joe Charlebois

Who is the progressive left’s greatest defender these days? In the House of Representatives, it is Maryland’s own Elijah Cummings. He stands in the way of transparency by providing cover for abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

August 28, 2015
Planting the Seeds of Discontent
Joe Charlebois

You reap what you sow. The Republican leadership is learning that old lesson the hard way. After years of abdicating their role as the loyal opposition, they created a vacuum that is being filled in a way they never could have imagined.

August 21, 2015
A Charles B. Satiré Report
Joe Charlebois

On the heels of the recent decision to repeal the 2012 “Frederick County Official English Ordinance,” the Frederick County Council is looking into more ways to be more welcoming.

August 14, 2015
Starting a New Chapter – College
Joe Charlebois

Our first child is nervous. She is prepared in so many ways, but unprepared in so many others. This weekend marks the departure of our first borne – Julie.

August 7, 2015
Behind the Curtain at Planned Parenthood
Joe Charlebois

The greatest impact in the devaluation of life over the past several decades has been abortion. Since Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States over 50 million abortions have been performed in the United States allowing a culture of death to pervade our American culture.

July 31, 2015
What’s significant about your birthday?
Joe Charlebois

July 30th, what a day of note! Really, July 30th? You mean this isn’t one of the most memorable dates you had to memorize in high school? Okay, so you have no idea what happened on July 30th. My mother will never forget. It of course was the date I was born.

July 24, 2015
The Ghost of Karl Marx
Joe Charlebois

Economic illiteracy has lent itself to ever encroaching Marxism. The "dumbing down" of Americans – specifically when it comes to economics – has made them susceptible to the lies of a government less interested in telling the truth than interested in creating a society where the government is the primary broker of power.

July 17, 2015
Today's Eugenicists – Planned Parenthood
Joe Charlebois

The world has been exposed to the suggestions of eugenics since Plato proposed breeding should be done through a state controlled system to providing the state with the best possible outcomes in progeny.

July 3, 2015
Despite ‘Interpretations,’ Its Meaning Remains the Same
Joe Charlebois

On July 2nd, 1776, our Founding Fathers voted to declare independence from Great Britain. On July 4th, they attached their signatures to a document that will be hailed as one of the greatest statements for individual freedom ever written.

June 26, 2015
Science is Not Settled
Joe Charlebois

Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) is the proper name given to the theory that man is the cause for any increase in global temperatures since the start of the industrial revolution. It is neither fact, nor is it “settled science.”

June 19, 2015
Assimilation not Division
Joe Charlebois

English is the official language of Frederick County, Maryland. Frederick County Council Member Jessica Fitzwater and co-sponsor Council Vice President M.C. Keegan-Ayer are looking to over-turn the 2012 ordinance based on perceptions.

June 5, 2015
The Death of an Ethics Commission
Joe Charlebois

On May 18th three members of the Frederick County Ethics Commission resigned in reaction to a letter from Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner (D) and County Council President Bud Otis (R). The letter public challenged the commission’s integrity, capabilities and thrust them into a political firestorm. Ms. Gardner and Mr. Otis were wrong.

May 22, 2015
We are ignoring Mencken’s Advice
Joe Charlebois

What H.L. Mencken wrote more than 80 years ago should be flowing from the pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post and, of course, his own Baltimore Sun today.

May 15, 2015
Tragic Accident, Needless Loss of Life
Joe Charlebois

Navy Midshipman Third Class Justin Zemser from New York died in the Amtrak tragedy Tuesday on the way home to see his mother. He was one of eight passengers who died when the Amtrak train #188 derailed just miles north of Philadelphia.

May 15, 2015
Tragic Accident, Needless Loss of Life
Joe Charlebois

Navy Midshipman Third Class Justin Zemser from New York died in the Amtrak tragedy Tuesday on the way home to see his mother. He was one of eight passengers who died when the Amtrak train #188 derailed just miles north of Philadelphia.

May 8, 2015
Religion Lost in Thorny Issue
Joe Charlebois

Recently the Supreme Court of the United States heard from those on either side of the same-sex marriage argument. Of course, both sides are cautiously optimistic that the court will rule in its favor. There should be a middle ground in this debate to protect all involved – especially the church.

May 1, 2015
Growing Up and Being Successful
Joe Charlebois

There once was a young man making his way in the world, who was blessed by God with intelligence, strength and ingenuity.

April 24, 2015
Too Fat, Too Happy – But Not Too Sassy
Joe Charlebois

No previous generation of Americans would stand by and be as silent as our current generation has been when it comes to usurpation of executive power, or the abuse of power as exhibited by the current administration and its former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. We are just too fat and too happy to care.

April 17, 2015
Hypocritical Bigotry Aimed at The Constitution
Joe Charlebois

It isn’t often that the keyboard strokes created by this author insult those who hold views that are contrary, but those that purposely spread false narratives regarding  those who support religious freedom – as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution – are useless tools.

March 27, 2015
The Price of Blood
Joe Charlebois

Bringing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl back was the right thing to do, or so says retired USAF Gen. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. In a op-ed General Dunlap states that “The decision to bring him home — even at the price of freeing enemy detainees — was still the right one, as was yesterday’s decision to task the military justice process with determining his guilt or innocence.”

March 20, 2015
Pitfalls Taken By Republicans
Joe Charlebois

Republicans need to abandon the idea of winning over distinct minority groups. They need to stop playing the same game that the Democrats play. It has and always will be a losing proposition.

March 13, 2015
Cotton Pickin’ Time
Joe Charlebois

Who would have thought that an open letter explaining a ninth-grade civics lesson would cause such a ruckus? Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R., AR) open letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran has done just that. It has ruffled more than a few feathers this week.

March 6, 2015
Chips Off The Old Block
Joe Charlebois

Secular socialism has made steady inroads into our society since the early 1960s when prayer was being removed from the schools. What has this led too?

February 27, 2015
Capitulation A Bad Idea
Joe Charlebois

Mitch McConnell, the U.S. Senate’s majority leader, has yet to realize that his party – the Republican Party – is now in the majority and that – along with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives – he has the ability to control the legislative agenda.

February 20, 2015
Why Mayor Rudy Giuliani Is Correct
Joe Charlebois

Last week Bob Beckel posited that President Obama’s upbringing overseas and direct interaction with the Islamic faith as a youth made him incapable of criticizing the more radical adherents to Islam. This week former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani commented that Mr. Obama does not love this country as most Americans do. I agree.

February 13, 2015
Mr. Obama’s Crusade
Joe Charlebois

Bob Beckel on the FOX News program The Five expressed his thoughts on the reason that President Barack Obama and most in his administration refrain from using the terms Islam or Muslim when referring to ISIS or other Islamist groups. I agree with him.

February 6, 2015
CALL 9-1-1!
Joe Charlebois

“Bang, Bang, Bang.” There were only 30 seconds left in the game as I turned my head to the left and stood as several young men filled the small lobby that leads into the Frederick High School gymnasium.

January 30, 2015
Disqualifying Comments?
Joe Charlebois

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings with President Barack Obama’s attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch on Wednesday. Ms. Lynch proved to be a very intelligent and capable attorney.

January 23, 2015
Sticks and Stones
Joe Charlebois

It has been a great week for County Councilman Kirby Delauter. Not so much for fellow Republican and District 4 State Delegate Kathy Afzali. Three weeks ago at the Vigilant Hose Co. banquet, Ms. Afzali sent an anonymous text message to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins that has her in hot water.

January 16, 2015
Giving What We Don’t Have
Joe Charlebois

When I was 13, I visited Williamsburg for the first time. It was my eighth grade class trip. Several buses snaked their way along the highways that made the long trip from western Pennsylvania to the Colonial Virginia town.

January 9, 2015
“Je Suis Charlie”
Joe Charlebois


I don’t draw cartoons and anything I’ve written of satirical nature would rarely be deemed overtly offensive. However, attaching a name to an opinion-based column was difficult to do at first, knowing that roughly 50% of the people reading a column I have written might be offended – or at least strongly disagree.

December 26, 2014
Christmas Wishes Answered?
Joe Charlebois

Last week, I found this letter on the sidewalk outside the downtown post office. It was starting to rain a little, so I quickly picked it up. The letter had fallen out of its envelope and I couldn’t help but peek at it since it was addressed to Santa Claus.

December 19, 2014
All I Want for Christmas Is……….
Joe Charlebois

I never understood why my parents – my father in particular – would always say “I don’t need anything” when I would ask what they wanted for Christmas. I find myself saying the same thing to my wife and children when they ask the same question of me now.

December 12, 2014
O’Malley Trails Clinton and Other “News”
Joe Charlebois

If polls are to be believed, our favorite progressives aren’t doing so well these days. The out-going governor of Maryland trails the more centrist Hillary Rodham Clinton in early presidential preference polls and President Barack Obama is suffering in the public’s eye as well. His approval rating is nothing short of abysmal.

December 5, 2014
A Frederick Christmas Tradition
Joe Charlebois

How do you buy Christmas presents for over 1,800 needy children? The answer in Frederick, Maryland, is Christmas Cash for Kids. For 30 years, the Frederick community has dug deep into their pockets to help their neighbors in providing presents on Christmas morning that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

November 21, 2014
The Government Takes Over The Pulpit
Joe Charlebois

Controlling religious speech seems to be on the agenda of more than just Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker these days. In nearby Prince George’s County, the county’s environmental director Adam Ortiz has been given approval to waive a majority of the “rain tax” fees that churches are required to pay if they only deliver “green sermons.”

November 14, 2014
Revealed Deceptions Threatens House of Cards
Joe Charlebois

The American people aren’t stupid. The people knew they were being deceived when the super-majority Democratic Congress pushed through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in late 2009, and when it was signed into law in March of 2010. Validation of the American people’s fears will likely do little to replace or repeal Obamacare. Or will it?

October 31, 2014
Whose Vote Counts?
Joe Charlebois

What is wrong with our voter registration system? Nearly everything. There are dually registered voters and non-citizens who are freely voting in America today. Federal and state laws have made it too easy for those who are ineligible to vote to become registered. Frederick County is now the front line in this battle.

October 24, 2014
Tyrannical Actions Invading Our Nation
Joe Charlebois

Tyranny is defined as “arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.” Most Americans cannot comprehend or would not accept the idea that we could ever live under a tyrannical government. Little do those Americans realize – we already do.

October 17, 2014
The Destruction of Equal Representation
Joe Charlebois

The most recent General Assembly session in Annapolis demonstrates why democracy holds very little in the way of checks and balances, which is why there is a real chance of electing the Republican candidate for governor – Larry Hogan.

October 10, 2014
Who Are You “Polling” For?
Joe Charlebois

In 25 days Marylanders will go to the polls and select their next governor. The two leading candidates are Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) and Republican businessman Larry Hogan (R). Logic would suggest that Mr. Brown should be very confident in his chances to keep the governor’s house in the firm grasp of Democrats.

October 3, 2014
Canary in the Coal Mine
Joe Charlebois

Recent troubling events have taken place on all levels of government that have been anything but transparent. Government agencies are keeping the general public in the dark, or denying access to information regarding the potential impact of infectious diseases on the U.S. populace caused by refusing vaccinations and illegal immigration.

September 26, 2014
Good Riddance Mr. Holder
Joe Charlebois

The Attorney General of the United States has resigned. The most politicized era of the Department of Justice may continue, but it won’t be with Eric Holder at the helm. The attorney general announced that he will serve for a few more months until his successor is confirmed by the U. S. Senate.

September 19, 2014
Still Under Attack
Joe Charlebois

Two Hundred years ago last weekend, Frederick’s own Francis Scott Key witnessed the 25-hour bombardment of Fort McHenry aboard a British naval vessel while bargaining a prisoner exchange. He watched as the severely outnumbered American forces protecting Baltimore from the invading British forces were able to hold off the greatest naval force in the world.

September 12, 2014
A Time to Lead
Joe Charlebois

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama delivered a foreign policy address to the American people, and those around the world, that may question his ability or willingness to lead.

September 5, 2014
Political Correctness Run Amok!
Joe Charlebois

“A 14-year-old boy walks into a bathroom…” may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but as a father of two 14-year-old young men I was a little more than disconcerted when he was confused as to which bathroom to enter.

July 18, 2014
O’Malley Defines “Doublespeak”
Joe Charlebois

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley isn’t making nice with the man whom he helped elect to the presidency in 2012. Governor O’Malley – who raised over $1 million toward re-electing President Obama – openly chastised the president and his administration for looking for ways to return the tens of thousands of illegal unaccompanied minors and adults who have come over the border recently. He wants illegals here – just not in Maryland.

July 11, 2014
America – Melting Pot or Relish Tray?
Joe Charlebois

Throughout the 1970s, as a youngster I would watch the typical Saturday morning television offerings from Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers. But there were a series of three minute segments that even though they were educational in nature they became my favorite.

July 4, 2014
A Place in Civil War History
Joe Charlebois

One hundred and fifty years ago at the confluence of the Georgetown Pike (now Route 355), the Monocacy Junction of the B&O Railroad and just up river from the Baltimore Pike to Baltimore (now Reich’s Ford Road), Union forces led by Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace lost the only Civil War battle on Union soil to Confederate forces.

June 20, 2014
The Changing Tide
Joe Charlebois

I had the opportunity to hear University of Virginia professor and noted author Dr. Larry Sabato speak to an audience of Virginia businessmen and women on the topic of the upcoming mid-term elections as well as the presidential contenders for 2016.

June 6, 2014
Illegal Rearming The Enemy
Joe Charlebois

This week five of the world’s most dangerous men were released from U.S. custody into the celebratory arms of family and friends in Qatar. Even with assurances from of Qatar that they will honor a one year travel ban for the five released Taliban, these key members of the Taliban leadership will be free to set up their networks and contacts again.

May 23, 2014
When Common Sense Is Lost
Joe Charlebois

Many issues in the public arena that will be brought before the voter this federal election cycle boil down to the use of common sense on one side to the use of epithets to marginalize the opposition on the other.

May 16, 2014
Nothing to See Here – The IRS Scandal Stonewall
Joe Charlebois

In the old movie styling of an Irish cop, I can hear the Democrats say: “Nothin’ to see here, people, move along…move along.” This is what the American people have been treated to since former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified before Congress in March of 2012.

May 9, 2014
The Scientific Dumbing Down of America
Joe Charlebois

Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) is the proper name given to the theory that man is the cause for any increase in global temperatures since the start of the industrial revolution. It is neither fact, nor is it “settled science.”

May 2, 2014
Rigging Elections, Altering History
Joe Charlebois

In the months leading up to the 2012 presidential election, serious breaches in transparency and trust occurred. Besides the Internal Revenue Service abuses against conservative 501(c) groups and the limits of free speech that is still unfolding, there is the continued inexplicable cover-up of an international tragedy.

April 25, 2014
Continuing Divisive Action No More
Joe Charlebois

The Supreme Court of the United States, in a six-to-two ruling, decided in favor of the right of the citizens to determine if affirmative action policies could be ended or extended in their own jurisdictional boundaries.

April 11, 2014
The Lessons of the History of Warfare
Joe Charlebois

One of the history’s greatest military minds, Sun Tzu, has had a long history of influence over those who would carry out the plans of warfare for two-thousand years.

April 4, 2014
Another Aberration
Joe Charlebois

The numbers don’t lie – or so the saying goes. Well, it depends on which numbers, doesn’t it? On April 1, 2013, President Barack Obama addressed a group at the White House touting the success of the Affordable Care Act's "enrollment" of over 7 million Americans. The president – to put it polite – is misleading the country once again.

March 28, 2014
Against Moral Conscience
Joe Charlebois

The Supreme Court of the United States has just heard oral arguments concerning two linked cases: Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius and Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. These cases will test the constitutionality of the mandate included in the Affordable Care Act that requires employers to provide abortifacients.

March 14, 2014
Raising a Nation of Skeptics
Joe Charlebois

The entrance of Millennials into adulthood is intriguing. As currently defined, a millennial is a person between the ages of 18 and 33. As adults, more Millennials are filtering their way into the arena of influencing public policy. Defining them is difficult. They claim to be independent, but in reality they are progressives and libertarians.

March 7, 2014
A “Progressively” Worse Foreign Policy
Joe Charlebois

Let’s face it; President Barack Obama has put the United States on a collision course with irrelevancy. His ideologically progressive focus on domestic issues, and his naïve approach to foreign policy, has set America back in a demonstrably negative way.

February 28, 2014
The Era of the Independent American Woman is Over!
Joe Charlebois

If one were to add a title to interviews done on ABC’s The View, then Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Barbara Walter’s couch would be entitled “The era of the independent American woman is over!”

February 21, 2014
Dive Right In, Make a Splash!
Joe Charlebois

Now that the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) system is officially easing out of the swimming pool business, the community, the county and the City of Frederick need to step up.

February 14, 2014
Reasons for Distrust
Joe Charlebois

In recent negotiations with the White House on immigration reform, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R., OH) stated: “There’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws…and it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.”

February 7, 2014
Of Course It Comes With Strings Attached
Joe Charlebois

If you think that you have never seen a marionette handler operate a marionette that is in turn operating a marionette, you would be wrong. To put this into context, you need look no further than the way a statist operates.

January 31, 2014
Vote to Return Our Civil Liberties
Joe Charlebois

We have the ability to forge major change over the next few election cycles. Not the type of change that President Barack Obama spoke of in 2008 – which was a fundamental transfer of power to a centralized government – but rather a government that believes in civil liberties; one that belongs to the people.

January 24, 2014
The First Amendment Survives
Joe Charlebois

Bloggers, on-line columnists, alternative media journalists can all claim victory! Those who use non-traditional means of journalism have won a victory. Once again the courts have sided in favor of the individual’s First Amendment rights.

January 17, 2014
Frederick Politics, Just Like the Rest
Joe Charlebois

Just when you think you live in the most idyllic county outside of the “swamp” that doubles for our nation’s capital, think again. The serenity of Frederick County belies the downright nastiness of our current county political climate.

January 10, 2014
Unemployment Will Only Get Worse
Joe Charlebois

If you think the United States is in a true recovery, think again. The Obama Administration is considering extending long-term unemployment benefits once again, this time for another 26 weeks.

January 3, 2014
2014 – A Year for Liberty?
Joe Charlebois

2013 left a lot to be desired for many, myself included. Looking back at many of the columns I penned this year, there is a realization that the source of many frustrations was based on loss of civil liberties.

December 20, 2013
Christmas Traditions
Joe Charlebois

After Thanksgiving, our house transitions from the beautiful reds, yellow and oranges of fall into a sparkling display of lights that highlight trees, garland and windows.

December 13, 2013
A Coach, A Mentor, A Friend, An Example
Joe Charlebois

Sometimes there are people you meet in life that you aspire to be like. One of those people for me is Dave Fogle. In the short amount of time that I knew him, he impressed me with his passion to teach and intense dedication to welfare of others.

December 6, 2013
The Usurpation of Power
Joe Charlebois

Article I, Section I of the United States Constitution states: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." Since the first days of his presidency, Barack Obama has sought to destroy the separation of powers through executive orders.

November 29, 2013
Giving Thanks for Religious Freedom
Joe Charlebois

Here is hoping that everyone reading this column had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Many of you, I am sure, spent it with family, or friends feasting on turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, dressing, and, yes, even gluten-free stuffing.

November 15, 2013
The Band-Aid Approach
Joe Charlebois

When you have a tumor that is likely to metastasize, you cut it out. When you have an out of control centralized government program that is on the path of destroying the world’s premier healthcare system, you cut it out.

November 8, 2013
The Ministry of Truth
Joe Charlebois

This confidential memorandum that was intercepted by Brotherhood operatives reveals what USSOC is intent on rewriting in the near future.   Please disseminate carefully…

November 1, 2013
If You Like Your Plan…Forget It!
Joe Charlebois

The wonders of progressive social engineering never cease to amaze. For example, how can one explain a Health and Human Services actuary calculating that a healthy 25 year old male and a healthy 25 year old expectant mother should pay the same premiums for the same insurance product?


October 25, 2013
Over Promised and Under Delivered
Joe Charlebois

Callous, cold and calculating politicians are doing nothing to help hundreds of thousands of Americans who will go without healthcare insurance. In fact they are doing everything in their power to assure that these people aren't covered come January 1, 2014.

October 18, 2013
A Letter of Apology to My Children
Joe Charlebois

The events of this past month have reinforced for me that the probability of my generation turning back the encroachment of the federal government, and in particular the inability to check the power of the executive branch, will regrettably fall into your hands.

October 11, 2013
Another National Treasure Closes
Joe Charlebois

Many of our nation’s parks are now closed, but this has nothing to do with the shutdown. It has nothing to do with the “Open Our National Parks and Museums Act” bill that was passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate on Oct. 2 only to be ignored by the Senate's majority leadership.

October 4, 2013
Beyond the Barricades
Joe Charlebois

Tuesday morning as the barricades went up, my respect for the president went down. By direction of White House, the Office of Management and Budget ordered the open-air memorials in Washington to be cordoned off from the American people, including World War II veterans on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay tribute to their fellow soldiers, sailors and Marines.

September 27, 2013
Obamacare creating “part-time” America
Joe Charlebois

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is effectively pushing hundreds of thousands of Americans into the ranks of the under-employed and toward a lower socio-economic status.

September 20, 2013
Few Options Open With Brilliant Proposal
Joe Charlebois

Those U.S. House of Representative members who were elected or re-elected to Congress in 2010 seem to have stepped up – albeit in a belated way – to make good on campaign promises to restore American's private property rights.

September 13, 2013
Why Is Rick Perry Targeting Maryland, My Maryland?
Joe Charlebois

The Texas Economic Development Division – which is within the Office of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) – is running both radio and TV ads in the Baltimore and Washington marketplaces in an attempt to woo business away from the “Free State” to the “Lone Star State.”

September 6, 2013
The Syria Question(s)
Joe Charlebois

With no imminent threat to the United States or its allies, several questions need to be answered prior to any use of the United States’ military might. Whether Congress approves limited strikes or not, there are still many unknowns.

August 30, 2013
50 Years Late, Dr. King’s Dream
Joe Charlebois

What has changed since 1963? Not much if you listen to the speakers at the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech. The 50th anniversary celebration was a wasted opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.

August 23, 2013
Political Nonsense v. Ethical Behavior
Joe Charlebois

When are transparent actions not transparent? When Democrats say they aren’t.

August 16, 2013
"Clear the Deck, Cannonball Comin'"
Joe Charlebois

With the National Football League getting underway, it is easy to put Major League Baseball on the back page. This year it's not that easy. One of the greatest story lines in years is the fantastic season that the Pittsburgh Pirates are putting together.

August 9, 2013
Cockeyed Optimist
Joe Charlebois

Conservatives believe in the success of the individual within the society as a whole. Liberals believe in the success of the community as a result of the society. This may be why conservatives, despite the encroachment of the statist agenda, still believe in the American dream being attainable, while liberals do not.

July 26, 2013
Flushing The GOP Leadership
Joe Charlebois

The Joker, as played by the incomparable Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s production of Batman (1989), delivered a line that speaks directly to the true conservative grass roots of America. In response to his frustrations that Batman is stealing all of his press he concludes that “This town needs an enema.”

July 19, 2013
Let There Be Peace!
Joe Charlebois

The rally cry of “No Justice, No Peace!” has echoed throughout the country since George Zimmerman was acquitted of both second degree murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter by six jurors in Florida last week. The call for rallies and “true” justice are misdirected.

July 12, 2013
A Plague on Both Your Houses
Joe Charlebois

Arguments have been made for decades that the only difference between the two major parties in the federal government is the speed in which either party would send us over the cliff of decline. The current Republican leadership confirms these arguments even for the most ardent GOP apologists.

June 28, 2013
Hold On! Freedom of Religion Still Exists
Joe Charlebois

Hobby Lobby and Mardel Christian bookstores just received an injunction against implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) better known as Obamacare. Standing under The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) has been cited as the reason that the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the lower court's ruling.

June 21, 2013
Doing What Is Right……And Fair
Joe Charlebois

Republicans need to abandon the idea of winning over distinct minority groups. They need to stop playing the same game that the Democrats play. It has and always will be a losing proposition.

June 14, 2013
Taking the Right Course?
Joe Charlebois

In the near future the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be in charge of not only collecting personal income taxes, FICA taxes and corporate income taxes; it will also administer the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and it’s over 2000 pages of regulations.

June 7, 2013
What, Me Worry?
Joe Charlebois

"Why should I worry about the news coming out of Washington, D.C.? After all isn't it just Republicans and Fox News trying to harm the President Obama because they lost the election?" (Thoughts from a low information American voter)

May 31, 2013
Who is the Press?
Joe Charlebois

Defining who is entitled to First Amendment protection under the Freedom of the Press clause sounds like a difficult task. After all, the Constitution was written and ratified in 1787. The framers could never have conceived of "tweets," blogs, or the Internet for that matter, or could they?

May 24, 2013
Gone To Earth
Joe Charlebois

My wife and I are both dog lovers. Some 17-plus years ago, and a little more than a year into our marriage, we drove over to the Frederick County Animal Control Shelter in the hopes of adopting.

May 17, 2013
The Irony of Historic Baseball Names
Joe Charlebois

Baseball is full of jargon and terms that are used in common parlance these days, such as “right down the middle” or “grand slam;” but what about the terms in baseball that are the most common and how they can put an ironic twist on the names of some of the players in Major League Baseball history.

May 3, 2013
Politically Incorrect, But Not Crazy
Joe Charlebois

I’d like to set the record straight. In a local town-hall style meeting, organized by Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence and Organizing for Action held at Frederick County’s Urbana Regional Library, opponents of the recently passed gun-control measure where characterized as somehow crazy or nuts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

April 26, 2013
Washington’s “Gang” Problem
Joe Charlebois

Most nations are controlled by a small number of men. The United States is no exception. But today our government, that was wisely set up as a representative republic, is little more than a modern day oligarchy of elites.

April 19, 2013
The Facts Behind Spewed Lies
Joe Charlebois

“Nearly 40% of all gun sales don’t require a background check under current law…”– President Barack Obama via Twitter March 28, 2013.

April 12, 2013
Killing Freedom of Religion One Piece at a Time
Joe Charlebois

The final piece of the constitutional puzzle that secured the freedoms of individuals in a fledgling republic was the incorporation of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. These amendments – The Bill of Rights – have been the primary safeguard for American citizens from a potentially powerful despotic centralized government.

April 5, 2013
Stapler Ban Proposed In U.S. Senate
Joe Charlebois

WASHINGTON, DC – The leading advocate in the United States Senate for increased gun control measures has just introduced additional legislation that would prohibit even more weapons falling into the hands of millions of Americans.

March 22, 2013
From the Operating Room into the Fire
Joe Charlebois

Dr. Benjamin Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital has taken the conservative movement by storm over the past few weeks. What he does in the future in regards to acting on his political ambition is hard to predict…

March 15, 2013
Presidential Overreach
Joe Charlebois

This past week White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took to his usual perch in the White House’s James S. Brady Briefing Room where a noticeable murmur filled the air. The press secretary set down his portfolio at the podium and slipped his drink onto the shelf just beneath.

March 8, 2013
Homeland Security’s Strange Definition of Risk
Joe Charlebois

In the same week that the Department of Homeland Security directed the Transportation Security Agency to allow small knives, and some previously banned sporting goods back onto planes flown in the United States, it also directed the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) in Emmitsburg, to discontinue the policy of allowing use of the facilities to scouting groups based on security and liability.

March 1, 2013
Traditionally Lawful Purposes
Joe Charlebois

In the 2008 the Supreme Court ruled in the District of Columbia v. Heller case, that “the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”

February 22, 2013
Barack Von Munchausen
Joe Charlebois

The people of the United States are victims of abuse on the highest order. Our political elites – more specifically the liberal elite – have made it their priority to create actual crises and misfortune or perceived ones to garner attention, favor and re-election to the detriment of American society.

February 8, 2013
Referendums are not a loophole!
Joe Charlebois

According to the editorial board of The Frederick News Post, the referendum process – that is an integral part of the state's constitution – is nothing more than a loophole. Nothing could be further from the truth.

February 1, 2013
Unilateral Disarmament
Joe Charlebois

Nearly 21 years ago the City of Los Angeles succumbed to some of the greatest civil unrest the nation has ever seen outside of wartime.

January 25, 2013
Can this transformation be stopped?
Joe Charlebois

Just prior to the 2008 presidential election, then Sen. Barack Obama laid out his agenda for his vision of America. He stated “…we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

January 11, 2013
Maryland's Quest for Your Body
Joe Charlebois

If certain Maryland legislators have their way, your body would be presumed to be property of the state. Maryland State Sen. Ron Young (D., Frederick) has put forth bill SB 40, which will presume that upon your death, your body becomes property of the state.

January 4, 2013
Failure of Leadership
Joe Charlebois

The House of Representatives once again elected John Boehner (R., OH) as Speaker. For the fiscal future and any hope of returning to a Constitutional Republic, the House floor might as well have been the USS Missouri; Reims, France; Yorktown; Appomattox or any other significant place of surrender.

December 21, 2012
Stop the Bleeding, Save America
Joe Charlebois

Sam lies bleeding; he is in critical condition and is suffering from a hemorrhage that has not been addressed in years. The doctors that have overseen Sam’s care in the past have told him that a little loss of blood is of no concern.

December 14, 2012
The Path to Prosperity
Joe Charlebois

As the rights of the individual American continue to erode on a national level, the crucibles of individual rights remain and grow on the state level. The pendulum of rights and freedom that have for decades swung in favor of the collective have begun to return to their rightful place – the individual.

November 30, 2012
Duped by Economic Illiteracy
Joe Charlebois

Economic illiteracy has lent itself to ever encroaching Marxism. The "dumbing down" of Americans – specifically when it comes to economics – has made them susceptible to the lies of a government less interested in telling the truth than interested in creating a society where the government is the primary broker of power.

November 23, 2012
Our Last Thanksgiving
Joe Charlebois

This should be America’s last official Thanksgiving celebration. After all, George Washington’s tribute to the “providence of Almighty God” with “a day of public thanks-giving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness” rings somewhat hollow some 223 years later.

November 9, 2012
Keynesian redux?
Joe Charlebois

Four years ago I wrote about Barack Obama’s historic election when he addressed the students at George Mason University. What was written four years ago is even more true today as cries for bi-partisanship – read: “move my way or else,” – are an escalating movement toward a fiscal cliff and complete destruction of our republic.

November 2, 2012
Why Mitt?
Joe Charlebois

Mitt Romney is the right choice this election. Last week I spelled out in detail why President Barack Obama should not be re-elected to another term. This week I follow up with reasons one should strongly consider voting for Mr. Romney.

October 26, 2012
Did you get the change you wanted?
Joe Charlebois

Who do you trust? Who do you trust to lead our nation for the next four years?  Do you trust President Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney?

October 12, 2012
The Last Affirmative Action President?
Joe Charlebois

The election of Barack H. Obama in 2008 was indeed an historic one. As the son of a Kenyan father and American mother, Mr. Obama is the first man of color elected to the highest office in the land.

October 5, 2012
The First Debate
Joe Charlebois

Wednesday’s presidential debate was revealing. It was revealing in the fact that it exposed Mr. Romney as someone who didn’t match the caricature manufactured by the president and his allies, as well as exposing the president as someone who was noticeably lost in his inability to defend his own record.

September 28, 2012
Defining Moments
Joe Charlebois

America was attacked on 9/11. On a beautiful Tuesday our nation came under attack. Eleven years to the day that al-Qaeda attacked our homeland, it once again lay in wait to attack America. This time it struck at one of our most vulnerable locations; the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

September 21, 2012
The Tale of the “Tapes”
Joe Charlebois

We live in a redistributive society. Since the Sixteenth Amendment passed in 1913, the United States Internal Revenue Service has held that those making more income pay an increasingly higher level in federal income taxes. This is the definition of a progressive system.

September 14, 2012
Peace Through Strength
Joe Charlebois

Thirty-two years ago Ronald Reagan was campaigning for the office of president as the standard bearer of the Republican Party. Then like now, there were issues in the Middle East.

September 7, 2012
The Great Divide
Joe Charlebois

The philosophical divide couldn’t get much greater. In Tampa last week, GOP speakers proved just how inclusive the party actually is. While in Charlotte this week the Democratic National Convention’s top speakers aren’t looking to appeal to all Americans; just those they can win over through divisive rhetoric and actions.

August 31, 2012
The Bumpy Road Ahead?
Joe Charlebois

An exceptional and classic vehicle rolls down a long highway. Its driver has taken a sharp left turn onto a seldom seen road. The engine has been misfiring terribly and is seemingly getting worse as the odometer wheels click off every mile. The suspension is straining as the road becomes increasingly bumpy.

August 24, 2012
May I ask you a question?
Joe Charlebois

Now that the Republican National Convention in Tampa (FL) is upon us, the real campaign for the White House has begun in earnest.

August 10, 2012
Lie, Distort, Move On
Joe Charlebois

When your résumé is lacking – lie. Distortion of the truth is just what the Obama election team is relying on to cover the innumerable failures of Barack Obama’s term as president.


August 3, 2012
The People Spoke Loud and Clear…
Joe Charlebois

On August 1st the average American said enough is enough. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee led an effort to support Chick-fil-A as it took a political hit for comments made by its chief operating officer, Dan Cathy.

July 27, 2012
Stars criticize Obama’s recent remarks
Joe Charlebois

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Retired rock star Grace Slick, who most recently has been associated with the rock group Starship, had some stern words for the president this week.

July 20, 2012
An Open Letter to The President
Joe Charlebois

As your employer I would like to remind you of your responsibilities as President of the United States. They are many and varied.

July 13, 2012
Frederick can’t afford to go green
Joe Charlebois

Carroll Creek and its linear park have been the hallmark accomplishment of Frederick’s renaissance for a generation of mayoral terms. Could all of this effort to develop our town for commerce and tourism be held up because we’ve gone “green?”

July 6, 2012
Referendums Protect State’s Constitution
Joe Charlebois

Maryland’s Constitution provides its citizens an opportunity to bring forth petitions to allow referendums to be put on the ballot that would overturn current legislation. It should remain that way.

June 29, 2012
Whose money is it anyway?
Joe Charlebois

Blaine Young, the Frederick County Board of Commissioner’s president, announced a proposal in mid-March that would have the taxpayers of Frederick receiving a $100 tax rebate as a result of a budget surplus.

June 15, 2012
What are they smoking?
Joe Charlebois

“No taxation without representation” has been a battle cry for millions of people for centuries. This phrase even predates our own use when our ancestors expressed their dissatisfaction with the British crown some 240 – 250 years ago.

June 8, 2012
The End of Public Sector Unions?
Joe Charlebois

Finally, the public sector unions are being held accountable by their employers – the taxpayers. This week Wisconsin’s governor defeated Milwaukee’s mayor in a recall election that was based solely on policy differences.

June 1, 2012
Joe Charlebois

The president’s moral and logical compasses have been altered. This week it was announced that he has taken the sole moral responsibility of nominating for execution those who are alleged al Qaeda operatives without any attempt to capture and question them for their knowledge of possible threats to the United States.

May 25, 2012
Mr. President: Beware West Virginia
Joe Charlebois

The president and his re-election team should be worried. If recent election results are any evidence, the president’s insistence on pandering to his hard-left base has alienated many of his more moderate or independent blue collar supporters.

May 11, 2012
The Nanny-State Life of Julia
Joe Charlebois

The Obama-Biden campaign strategists have attempted to simplify the Obama agenda through a cartoon illustration of a woman named Julia at many different stages of her life. What it illustrates quite well is how an American woman – in this case Julia – is dependent on the state to protect her and provide for her through her entire cradle to grave existence.

May 4, 2012
The Congressional Progressives
Joe Charlebois

What exactly is a progressive? To be more precise, what do members of the Progressive Caucus in the United States House of Representatives believe is the role of government?

April 27, 2012
The Sound of Silence is Deafening
Joe Charlebois

The silence from leadership is deafening. The noise rising from the community is frightening. So-called leaders in the black community have allowed a mob mentality to set in the minds of certain communities.

April 20, 2012
Wag the Dog
Joe Charlebois

What question would you ask the presidential candidates if you had the chance? Would you ask President Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney about a nuclear Iran and how they would handle the news that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is about to announce the unveiling of a nuclear warhead.

April 13, 2012
Championship Fever
Joe Charlebois

There is nothing that ignites the passions of a city like the home team battling for the sportsman’s version of immortality with a strong run through a playoff tournament and coming out the victor.

April 6, 2012
Mr. Obama’s Constitution
Joe Charlebois

The three branches of government are not co-equal; they have distinct differences and powers afforded them by the Constitution of the United States. The fact that as candidate Sen. Barack Obama campaigned on them as co-equal and many American students learn the same lesson doesn’t necessarily make it so.

March 30, 2012
Tragedy in Sanford
Joe Charlebois

Let the investigation continue, please! Fact: the killing of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy; everything else is still being sorted out.

March 23, 2012
Yes, Virginia, There is a War on Women
Joe Charlebois

Those denying that there is currently a “War on Women” have their proverbial heads firmly placed in Arabian Desert sand. It’s a significant issue, just not here in America.

March 16, 2012
Smoking Maryjane Isn’t The Solution
Joe Charlebois

Take a deep breath everyone; the State of Maryland is still trying to find a way to legalize marijuana. The House of Delegates currently has three bills being proposed for use of medical marijuana in Maryland. Two are highly restrictive and one would set up “compassion centers” throughout the state.

March 9, 2012
A Threat to The First Amendment
Joe Charlebois

Rush Limbaugh upset a great number of people this past week when he used the terms “slut” and “prostitute” to describe Sandra Fluke’s personal life and her demand that Georgetown University provide – through the student healthcare plan – contraceptives free of charge to all women enrolled in the plan.

February 24, 2012
How “The Left” Intimidates
Joe Charlebois

Currently in the Maryland Senate there is debate over the same-sex marriage bill that was recently passed by the Maryland House of Delegates. It is likely to pass and then be signed into law by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D).

February 17, 2012
Standing on Principles
Joe Charlebois

Del. Patrick Hogan (R., Frederick) made a common sense stand yesterday that may please very few of his constituents.

February 10, 2012
Obfuscation and Broken Promises
Joe Charlebois

A death sentence has been handed down this week by President Barack Obama’s administration. The United States Constitution’s First Amendment was sentenced to death.

February 3, 2012
Why do liberals fear Allen West?
Joe Charlebois

What are liberals so afraid of? Why do black conservatives such as Congressman Allen West – who represents the 22nd House District of Florida – scare the liberal elite and the so-called black civil rights leaders?

January 27, 2012
I Am An American Taxpayer
Joe Charlebois

I own stake in 458 companies. It wasn’t by choice and I expect to lose a great deal of money in the coming decade as my proxy is having a difficult time unloading my shares in these poorly performing companies.

January 20, 2012
How can Obama get re-elected?
Joe Charlebois

How does President Barack Obama expect to get re-elected? He has consistently stated throughout his three years in office that "My administration will not rest until every American who is able and ready and willing to work can find a job.” Is he serious?

January 13, 2012
Get Out of My Park
Joe Charlebois

What does the occupy movement have that others don’t? They have a free rein to encamp on federal property – National Park Service (NPS) land – that would not be afforded to any other group.

January 6, 2012
Puppy New Year!
Joe Charlebois

A new year brings a lot of new things. It brings future broken resolutions; it brings hopes for a better year; it brings colder temps and longer days. In my case, it brought Charlie.

December 30, 2011
Down The Wrong Road
Joe Charlebois

2012 is just around the corner and as I look back over the year, I hope for better times than what our country and world have suffered in 2011.

December 23, 2011
From the Mouths of Babes…
Joe Charlebois

It’s quite easy. Really it can all be summed up in the words of a little boy.

December 16, 2011
Stripping the Power from Washington
Joe Charlebois

Conservative attempts at scaling back the overreaching power that the Washington establishment has garnered over the past 50 years has been like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill time and time again just to watch it roll back down.

December 9, 2011
When All Else Fails…Scream Racism
Joe Charlebois

Why is it then when certain members of the political elite class are in a position to defend the indefensible they claim racism?

December 2, 2011
So, what is your plan?
Joe Charlebois

What will the next President of the United States do with the millions of people here illegally? Better yet, what will the next president do with those who have been here for decades and have generations of family that have been born here?

November 25, 2011
Football in America
Joe Charlebois

Football may not hold the title of “America’s Pastime,” but it is the strongest thread that is woven through the fabric of our American sports quilt.

November 18, 2011
A Tale of Two Cities
Joe Charlebois

In a free market economy, the consumer decides which businesses succeed and which don’t. It shouldn’t be for politicians or interest groups to decide who wins or loses in the marketplace.

November 11, 2011
Upheaval at Penn State
Joe Charlebois

Disgusting, abhorrent, reprehensible are a few words that describe the actions of the administration at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s banner university – Penn State.

November 4, 2011
Pilloried Cain Leads News; How ‘Bout Real Issues?
Joe Charlebois

What’s this week’s top news story? Well, it is a story put forth by an unknown political operative regarding a confidentiality agreement made between the National Restaurant Association and two unidentified women.

October 28, 2011
The Great Hope or the Back-Up Plan?
Joe Charlebois

Yes, Mitt Romney is the great hope for the establishment GOP, the mainstream media, and, of course, the political left. He is the least likely of the Republican candidates to disrupt the status quo…

October 21, 2011
Lost and Dubious
Joe Charlebois

Washington – Recent documents obtained from anonymous Department of Energy sources have set in motion another series of investigations that have uncovered yet another scandal for the Obama Administration.

October 14, 2011
Deconstructing the “Rebuild the Dream” Project
Joe Charlebois

Last Wednesday, Frederick was descended upon by scores – meaning little more than forty – local progressive protestors. They stood in unison with their idea of saving the American Dream.

October 7, 2011
Deconstructing the Redistricting Proposal
Joe Charlebois

Imagine seven of Maryland’s eight congressmen living less than 20 miles from each other. Imagine the City of Baltimore not having a congressman in the House of Representatives. Imagine the congressman representing Oakland, MD, living in North Potomac or one from Chevy Chase representing Keymar or Taneytown.

September 30, 2011
The Next Gipper?
Joe Charlebois

Where is the perfect candidate? The Republican electorate has a bevy of candidates that have thrown their hats into the political ring, but yet they seem to be unsatisfied with their choices. They are still hoping that a candidate will emerge from this pack as a true Reaganesque figure. One just might.

September 23, 2011
How much more?
Joe Charlebois

The rich need to pay their fair share! They have been getting off easy for much too long. The poor and middle class have been subsidizing lavish lifestyles for the uber-rich with their disproportionate level of revenue payments and this has got to stop now!

September 16, 2011
Assessing a Body Blow
Joe Charlebois

The first heavyweight uppercut of Election 2012 was delivered by the electorate in Queens and Brooklyn this week. It has left the White House and Democrat leadership staggering and in deep need of smelling salts.

September 9, 2011
Enumerated Powers
Joe Charlebois

My daughter just finished her first week of high school and was exasperated at the increase in the size of her homework. As a part of one of her very first assignments, she had to define roughly 100 separate terms for her government and civics class. The term “Enumerated Powers” was one on the list that stumped her.

September 2, 2011
To Save Social Security
Joe Charlebois

If I could propose a way to make Social Security solvent and provide younger workers with a hybrid plan to encourage voluntary retirement plans, this is what I would proffer.

August 26, 2011
The Return of The Muppets
Joe Charlebois

The Muppets return this fall with an all new movie for young and old alike. Release of the ninth Muppet movie Thanksgiving weekend comes nearly six years after the last theatrical release and 32 years since the first.

August 19, 2011
The Blame Game Continues
Joe Charlebois

On President Barack Obama’s recent rural tour in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, he continually harped on the inability of Washington to put aside partisan politics and get the work of the American people done.

August 12, 2011
Contract for the American Dream?
Joe Charlebois

If you had a progressive constitutional convention, what would the end product look like, and how would it compare to the United States Constitution written over 220 years ago?

August 5, 2011
A Recipe for Failure
Joe Charlebois

The Tea Party is still the answer and the only hope to keep the United States from fiscal ruin. As the loosely knit group of like-minded fiscal conservatives becomes more and more organized, it risks the proposition of losing a large portion of its original supporters.

July 22, 2011
Good vs. Evil – Harry Saves the World
Joe Charlebois

If you have kept yourself aware of popular literature and cinema over the past decade, you must be aware of the phenomenon created by J.K. Rowling. Her Harry Potter series of seven books and eight movies have spawned a sensation unlike any other.

July 15, 2011
Chaos Yes, Default No
Joe Charlebois

The federal government will not default, no matter what the demagogues say. Default would be an inability for the United States to meet the obligations of covering Treasury Securities and debts.

July 8, 2011
Reading, Writing and Composting
Joe Charlebois

Maryland is the first state in the union to require a formalized environmental curriculum for its pre-kindergarten through high school students. Although already a large part of the curriculum through many school districts, this move by the Maryland State Board of Education puts mandatory instruction of environmental issues on par with math and English.

July 1, 2011
Celebrate Diversity! Divide America!
Joe Charlebois

To the political left in this country we aren’t Americans. We are niche groups that need to be labeled. We must fit into one of a number of tidy little boxes. This week we were all divided into the “haves” and “have-not.”

June 24, 2011
Seven in Heaven
Joe Charlebois

In Brooklyn, NY, seven brave souls of Engine 202/Ladder 101/Battalion 32 were honored on June 11th with a dedication ceremony that renamed a portion of Richards Street adding Seven in Heaven Way to the street sign. The section of the street that was renamed is the home to their firehouse.

June 17, 2011
How “Free” is Your State?
Joe Charlebois

For those who are of the opinion that the country has morphed into one big overpowering federal conglomerate, there is hope. There are still 50 different states with 50 different and distinct governments.

June 10, 2011
Disrespecting Special Olympians
Joe Charlebois

The Special Olympics, which was born in the backyard of Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Maryland home, is a thriving success nearly 50 years after starting as a novel summer camp for those with intellectual disabilities.

June 3, 2011
Defining Leadership
Joe Charlebois

This past week outgoing Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates spoke to the United States Naval Academy graduates at commencement for the last time as secretary. His speech applauded the graduates, their families and those you supported them through four difficult years.

May 27, 2011
Ryan’s Lifebuoy
Joe Charlebois

Let’s face it. The Democrats in Washington always decry Republicans as a party of scaremongers. In truth where do most of the scare tactics come from? The come from the left, of course.

May 20, 2011
County 1, Petitioners 0
Joe Charlebois

One petition has failed while another will apparently succeed. The petition to overrule the commissioner’s selection of a committee to write a charter for Frederick County and instead have a special election to elect one failed terribly due to numerous mistakes in the implementation of the petition campaign.

May 13, 2011
The Immoral Education Subsidy
Joe Charlebois

On May 10th, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley signed into law a bill that will allow the State of Maryland’s illegal immigrant population to attend Maryland community colleges and universities at an in-state tuition rate.

May 6, 2011
Living and Reliving History
Joe Charlebois

I wept. I wept all alone in a Residence Inn in Marietta, Georgia. I was in a week-long training class when the news reached us. It was September 11, 2001; and, after being dismissed from our class early, I spent the next seven hours in my hotel suite overcome with disbelief.

April 29, 2011
A Ruling for the Worker?
Joe Charlebois

For those who don’t believe the tentacles of our federal government are anti-capitalistic, you need look no further than the latest National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) overreach.

April 22, 2011
When The Supreme Court Dismantled Democracy
Joe Charlebois

The most recent General Assembly session in Annapolis demonstrates why democracy holds very little in the way of checks and balances.

April 15, 2011
Opening Day
Joe Charlebois

As the local teams had their opening day ceremonies at Staley Field here in Frederick and the Keys opened up on a rainy night, here’s a glimpse of Opening Day from a different perspective.

April 8, 2011
Going, Going…..Gone?
Joe Charlebois

The Frederick Keys have been a fixture in Frederick since 1989. Most of the fans who attend Keys games have never known a summer without them. They were born either after the Keys’ arrival in town or have moved into the area since.

April 1, 2011
The Ugly Truth
Joe Charlebois

Let’s put this issue to rest. There is a huge difference between private-sector unions and those of government employees. Private sector unions have for years collectively bargained for greater pay, greater benefits, safer working conditions and limiting labor hours. Many much needed reforms have taken place through the pressure of the “collective.”

March 25, 2011
Still Absent After All These Years
Joe Charlebois

In his short stint in the Illinois State Senate, President Barack Obama voted “present” 129 times. As a United States senator, Mr. Obama was absent for 24% of all votes. He has made a career of being politically shrewd.

March 18, 2011
Tragedy and Recovery
Joe Charlebois

How does one comprehend what is happening in Japan? A huge 9.0 earthquake followed by a mountain of water rushing ashore is difficult to imagine, let alone to understand.

March 11, 2011
Waking Up to Reality
Joe Charlebois

Last November’s election has exposed the fact that there are few serious legislators on the left side of the aisle.

March 4, 2011
News You May Have Missed!
Joe Charlebois

Madison WI – Proctor & Gamble senior management – including CEO Robert McDonald – toured downtown Madison this past week, visiting with the regional vice president of the Household Care division. They are expected to submit revised earnings estimates for the first quarter of 2011.

February 25, 2011
The Will of the People
Joe Charlebois

In Madison, Wisconsin, the people who were looking to overthrow the establishment have succeeded. The uprising and final blow that was levied upon the establishment was dealt, not in February, but on the first Tuesday of November 2010.

February 18, 2011
In Contempt of America
Joe Charlebois

The Obama Administration has a terrible habit of interpreting the Constitution as it sees fit. It has acted as anything but a co-equal branch of government.

February 11, 2011
Be Careful What You Wish For
Joe Charlebois

The Tunisian spark that lit the powder keg on January 25th has been roundly praised throughout the Western world as a revolution that will bring the end to the 30-year autocratic and repressive regime of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

February 4, 2011
Bigotry and Accusations
Joe Charlebois

State Del. Kathy Afzali (R., Frederick 4-A) has offered up a legislative proposal – as promised in her campaign – that would require Maryland residents to present proof of identification when arriving at the polls on Election Day.

January 28, 2011
A Modicum of Respect?
Joe Charlebois

What were you taught regarding proper etiquette when the National Anthem is played? I know I was taught by my father to immediately remove my hat, face the flag and place my hand over my heart. At times I have remained silent or have sung along with others as the music played.

January 21, 2011
Limiting Free Speech
Joe Charlebois

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has it right! In its post by Laura Murphy on January 13th, the warning to all Americans – specifically legislators – was dead on.

January 14, 2011
Charter School Choice
Joe Charlebois

What do parents want from their schools? They want their schools to provide the best possible education for their children to best prepare them for the next step in life.

January 7, 2011
What to do with the Hargett Farm?
Joe Charlebois

The use of Hargett Farm property off Butterfly Lane is the subject of a survey put out by the City of Frederick for both residents and others who have an interest in the city’s business.

December 31, 2010
NHL’s Top Rivalry
Joe Charlebois

In the past five years the National Hockey League has taken a giant leap forward. Following the 2003-2004 season ownership, weary of uncontrolled salary escalation and thinning profits, couldn’t come together with the NHL players’ association on a collective bargaining agreement. The result was the cancellation of the season in its entirety.

December 24, 2010
Christmas Favorites
Joe Charlebois

Okay, so this isn’t a column, but I wanted to keep it light this wonderful Christmas Eve. Here is what I consider a collection of Christmas Classics with the top in each category.

December 17, 2010
End the Corruption
Joe Charlebois

The argument that eliminating earmarks won’t help reduce the deficit is either naïveté or simply misleading. Those who look only at the effect in actual dollars that the elimination of earmarks would have on the overall budget aren’t seeing the entire picture. Those who do understand are just looking to protect their pet projects, or, in the case of elected officials, their campaign coffers.

December 10, 2010
To Compromise – Or Not
Joe Charlebois

One year later the debate arises again. Last December I wrote on the immorality of the Estate Tax. At that time Congress was debating whether to allow the Estate Tax to be repealed for 2010 or instituted at a previous rate.

December 3, 2010
A Tribute to Great Leadership
Joe Charlebois

Not often in life is one so astonished at how quickly great leadership can turn around an organization like the one I’ve seen over the past two years at my children’s elementary school.

November 26, 2010
Rivalry Week
Joe Charlebois

Who fights over an old oaken bucket or an axe wielded by a monster of lumberjack? Who still wants to fight the Civil War or a backyard brawl?

November 19, 2010
For Those in Need, Another Good Turn
Joe Charlebois

Last Saturday Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts spread out throughout Frederick County, the region and the nation to collect non-perishable goods to supply local food banks with desperately needed food stock.

November 12, 2010
An Honor To Serve…and Support
Joe Charlebois

Marvin Glenn Shields, Petty Officer Third Class (CM), NMCB 11(Naval Mobile Construction Battalion) died the 10th of June 1965, Dong Xoai, South Vietnam.

November 5, 2010
Repairing a Sinking Ship
Joe Charlebois

In the election of 2008 the Democrat Party finally gained back the number of seats that they had lost to the Republicans in the 1994 “Gingrich Revolution.” The House, as a result, held 257 seats, a 79 seat majority.

October 29, 2010
VOTE – It Matters
Joe Charlebois

I used to plead with my college roommate that he needed to vote. Vote for someone. Research the candidates and choose the one that you feel best portrays your values.

October 22, 2010
Teaching What is Right
Joe Charlebois

I am happy to report that 8th grade isn’t bad after all. Not that I am having flashbacks, nor have I enrolled as a student at the local middle school; but rather I am happy to report that the basis of our Declaration of Independence is being taught and taught correctly in Frederick County Public Schools.

October 15, 2010
Back to The Past?
Joe Charlebois

Will bullets be flying in D.C. again? They very well may be. It has nothing to do with the fact that the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision in the District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) ruled that – in simplest terms – our Constitution allows for the ownership and possession of firearms for the use of self-defense.

October 8, 2010
The Law of ‘Intended’ Consequences
Joe Charlebois

On March 9, 2010, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi assured us that we need to pass the healthcare legislation so we can learn what’s in the bill. She was speaking in defense of the soon-to-be-passed healthcare legislation. She could have been giving us a lesson of what the Law of Unintended Consequences actually means.

October 1, 2010
Left Wing Ideologues March in DC
Joe Charlebois

This Saturday on the Washington Mall a coalition of socialist, progressive and labor leaders called One Nation Working Together will call for the installation of European style socialism and a dismissal of critical pieces of our Constitution.

September 24, 2010
My Summer with Lincoln
Joe Charlebois

This past summer has truly been one of immersion in the sixties, the 1860’s that is. In August I spent a week in the home of the great grandson of possibly the greatest admiral to serve for the Confederate States of America. I spent a day of reflection on the battlefields of Gettysburg, and another in Ford’s Theater where President Abraham Lincoln was slain.

September 17, 2010
It doesn’t matter for whom you vote …Huh?
Joe Charlebois

Whoever said it doesn’t matter for whom you vote? Well, it is less and less likely that the old adage will hold true this November. The surge of TEA Party (more conservative or libertarian) candidates on a national basis – and even local races – is drawing distinct lines for the national Republican Party.

September 3, 2010
Grass Roots Are Growing
Joe Charlebois

In years past the greatest lament when it came to elections was voter apathy. That is not a concern this year.

August 27, 2010
Taxes and Sin Taxes
Joe Charlebois

In December of 2008 I wrote a column entitled “Time Is Money.” I thought it may be time for a little redux.

August 20, 2010
A Golden Anniversary
Joe Charlebois

Fifty years ago Howard and Julianne took their vows as husband and wife Easter Monday 1960. At that time, the Catholic Church didn’t allow for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony to take place during the season of Lent.

August 6, 2010
Death by Diversity
Joe Charlebois

If the left’s goal is to create a permanent voting bloc – to support its progressive agenda – the tool it will use to create this bloc is division through diversity. It aims to pit one monolithic group of people against the other.

July 30, 2010
Naming Rights
Joe Charlebois

It’s been dubbed the “Taj Mahal” and “Ivory Tower” but neither of these monikers does the building justice.

July 23, 2010
A Child’s Lesson in Economics
Joe Charlebois

An eight year old boy at the Delaware shore was shopping with his family in the boardwalk’s version of a 5 &10 store. The family was getting the necessities to survive a week at the beach.

July 16, 2010
Blind Allegiance
Joe Charlebois

The great foe of the “Tea Party” is not and has never been people of color; rather it is socialism and the welfare state that the left and collectivist groups such as the National Association of Colored People) support.

July 9, 2010
The “Triumph” of Lew Wallace
Joe Charlebois

One hundred and forty-six years ago today at the confluence of the Georgetown Pike (now Route 355), the Monocacy Junction of the B&O Railroad and just up river the Baltimore Pike to Baltimore (now Reich’s Ford Road), Union forces led by Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace lost the only Civil War battle on Union soil to Confederate forces.

July 2, 2010
Fighting the Counter Revolution
Joe Charlebois

Since a group of several brave men sat down in the City of Philadelphia to take on the task of adopting the Virginia Convention’s Lee Amendment and molding it into the document that we now know as the Declaration of Independence – over 234 years ago – our country has experienced quite a bit of change.

June 25, 2010
No Solace for Illegals
Joe Charlebois

Death in the desert, drowned in a river, robbed, assaulted by “coyotes” (human trafficking smugglers), are what some illegal immigrants have faced on their way to United States. Working long hours in fields, pushed into prostitution, working in sweatshop-like conditions are what some illegal immigrants are subject to when the “succeed” in crossing the border.

June 18, 2010
Why Hayek, Why Now?
Joe Charlebois

Friedrich A. Hayek was the leading light in classical liberalism in the 20th Century. He was also well versed in psychology and political thought. He witnessed the acceptance of socialism in Europe, which developed into the totalitarian states of National Socialist Germany and the Fascistic Italy. He watched as the loss of individual freedoms was replaced with “freedom from want” by ever increasing socialist governments.

June 11, 2010
Whose land is it, anyway?
Joe Charlebois

Things would just be better if the Jewish people would just go home. So, where’s home?

June 4, 2010
While Nero Fiddled
Joe Charlebois

While Nero fiddled, Governor Bobby Jindal (R., LA) had been begging for approval and funding for the dredging and subsequent construction of 80 miles of sand-berm barrier islands.

May 28, 2010
Time to Remember
Joe Charlebois

Picnics, camping, boating, beach, bar-b-ques, department store sales – this is the modern incarnation of what Memorial Day has become. Just like so many of our national holidays, Memorial Day is just another long weekend that has turned into a marketing blitz. It is unofficially the “kickoff” for the summer season.

May 21, 2010
The Sheriff’s Race
Joe Charlebois

With the election season now underway nationally, it is time to turn to one of the more interesting local races – the race for sheriff of Frederick County.

May 14, 2010
“It’s no fun being an Illegal Alien”
Joe Charlebois

The rock band Genesis released a single from their 1983 self-titled album that will not be heard on the radio these days as it is deemed to be too offensive. What is this song that can’t be played on the radio you may ask?

May 7, 2010
Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Joe Charlebois

If the nation’s capital – Washington, D.C. – was subject to over 1,000 kidnappings over the last three years (tied to illegal immigration), do you think there would be any debate on the passage of Arizona Senate Bill 2070 which strictly enforces illegal immigration?

April 30, 2010
Who’s the Real Loser Here?
Joe Charlebois

This week the County of Santa Clara, CA, passed a law preventing restaurants from incorporating give-away items or prizes with meals – targeted at children – that are deemed unhealthy.

April 23, 2010
Class Warfare on The Horizon?
Joe Charlebois

With the annual celebration of “Dollar Liberation Day” on April 15th behind us now, it pays to look at the dynamic change in how taxpayers are represented.

April 16, 2010
Don’t Let the Gas Pass
Joe Charlebois

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday announced plans to further limit the release of toxic greenhouse gases in a press release entitled “A Summary of Current Threats to Global Air Quality and Recommendations to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” The new summary provides guidelines and details future requirements.

April 9, 2010
A Statement from the Author
Joe Charlebois

On Faith – There is a God. A higher being created the world where we are all born free with basic natural rights. Our founders acknowledged this time and time again.



April 2, 2010
Opening Day
Joe Charlebois

On Thursday, April 10, 1980, a 13-year-old boy and his girlfriend were dropped off at a PAT bus stop on Middle Road by their parents. The stop was just 11 miles from their destination – the 10-year-old concrete coliseum called Three Rivers Stadium, the home of the presiding World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. Hope for another Championship started that day.

March 26, 2010
Great Physician Exodus?
Joe Charlebois

If a recent survey is accurate, then the eventual care of patients will fall more and more upon the shoulders of physician assistants, nurse practitioners and far fewer doctors.


March 19, 2010
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Joe Charlebois

If you’ll recollect, the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” is the story centered on two suit makers or weavers, the Emperor, his court, the royal subjects and an innocent child, who eventually points out how the weavers swindled the Emperor by producing a “suit” made of invisible thread.

March 12, 2010
The Young Man
Joe Charlebois

There once was a young man making his way in the world who was blessed by God with intelligence, strength and ingenuity.

March 5, 2010
Assault on Religion
Joe Charlebois

As secularists worldwide continue their battle against religion, their successes may or may not have an absolute effect on our First Amendment.

February 26, 2010
Focus on the Message
Joe Charlebois

Celebration of family and celebration of life are not family values, they are views filled with hate and discrimination. Huh?

February 19, 2010
Unanimity is Tyranny
Joe Charlebois

The problem with “bi-partisanship” is that it signifies unanimity or compromise. In a nation of over 300 million, there should be very little unanimity and very little compromise.

February 12, 2010
Mr. Gore’s Victory
Joe Charlebois

Washington, D.C. – Former Vice-President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore announced victory yesterday as dozens of supporters braved the wind, cold and nearly four feet of snow to see the leader of America’s “green” movement speak on the Washington Mall yesterday.

February 5, 2010
Maryjane at the Bar
Joe Charlebois

When the smoke clears, one thing remains clear; the use of marijuana remains illegal for those intent on lighting up for their personal enjoyment.

January 29, 2010
Give Up Now
Joe Charlebois

In Tuesday’s New York Times editorial entitled “Don’t Give Up Now,” the cry for Democrats to fight on in the great Healthcare War of 2010 and ignore public sentiment is an overwhelming petition to pull out a dry wooden match, drag its phosphorous laden tip across the matchbox; and set the Constitution on fire!

January 22, 2010
“Righting” The Ship
Joe Charlebois

With all due respect to Dick Morris, Eileen McGann and other noted columnists, I was the first to re-coin the phrase “It’s the shot heard ‘round the world!” as my wife and I sat watching the Massachusetts special election returns Tuesday evening.

January 15, 2010
Separation of Race and State
Joe Charlebois

This year April 1st, our constitutionally required decennial enumeration of citizens – the census – will begin. As from the beginning more than simple counting of heads will take place. This year’s census form will include 10 questions, including the required accounting for each member of the household.

January 8, 2010
The Greatest Confidence Game
Joe Charlebois

The world is being hoodwinked. World leaders and influential policy makers met last month to put forth a plan to stop global warming which will increase restrictions on individual freedoms by bringing forth a new era of sweeping international government power that the world has not seen in hundreds of years.

December 18, 2009
Don’t Bet On It
Joe Charlebois

Recently our neighbor to the southwest raised the ante on the Maryland racing industry. By overwhelming numbers the Jefferson County, West Virginia, voters approved a measure to take “racing” there to the next level. The measure that passed approved table games to complement the horse races and slots at Charles Town.

December 11, 2009
Something For Nothing
Joe Charlebois

In the mid-1980’s Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, sang “…get your money for nothing and chicks for free.” He may have been singing about how easy money was made in the music industry when one reaches rock star status, but it could just as easily be sung by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

December 4, 2009
The Immorality of the Estate Tax
Joe Charlebois

The grim reaper is soon to return to the U.S. taxpayer with scythe in hand. As the small business owners and individual farmers look to pass on family entities to the next generation, the current Congress looks to rescind the one year hiatus of relief – scheduled for 2010 – for the estate tax.

November 20, 2009
“Don’t give up; Don’t ever give up”
Joe Charlebois

Almost 17 years ago a retired basketball coach and sportscaster, Jim Valvano, passed away. He will be remembered always by his enthusiasm for life, his David versus Goliath victory – North Carolina State beating Georgetown to win the NCAA national championship – and seven words of ultimate encouragement: Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up!


November 13, 2009
A Job Well Done…
Joe Charlebois

The demonization of the Frederick County Sheriff’s office continues.  The latest attempt to derail the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency’s 287(g) program has reached the top steps of the federal courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland.

November 6, 2009
District Elections
Joe Charlebois

As the newly elected administration at Frederick’s City Hall moves in, one thing is certain; with or without the annexations, Frederick will need to grow. Mayor-elect Randy Mc Clement understands this. More homes will need to be built and land will need to be acquired if new business is to take up roots and provide good paying local jobs.

October 30, 2009
How Does Your City Grow?
Joe Charlebois

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your city grow? Paraphrasing the old nursery rhyme gets to the point of what the future of Frederick County and its municipalities will face as it continues to grow. The quintessential issue – we as citizens of the city and/or county need to address – is how we will define growth over the next 20 to 30 thirty years.

October 23, 2009
War on America
Joe Charlebois

Per the White House we no longer have a “War on Terror.” It is an overseas contingency something or other. Now it seems that we don’t even have that. While the White House remains paralyzed overseas – waiting for the outcome of the run-off election in Afghanistan – the White House has declared war on private industry in the United States of America.

October 16, 2009
Transparent Politics
Joe Charlebois

According to Real Clear Politics – a summary of five leading polls – the Congress enjoyed their highest approval ratings in years – in March of this year. The highpoint for the two legislative bodies was on March 12th with a rating of 37%.

October 9, 2009
Cheap Political Tricks
Joe Charlebois

Newsflash: According to Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, men and women are the same! This past weekend Senator Mikulski excoriated the insurance industry for treating men and women differently. She noted that women can pay much more for healthcare insurance than a man of the same age.

October 2, 2009
Down the Road to Freedoms Lost
Joe Charlebois

When did we – as a nation – embrace socialism, communism and totalitarian dictatorships as regimes that exist on the same morally equivalent plane to the democracy established by our Founding Fathers?

September 25, 2009
We are the World
Joe Charlebois

Two days ago the President of the United States spoke before the United Nations to put forth four points of his international focus as leader of free world.

September 18, 2009
Why the low turnout?
Joe Charlebois

Why the low turnout in the City of Frederick elections? There are numerous reasons, so here are a few as I see it.

September 11, 2009
Have you forgotten?
Joe Charlebois

Eight years ago today, an earthquake shook the American psyche as four  passenger airliners carved scars into the New York skyline, the Pentagon and a farm in Somerset County, PA. When the tremors subsided – in true American fashion – we came together as one to start healing the wounds that a group of Islamic extremists – sponsored by al Qaeda – inflicted on that beautiful September morning.

September 4, 2009
Role Reversal in America
Joe Charlebois

What’s the big deal? Democratic strategists say when responding to the recent and rapid response by conservatives and libertarians to what seems like blatant propaganda on two fronts – both aimed at school aged children.

August 28, 2009
It’s Insurance!
Joe Charlebois

Home, life, auto and health insurance are all – depending on your needs – products that are designed to protect from catastrophic events.  The debate currently being discussed in town hall meetings across this country misses the point entirely. Health insurance is a product issued to policyholders to cover medical costs. It not only covers catastrophic events, but just about everything over the co-pay or the deductible when satisfied.

August 21, 2009
Where’s the honey, Mr. President?
Joe Charlebois

President Barack Obama is doing a great job of burning bridges these days. Every speech, town hall, or press conference is laced with negatives. Since the campaign ended – some would say it hasn’t – the Obama Administration has been criticizing nearly every free market institution that drives our American nation.

August 14, 2009
Get Out Of The Way! Or Else!
Joe Charlebois

The left wing machine is pushing the idea that opponents and skeptics of arguably the most sweeping change to our free market system are stooges or tools of corporate interests or a large right wing cabal. The leaders of these attacks on town hall participants are coming from the most politically powerful members of Congress and the White House itself.

August 7, 2009
CARS Program’s Unintended Consequences
Joe Charlebois

On the surface the CARS program, better known as “Cash for Clunkers,” looks like a huge success. Traffic into American showrooms, according to reports, is at least double what it was previously. Sales of new vehicles are up substantially and on par with sales number prior to the downturn. So what could be wrong?

July 31, 2009
So you want to buy a car?
Joe Charlebois

The American automobile industry, General Motors, Chrysler and Ford Motor Co. are publically traded corporations, private industry that – for the most part – has struggled to survive the marketplace in the past two decades. There are a multitude of reasons that the Big Three are failing while their foreign-owned counterparts have tapped into greater percentages of the American market share.

July 24, 2009
Why wait?
Joe Charlebois

When President Barack Obama states that we can’t wait to implement a government sponsored healthcare reform, the public needs to be wary. The administration that sold us on transparency has been anything but.

July 17, 2009
Eugenics: Alive and Well
Joe Charlebois

The world has been exposed to the suggestions of eugenics since Plato who proposed a positive type. He suggested breeding should be done through a state controlled system to provide the state with the best possible outcomes in progeny.

July 10, 2009
“We The People” Rising Up
Joe Charlebois

We The People grant certain powers to the federal government. We as citizens of several independent states and commonwealths needed to establish ways to provide uniform justice, fair trade (between the states) and provide for national defense to protect the fledgling republic that had just been established. The founders established a document that protects the individual from the state.

July 3, 2009
Time Can’t Change Its Meaning
Joe Charlebois

On July 2nd, 1776 our Founding Fathers voted to declare independence from Great Britain. On July 4th they attached their signatures to a document that will be hailed as one of the greatest statements for individual freedom ever written. The preamble states the basic principles of individual rights, liberty, equality, and self-government or “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

June 26, 2009
Two Days with the Cowboy Cheerleaders.
Joe Charlebois

I once spent two days with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. What is this island I speak of?

June 19, 2009
Saving The Planet vs. Controlling It
Joe Charlebois

Current initiatives to make the world a "cooler" place will simply fail. Why will they fail? They will fail because the current proposals as presented do little if anything to encourage activity through positive and enterprising methods.

June 12, 2009
Voices Heard
Joe Charlebois

The Frederick County Board of Education must have just received their shipment of ZA 10 batteries. For those who don't know what ZA 10's are, they are batteries used in hearing aids.

June 5, 2009
Down the Road to…
Joe Charlebois

What H.L. Mencken wrote more than 80 years ago should be flowing from the pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post and, of course, his own Baltimore Sun today. In 1926, Henry Louis Mencken, then a 46-year-old Baltimore native, wrote:

May 29, 2009
Removing the Blindfold from Lady Justice
Joe Charlebois

There are many reasons why there will be serious opposition to Judge Sonia Sotomayor – President Obama's current pick to replace the retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter. This pick has been made strictly for political expediency and is not being made in the best interest of the people of the United States.

May 15, 2009
Of Opportunity and Failure
Joe Charlebois

Twelve million dollars is approximately the maximum amount of money that the District of Columbia Opportunity Scholarship Program will spend this year to allow residents of our nation’s capital to attend the schools of their choice including private and parochial schools.

May 8, 2009
The Great American Melting Pot
Joe Charlebois

Throughout the 1970's, while a youngster would watch the typical Saturday morning television offerings from Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers cartoons, there were a series of three minute segments that were educational. These spots covered a wide spectrum of topics such as grammar, history, government, math, economics and science. Of course everyone knows these extended spots as Schoolhouse Rock.

May 1, 2009
Specter Defector
Joe Charlebois

Growing up just north of Pittsburgh, I had the opportunity to have Sen. Arlen Specter as my senator from the time I could vote until 1992 when I left the Commonwealth.

April 24, 2009
If you ain’t the lead dog…
Joe Charlebois

President George W. Bush led. President William Jefferson Clinton led. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan led. No matter what your opinion of our last four presidents in regard to their policies, they were leaders.

April 17, 2009
The Tea Has Been Tossed
Joe Charlebois

Just as a beaten dog will eventually turn on his owner, or a slave endeavor to escape the bondage of even the most benevolent master, a people can only be suppressed so long before they cry “No more!”

April 10, 2009
Sons of Liberty – Then and Now
Joe Charlebois

A little over 235 years ago, the Sons of Liberty organized a protest – led by Samuel Adams of the New England resistance. He called a meeting near Boston Harbor to protest Gov. Thomas Hutchison’s refusal to allow several ships laden with East India Company tea to return to England without first unloading its cargo and paying the subsequent import duty.

April 3, 2009
At What Price?
Joe Charlebois

Recently the Frederick County Board of Education, without public comment, rescinded their three-year-old policy regarding what distance constitutes whether a student will receive busing services or will walk from home to their public school. This rule applies not only to high school students, but middle school, elementary school and kindergarten students as well.

March 27, 2009
The President’s Puppeteers
Joe Charlebois

The puppeteers are running the White House. The president isn't intelligent enough to make decisions on his own. He fumbles his words and is incoherent. He is prone to gaffes.

March 20, 2009
The Assault on Our Basic Rights
Joe Charlebois

Whether one believes in a higher being or not, our founders did. Those who finesse the issue that they may or may have not been Christians obfuscate the point. They believed in a higher being. They more importantly believed that all rights that were bestowed upon man were given by that higher being, God.

March 13, 2009
I Still Pledge My Allegiance
Joe Charlebois

Sarah Norris, a columnist for The Frederick News-Post, on February 28 submitted a column which gave us an insider’s view of early morning at a Frederick County high school. Ms. Norris describes the scene of fellow students ignoring the morning ritual of patriotic recitation that American students have recited for decades – the Pledge of Allegiance.

March 6, 2009
Class Traders
Joe Charlebois

Those whose trade is to pit one income bracket against another to empower themselves in no way serve our nation. These class warfare instigators are akin to a head coach intentionally creating animosity between two of his own players. It doesn't make the team effective; they'll root for each other to fail; they'll never be championship contenders.

February 27, 2009
Discarding Checks and Balances
Joe Charlebois

Our society was founded on the principles of individual rights, responsibility and freedom. What our Founders envisioned would occur, if government was left unchecked, has come to pass.

February 20, 2009
In the Best Tradition of Scouting
Joe Charlebois

For those not familiar with the Boy Scout program, there is a reason that those who participate stay with it and become Eagle Scouts. They tend to go on and lead very successful lives (president, astronaut, corporate CEOs, great fathers and husbands).

February 13, 2009
Life Ain’t Always Beautiful
Joe Charlebois

During the past two years our country has taken a turn on to an unmapped and rocky road. Our financial institutions have left us practically faithless in their ability to operate soundly.

February 6, 2009
Hargett Farm! Wrong Target
Joe Charlebois

Although I agree with Mayor W. Jeff Holtzinger on most of his decisions, I have to come down on the opposite side of his decision to use the property off Butterfly Lane as a new city park.

January 30, 2009
Super Sunday
Joe Charlebois

This Sunday, our nation and hundreds of millions of people worldwide will sit down and watch what is arguably the biggest single sporting event in the world. This Sunday the 43rd edition of the National Football League's Super Bowl will be held in Tampa, Florida.

January 23, 2009
The Continuing Intrusions
Joe Charlebois

Where has the belief in the American people gone? President Ronald Reagan knew the solution to solving America's crisis wasn't seated in further governmental intrusion. He knew it was the unleashing of the American spirit that for over 200 years spurred the meteoric growth and prosperity of the United States. He saw that America was the shining "City on a Hill."

January 16, 2009
An Ironic Abomination
Joe Charlebois

George Mason, the "father" of our Bill of Rights, was instrumental in securing our rights by refusing to sign on to the Constitution without the protections for the individual citizen.

January 9, 2009
Bumper Stickers Say It All
Joe Charlebois

In a recent survey (unofficial) of vehicles that travel the highways and byways from Washington to Pittsburgh over the past few months, it was noted that 99% of vehicles with a Democrat or left leaning bumper sticker did not have a United States flag flanking it with pride. That is, they did not have the United States flag emblazoned upon their tailgate, bumper or rear window.

January 2, 2009
For Old Times’ Sake
Joe Charlebois

Robert Burns, the 18th century Scottish poet, first laid these words to the music of an old Scottish folk melody in the late 1780's. Since then this song has been a way to bring in the New Year in a celebratory way.

December 26, 2008
Time is Money
Joe Charlebois

"Remember that time is money" is a line often attributed to the great patriot Benjamin Franklin. What does that mean to us today? Essentially it carries the same meaning, albeit in a much different environment than colonial America.

December 19, 2008
Setting the Record Straight
Joe Charlebois

I rarely respond directly to other columnist's points of view or more precisely an individual column, but our local WFMD star and Frederick News Post columnist, Katherine Heerbrandt, couldn't be more wrong on so many items in her December 17 column.

December 12, 2008
ACLU Wants Wall around DC
Joe Charlebois

Now the Maryland chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has stepped into the illegal immigrant fray. Why?

December 5, 2008
The Right Track on Illegals
Joe Charlebois

On November 25, CASA de Maryland, the prominent immigrant rights group in the state, filed suit against the Frederick County Sheriff's Office to obtain information regarding the execution of the 287(g) program. This program effectively allows state and local governments to act in a seamless fashion in regards to those detained for violations of immigration law.

November 21, 2008
Secularism’s Effects on A Society
Joe Charlebois

Secular socialism has made steady inroads into our society since the early 1960s when prayer was being removed from the schools. What has this led too?

November 18, 2008
Walkersville’s Welcome Wagon
Joe Charlebois

Well, the ugly head of unforeseen consequences has reared its ugly head. The Town of Walkersville, in its determination to keep the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community from building their worship and conference facilities, has ultimately broken the back – if not the pocketbook – of the Banner School family.

November 7, 2008
Whither Goes America?
Joe Charlebois

What does it mean to be a patriotic American? Recently that question was brought up by some politicians and pounced on by many pundits. Well, if you don't jump to conclusions, like so many have, this subject can be looked at as a way to follow up on the true transformation of our society since its founding 232 years ago.

October 31, 2008
Welfare Checks and Military Disintegration
Joe Charlebois

Ninety-five percent of taxpayers won't see tax increases, astounding! Ninety-five percent of Americans will receive a tax cut, amazing! Only 60% of Americans pay income taxes. What?

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