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March 25, 2005

Bad Marketing, Good Products – Part II

Chris Charuhas

In my last article, I explained, in business terms, why the Democratic Party is like a company with weak marketing but strong products. In this one, I’ll put forward a “market position” that might do justice to the Democratic Party and its policies.

Marketing starts with positioning, or how brands are differentiated in the minds of customers and prospects. A strong “brand” position for Democrats could be described in three words: Liberty, Opportunity, and Community.

Those three words describe, in fundamental terms, what the Democratic Party stands for:

Liberty: Democrats protect the freedoms of all citizens.

  • Opportunity: Democrats promote policies that help everyone succeed.

  • Community: Democrats pursue harmony among citizens, and build international security.

    This position also describes what Democrats stand against:

    Positions can’t be created out of whole cloth; they must build on existing impressions. In this respect, the Liberty/Opportunity/Community position fits the bill for Democrats:

    Positions must also be supported with good “products.” In the political arena, this means sound public policy. In this respect, the Liberty/Opportunity/Community position reflects Democratic policies:

    If someone asked me what Democrats stand for, and I only had a few seconds to tell them, I would deliver this “elevator speech:”

    Democrats believe in liberty, opportunity, and community. We protect the freedoms of all Americans, promote policies that help everyone succeed, pursue harmony among citizens, and build international security.

    Most Americans believe in these things, and approve of what Democrats want to do for our country. When Democrats state their position clearly, and defend it aggressively, they’ll dramatically increase their “market share” in our country’s marketplace of ideas.

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