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March 22, 2005

Mr. Cady Takes Care of Business

Jason Grabill

I read with delight, and then laughter, the hat story in the Frederick newspaper the other day. For those who don't subscribe, it seems that the county parks department hired an individual who isn't exactly smarts on a stick. This fellow appeared before the county commissioners, I suppose, to be introduced.

For those who've never worked for a local government, let me explain; the people that pay the employees like to meet the new hires. I've done this several times, and it's usually quick, simple, and to the point. They congratulate you on getting the job, ask a couple of questions, and move on to the rest of the state/county/city business at hand. It's a formality similar to meeting the CEO of a major corporation.

Well, not last week, it would appear. This new park employee is supposedly a former Air Force person. I'll assume he was an enlisted airman, or whatever the USAF calls its folks). Now, the Air Force doesn't pay much attention to customs and courtesy anymore, especially for its rank and file. That's not to slam the Air Force, mind you, it's just a simple observation, having dealt with plenty of Air Force officers and enlisted folks in my own time in the Marine Corps.

I say all of this because our prospective parks employee failed to remove his stocking cap during the introduction in front of the county commissioners.

It's a simple breach of common courtesy, but something that is more and more typical these days, as the inner-city culture wraps itself around everyone, via the idiot box.

Mr. Cady, whom I've met on multiple occasions and have always found to be both intelligent, personable, and a decent sort from the old school, asked our hero to remove his stocking cap. Apparently, this individual, according once again to the Frederick paper, responded with some sort of flippant remark towards Mr. Cady when he was asked if he was taught to do this sort of thing in the Air Force.

Hmmmm. That's a bad move, there, buddy. One shouldn't tick off the people that, in reality, pay your salary. Obviously, our bright young lad has yet to learn this important life lesson. Or perhaps he thought Mr. Cady was not worthy of his respect.

Either way, our parks employee, after dodging the immediate termination bullet fired by Mr. Cady, gets to explain to his employer, the county, how he then costs them $35,000, which, to my thinking, is probably the salary for a first year parks employee.

Anyway, my hat's off to Mr. Cady. (No pun intended). As a former Marine myself, I can well understand his annoyance at this individual act of basic disrespect directed toward not only himself, but the county commissioners. I can't believe this idiot wasn't fired, but it seems some of our commissioners have a softer heart than I. (I'd have voted to not only fire him, but to ensure he couldn't be re-hired by the county ever again).

Yes, yes, I know, I'm sure there are those out there who wring their little hands and concern themselves with "how will this make the county look?"

Personally, I stand behind Mr. Cady's move, and believe that those who may be wielding brickbats need to stop, breathe, and have a time out in the corner. I'm not at all concerned about the feeling of the man who would not remove his hat. If he would have had a lick of sense, he would have figured out that perhaps this wasn't the best of times to show how much he wanted to "fight the power."

Think of it this way: If our parks employee is showing disrespect towards the county commissioners, just how attentive is he going to be when you ask for directions? How polite and courteous is he going to be when you need assistance in having your questions answered?

Personally, I don't want him working for the county, and I don't want my tax dollars paying his salary. He needs to go, the sooner, the better, if it hasn't been done already. If nothing else, for lacking basic common freakin' sense!

If I were his boss, I'd be questioning not only his judgment, but his ability to operate a shovel without intense daily supervision.

Semper Fi, Mr. Cady!

Until next time, Stay Low!

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