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March 1, 2005

Opposing Viewpoints

Jason Grabill

I love reading the opposing viewpoints of various and sundry Democrats. Really, I do. Whenever I need to get a laugh, or find out about the latest wacky conspiracy theory, I just plop down at the ole computer and surf on over to a couple of websites. Even this one.

For those who may not have a computer, substitute the word "website" with either "Washington Post" or "New York Times." Look in the nearest recycle bin in some of the tonier neighborhoods so you can read 'em for free. (You know, the neighborhoods with the big McMansions that no native Frederick Countian can afford). Telltale signs of liberal inhabitants are the Volvo in the driveway with the drooping "Kerry" sticker still affixed.

Some of the stuff is funny, some is just plain goofy, and some makes you go – “What in the devil has that boy been smokin’?" Now, lots of my Republican friends can't fathom why I'd read such things. Simply put, you have to know how the enemy operates and thinks, to know where the next attack is gonna be.

Wait, Democrats the "enemy?" Um, well.....yeah.

The party that wants to turn this country into France, take away all firearms, increase taxes 50 percent, and return us to the years of Hillary! And that guy, Bill somebody, you remember. Big stink when he got caught diddlin’ the help, and Jimmy "Peanut" Carter.



Great years they were, too! Rampant inflation, the rise of terrorism world wide, an increase of crime in the streets, "malaise," Soviet aggression, the gutting of our military (not once, but twice), shenanigans with the help, socialized medicine, gun control, and America apologizing to all and sundry for our eviiiil Western values.

Ah, yes. Why is it whenever the liberals/Democrats/left run the country, I have to keep one hand on my wallet and the other on a nearby firearm? And they call Republicans “scary.”

A recent column mentioned the fact that somehow, the last election wasn't about "The Issues," but rather a well-orchestrated smear campaign against every-single-living-Democrat. You know you have a liberal by the quick when you hear – “But character doesn't's about the issues."

Ah, yes, "The Issues." Such as, for example, "National Security." Big issue. Really big since 9/11. At least, for most of us, anyway. "Defense!" Another big issue. Those two "Issues" alone got talked about every other day during the campaign, and rightfully so, and the Democrats........lost.

I think people paid more attention than the liberals really wanted and chose accordingly. What do you suppose would have happened if John "Medals" Kerry had been elected? Would you feel safer?

I wouldn't. I consider that a big "Issue," and voted accordingly. I want my kids to grow up safe, or as safe as I can make their country. Guess that's why I'm just a "Don't know whut's good fer me Fred-neck Countian." At least, that's what the good liberals want you to think.

Another feller speaks of dire consequences and evil forces at work (no, no, not Howard Dean...well, maybe) within the Republican Party.

We then get lectured by this same gent on what the Eisenhower administration (!!!!!!!!) would have done differently today to avert the obvious slide into Nazi-ism we are on. (Ike. The same President who had ~gasp~ secret U-2 flights going over the Soviet Union to see what the Commies were up to...not that that's a bad thing, mind you.) I think Ike would have approved.

This ain't a "Cold War," but rather a hot one. I doubt Ike had much in the way of hand wringing when he destroyed Nazi Germany. Ike also approved the execution of German spies caught in U.S. uniforms behind our lines, (after being found guilty by a military tribunal....why does this sound familiar?) as well as a U.S. Army deserter during the Battle of the Bulge. No crying over their "rights," or "feelings." War is war. No, comparing Ike to today's situation is a tad bit of a stretch for me.

I always get a big kick out of the lefties who think we are living under a fascist, censoring, idea crushing, "the Gestapo is coming to get me" state, anyway. Oops. Let me re-phrase that, since Maryland under Mike Miller is just about there.....(Okay, Okay...change Gestapo to "socialist", and "fascist" to "liberal").

I get another chuckle out of the lefties who think that is going to happen to the United States. I think they write that stuff because they actually like the idea that they are somehow "outlaws." I can see this, really. The average cubicle dweller/liberal/lefty's mind works that way, it seems. They get a thrill out of the security geeks at the airport dressed in the latest black SWAT trinkets rifling through their luggage. Oh, they may protest and spout the usual twaddle about "jackbooted thugs," but I think secretly they find that element of danger exciting. The rest of us are annoyed, but not our cube dweller enroute back to D.C. with his boss.

"Oooohhh, I'm dangerous."

"Yes, yes, you’re a dangerous guy, Milton. Now go back to your cubicle. I need the figures on the locust population of the Northern Marianas Islands today!"

"Yes, Mr. Periwinkle". (As Milton mutters under his breath: "Fascist.")

So, I enjoy reading the Opposing Viewpoints, not only on this website, but others. I don't think the Gestapo is going to come knocking anytime soon, so I'll continue to scan this stuff....and wonder what ole Milton is doing in his cube. Planning his next trip to BWI, no doubt.

Until next time...Stay Low!

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