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February 24, 2005

Strong on Defense?

Jason Grabill

I read a bit the other day in the Frederick paper that left me scratching my head. No, it's not the latest episode betwixt the Mayoress of Frederick and whomever is on the enemies list this week. Nor was it a letter to the editor from one of the far left wackos in Takoma Park. No, this was on the national scene.


Well, it seems that the new leader of the Democratic National Committee, one Howard Dean, late of last year's presidential contest, has proclaimed for all and sundry to hear, that the Democrats are "stronger than the Republicans" on national defense issues.

Yes. You read that correctly. It's not a typo. Don't search for the correction in the paper or on this website.

The - Democrats - Strong - on - defense. Mull that one over for a bit.

I never thought I would hear those words strung together in a complete sentence. I re-read the article to make sure I wasn't seeing things, or dropped a pickle on a pertinent section, or something.

Nope. There it is. In black and white. This is why Mr. Dean is going to make a great leader of the Democratic National Committee. I kid you not. Just think, if this is what he's spouting now, just imagine what's going to be coming forth later.

Then again, maybe I've got this all wrong. Maybe the Democrats really do believe that they are "strong on defense". Perhaps that's a code word for something else. They've been on the defensive quite a bit lately, so Mr. Dean may have been thinking of the latest election results.

Nope, I went back, and it seems he was debating Richard Perle, a one time muckity muck in the defense department. Mr. Perle had a shoe thrown at him for his remarks by an irate college kid (no, it wasn't Mr. Dean) and who was then forcibly dragged out of the debate for his trouble, according to the article. A shoe? Ah, well.


So, according to Mr. Dean, the Democratic Party is "strong on defense issues." Really? I've been following politics for a long time, and this is the first time I've ever heard a national level Democrat say that. They've said lots of other goofy stuff, but never that.

That's because they knew they'd be laughed from whatever podium they were speaking from.

Don't believe me?

Look at the dismal Democrat record on "defense issues," then. Heck, look at the last Democratic presidential contenders for starters.......Mr. Kerry, the "We must get permission from those countries who haven't had a strong military since men wore tricorned hats before taking any military action, even to protect America, which by the way, I left back in 1968 to serve my country in Vietnam, where I may or may not have gone to Cambodia, but I did get a bunch of Purple Heart's for wounds that never required medical attention....." guy.

Then there was Dennis Kucinich, not exactly a strong candidate for president, sure, but he wanted to "defund" the military and start instead a "Department of Peace."

Then there was Dr "Screamin'" Dean himself, who would have happily left Saddam Hussein in power with nary a thought to long range consequences.

Other shining lights in the ranks of Democrats are Barbara Boxer, of California, that leading defense advocate, (snicker at your leisure),

Hillary!, who along with what's his name, (Um, William something or other), gutted the military for about four years, until forced by overwhelming public opinion (and a Republican Congress) to try and fix the mess they'd already made.


The last Democrat before that in the White House was......... errrrrrrrrr......the Peanut Farmer! Why, yes, our old pal, "Smilin'" Jimmy Carter. We all remember how strong he was on defense, don't we?

I certainly do. He now builds houses and meddles in international affairs in his spare time. (Those who are laughing so hard you've fallen down may now get back up and resume reading.)

Yes, those Democrats. Always strong on defense issues. Remember Michael Dukakis, (candidate for president in '88) looking like "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" riding in a tank with a goofy helmet? It wasn't so much the way he looked, mind you, (those helmets aren't exactly flattering; even Bogart looked silly in "Sahara"), but the mere thought of a Democrat riding in a tank was ludicrous on its face.

Now, in the Dems defense, I will say that there have been a few Congressmen and Senators who were, in fact, strong defense advocates. But, those days are long past. American's know that. Mr. Dean can chant his "Dems on Defense" mantra all he likes, but the record speak for itself.

Stay low!

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