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February 22, 2005

Broaden The Discussion

Derek Shackelford

The issue of morality came front and center during the last presidential election, putting domestic and foreign issues on the back burner.

It was not the issue of terrorism, the war in Iraq, unemployment, or Social Security. The deciding vote came down to one single issue according to the political pundits.

That issue was morality, including questions of abortion and same sex marriage. Imagine that - fearing people who may be gay and lesbian.

I know people who claim the moral high ground and claim that marriage is between a man and a woman. The notion of a constitutional amendment is in the works to declare that marriage is exactly that and nothing else. It would be a constitutional amendment designed to take away rights rather than to grant them.

The problem that arises from this debate and the question of morality is that the scope of the discussion needs to be broadened. If we can contemplate the passage of a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, why not consider amendments to eliminate poverty, health care for all Americans, and no more unjustified wars.

Evangelical Christians claim that the basis for the foundations of morality is the Bible. Well, if that is true, the issue of homosexuality is mentioned less than seven times, while the issue of taking care of the poor is mentioned 112 times. Talk about the principles of true morality.

The morality debate needs to be broadened and all factors considered in the love of all people. If we really want to be on the side of right, it is how we take care of the least of these that should determine this country's moral direction.

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