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February 10, 2005

Taxation with Too Much Representation

Jason Grabill

I've been reading with dismay the typical antics of Maryland Democrats in the past few weeks. I say typical because I'm not the least bit surprised at any of it.

For these people, raising taxes on the little guy is just a way of life.

Oh, sure, they'll say different, but down here at the bottom end of the great State of Maryland tax vacuum, I know different.

I can already feel the money being sucked out of my wallet by the giant Hoover every time the legislature meets. Try as I might to avoid it, I know it's coming. And, the fine folks right here at home in Frederick are absolutely no better.

My doctors bills will no doubt rise with the latest idiocy put in place by those "friends of the people" in the State House, all in the name of slapping the governor around, to show that they still have power.

And, that's what it comes down to, mind you. All the political hoohollerin' about this and that aside, people like (State Senate President) Mike Miller want nothing more than the defeat of Governor Robert Ehrlich in the next election. "The will of the people be damned! Why, if Guv'ner Ehrlich remains in office, ruin will descend upon the state! We have to do everything we can to see that he's shut down."

Doesn't matter if his Medical Malpractice bill was the right thing to do, you understand. Nope. That doesn't matter a hill-o-beans to the Dems. So what if the doctors have to pay more in premiums? So what if they leave?

We got ours!

And, jus' so they don't look too awful crooked (how many are trial lawyers that got us into this mess in the first place?), they send out the current hokey mess of a bill, (allegedly passing on this rate increase to the Dems favorite whipping boy, Big Bidness), knowing full darn well that the Gov'ner is gonna veto it.

Sure enough, Veto. Now, it's time to play "duck and cover," since it gets overridden by the Democrat-run old boy network, and the Maryland insurance commissioner says (Surprise!) that the insurance companies are going to pass along this rate increase in the bill to...............

(Wait for it)..........


(Now!).....The consumer!!!!!

That means YOU, little guy.

Now, suddenly, you hear Messer's Miller and the rest jumping up and down with rage at....the Maryland insurance commissioner. Obviously, it's all his fault, since he has the unmitigated gall to be a Republican appointee.

Which means, of course, that he's also partisan.

Umm, yeah, like Senator Miller and the rest of his trial lawyer pals aren't.


And, right here in good ole Frederick County, the property taxes continue to rise faster than a trial lawyers' heartbeat at a four-car pileup. My Dad and I were talking the other day, and he said it all: "How do they expect us to keep paying this? And it ain't gonna stop, either."

Sadly, I had to agree with him. Housing prices are simply insane in this county. And, please don't get me started on all the "impact" fees here, especially the school fee. My kids have gone to school here for the past four years, but now, because I'm building a house on land my families owned for nearly 200 years, I get to pay a nice fat "impact" fee for school upkeep, or whatever.

This is in addition to all the other and sundry and various taxes, fees, more fees, and whatnot that have to be paid. But the school tax (oops. Did I say tax?) is the most ridiculous.

"Impact fee" my fanny.

Think about all the people who've paid this fee. (With Frederick County's rampant growth, that number should be pretty substantial).

Now, those of you who have kids in schools here, when was the last time your child's teacher sent home something asking you to "provide" (donate) crayons, paper, tissue, etc, to their class?

Or, even better, given the kids 30 tons of homework to do (with your help) because there "just isn't enough time" in the day to do it all?

Somehow, though, there is enough time to have all these "In service" days where the kids don't go to school, though. There is enough time to attempt to indoctrinate my kindergartener about the evils of smoking, and the Hanukah holiday (for a while, he was convinced he was Jewish, and was upset we didn't have a Menorah).

Exactly what are they doing with this tax, anyway? (Oops, I said tax again).

It doesn't seem to be going for teacher salary, since I constantly hear them whining about how underpaid and overworked they are. Obviously, it's not going for school supplies, either. Oh, wait. "Infrastructure." That's it. The catch all word nowadays for "bottomless pit".

This is what you get when you let Democrats run the state unopposed for decades: unending taxation, a trial lawyer on every corner, and a creaking "infrastructure" with no end in sight.

Stay Low!

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