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As Long as We Remember...

February 4, 2005

A Real Profile in Courage

John P. Snyder

Even the most jaded critic of our involvement in Iraq had to be touched by the scenes of jubilant Iraqis casting their votes in last weekend’s national election. Just how many of us would wait outside our poling place if we knew a rocket attack or suicide bombing was a real possibility?

If you have been receiving your news regarding the situation in Iraq from the mainstream media, like the Associated Press dispatches that appear in The Frederick News-Post, your were no doubt shocked to learn that over 60% of the eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots. For quite some time, Americans were led to believe that Iraq was one war-torn hell hole with no end in sight. Every car bombing and sniper attack was duly, if not gleefully, reported.

Recall last week’s speech by Sen. Ted Kennedy (MA), the Democratic Party’s leading knucklehead, who essentially called Iraq a lost cause and called for an immediate policy of appeasement towards the insurgent terrorists.

In typical fashion, liberals looked down upon the Iraqi people as too stupid to entertain thoughts of a democracy.

Islam and democracy don "t mix, they maintained. They have never had it before, they intoned, so why would they want it now.

This lays bare the essential tenant of liberalism. To them, the masses are stupid, ignorant and unable to help themselves.

They do not have the capacity to realize self government. Because they are basically stupid, they need a strong government to help them make it through the day. In Iraq, we are told, there are too many ethnic divisions to create a democracy.

We cannot, we are constantly reminded, impose our will on another country.

Conservatives see a basic desire within men to be free and to have self determination. They see the individual as capable of seeing what is best for them. The see ingenuity, free markets and unending possibilities.

I have been reading the works of ordinary Iraqis in the Friends of website. They write from the heart regarding their desire to come together and for one dynamic, modern Iraq; where everyone can live peacefully and prosper; where the government serves the people, not torture them.

To them, the right to vote was a sacred gift. That’s why we saw the tears of joy and wild celebration from the Iraqis as they begin to put together their new country.

You will not hear from them in the mainstream press. Their views do not fit the prevailing paradigm that Iraq is a modern day Vietnam. But they will prevail, make no mistake.

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