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January 20, 2005

Dubya - Act Two, Take One

John P. Snyder

Today at noon, George W. Bush will be sworn in for his second term. Time for celebration with a sigh of relief for Republicans. A time for Democrats, especially those who hate George Bush, to close the drapes, turn out the lights and lie face down and hope it all goes away.

It has been a remarkable journey for the eldest son of our 41st president, George H. W. Bush. He may have never pursued politics had it not been for Texas Governor Anne Richards. Recall her speech mocking his father at the 1992 Democratic convention. "Poor George, she crowed,"he can't help it... he was born with a silver foot in his mouth." She then went on to castigate George 41 in such a way that, although it titillated the Democratic convention crowd, it prompted the younger Bush to find a way to even the score.

Two years later, Ann Richards was tossed out of the Governor's Mansion in Austin by George W. Bush. Six years later, he took out a sitting vice president, Al Gore, for the presidency.

And, despite the united and unrelenting efforts of the news media, Hollywood, billionaire George Soros, various 527 groups and the John Kerry-led Democratic Party, he won the 2004 election in a decisive fashion.

My friends on the left all hate him. To them he is stupid, over his head, inarticulate, a spoiled rich boy. The playing field is littered with the corpses of condescending Democrats who, even after ample evidence to the contrary, have, in the words of George W., "misunderestimated" him.

These same people scratched their heads when trying to understand Ronald Reagan's popularity. It's not that hard to grasp, but here is why.

A strong defense, a limited government, economic opportunity and fair taxes resonate with a majority of the people.

You don' have to guess where he stands on the issues. You needed an Ouija board to find out where the John Kerry stood. Conservatives can say exactly what they stand for and liberals cannot. Not in a national election, anyway.

Democrats can stand and say they are for a strong defense, as John Kerry did time and again, but they never look convincing.

George Bush is not on the nightly news trying to hog the attention. He speaks when necessary. He saves his political capital for when he deems it important. He has no problems nominating minorities to high positions. If he pursues the reform of social security and immigration he should be called courageous. Others have seen the problems and have deferred action so as to preserve legacies.

While it is tempting to be critical of him for his Iraqi incursion, one senses there is a story that the mainstream media is not reporting. And that is if the Sudanese people, with their diverse tribal society, can agree to unite as a country, so can the Iraqis. And when that day comes, our servicemen and women will pull out of harms way.

Second terms are usually mundane disappointments. I have a feeling George W. Bush will push his agenda right up to the end; and that is bad news for those who still "misunderestimate" him.

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