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As Long as We Remember...

January 13, 2005

Church and State

Edward Lulie III

Socialists love government. It is the tool by which they seek to bring us all to an earthy paradise. Their belief in it transcends logic and embraces faith.

For socialists, government is the church wherein they worship. Inside it they tolerate no rivals. They use the Constitution, the separation of Church and State, as a weapon to attack any other "religious" viewpoints. They are relentless in attacking Christmas trees, God and the Ten Commandments because these beliefs are not part of socialism.

Socialists want only their religion and worldview tolerated by government and any opposing views must be barred. To have socialism promoted by government is an essential element of their program and that is precisely why it should not be tolerated.

The concept of separation of Church and State was to prevent the establishment of a government religion, which demanded participation and excluded all other religions. It is an incredible betrayal of that concept which now has socialists using the very concept intended to prevent such a monopoly as a tool to protect and promote their religion; of government for government and by government.

For the moment the public is free to follow their religious beliefs outside of government; until at least the socialists have eliminated any trace of religion (but their own) from government.

Of course, socialists don't call socialism a religion. To them that term invites unfavorable comparisons with ancient institutions and long held beliefs. Better to act modern; allow members the choice to attend any church of their choice, as long it never interferes with their political beliefs.

Socialism should equate to a religion because it expresses a belief, not in divinity itself, but rather in the divine right of the people to reach an earthly utopia (paradise) through the use of governmental power. To reach that goal a governmental tolerance of other religions and respect for those beliefs is unacceptable and must be eliminated. Socialists are relentless, as good zealots tend to be, in their quest to eliminate opposing points of view.

For one example take a look at "Citizenship," once an important part of American culture and sought after by millions; yet it has been steadily devalued and de-emphasized by the socialists inside our government.

Why do they constantly insist on allowing illegal aliens and non-citizens to share the rights of United States citizens? Because their religion, socialism, believes that all people are citizens not of nations, but of the world. They believe that nationalism is inherently evil; a massive roadblock on the path to international socialism and one which promotes war and oppression.

It is a serious thing to take away the rights of citizens by diminishing those rights; but socialists believe that national citizenship is a regressive and backwards concept which is in need of elimination. Thus they see no moral problem with destroying it.

Why is this rarely, if ever, expressed out in the open? Because socialists recognize the unfortunate fact that most citizens, even those left of center, prize and treasure their United States citizenship and do not want it to be diminished and devalued.

How can it be that our own government promotes that erosion and refuses to enforce laws denying citizenship rights to those without it? Why should we tolerate these beliefs from our own government? Yet freedom can only exist when government itself is not used as a tool to suppress contrary opinions, political or religions.

To allow the government to become the Church wherein socialists exclusively dwell is to allow their beliefs and tenets to overpower opposing points of view. While we will never be truly free to tolerate religious and political expressions that threaten our life and our society, we have a history of being more tolerant than most places in the world; that history that was built upon a belief in God and not government.

We must recognize that the religious views of citizens be guaranteed by government as an inherent right of all citizens. That does not mean that government should bar religious expression because some one finds it offensive.

Government is supposed to protect the rights of all citizens to practice their religion freely, not to suppress it from public display. If we started treating "Sociology" (not a science as claimed but a thinly veiled program promoting socialist political doctrine) as part of a "religion" in way that the Bible, the Ten Commandments or the word God has been treated, what would the result be? You could expect instant howls of outrage from the believers of socialism. The ACLU would turn 180 degrees and argue that political and religious freedom is to be protected and not barred; as they should have arguing all along.

Even if you believe that the United States should be one Nation under Government, rather than under God, the right to hold that belief should be protected.

Yet socialism is a jealous religion that does not want the government polluted by allowing contrary points of view to exist. Protecting religious freedom from government intrusion was the whole concept behind the separation of Church and State.

We should demand that the concept be restored to its original concept, however much the socialists among us find that to be abhorrent and regressive.

Our government is not their Church.

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