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January 7, 2005

Over The Top and Out Of Bounds

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

The editor says to never write mad. Well, sometimes I just can't help it.

I have a satellite radio in my car. I switch back and forth between liberal and conservative stations. I enjoy the incongruity of two entirely different views of the same news.

The liberal news went too far tonight, though. So far, in fact, that I am now convinced that many liberals in the media harbor such deep seeded hatred for President Bush that they have surrendered their objectivity.

I heard a prominent liberal blame President Bush for CAUSING the deaths of thousands of citizens in the regions destroyed by the Asian tsunami.

That's right! He said Mr. Bush caused their deaths by failing to act quickly with U.S. aid and relief.

He went on to assail the President and the U.S. government for ignoring the needs of the region during our most important holiday.

A caller to the same program suggested that President Bush was too busy chopping brush to think about dead Asian children.

And they wonder why we think they're idiotic?

President Bush was on his Crawford ranch, no one can question that fact. Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary General, was skiing in Colorado. You didn't hear any outrage over Annan shoosing down some snow-covered hill.

We had released $35 million dollars in aid within 15 hours of the disaster. Since then, we pledged another $300 million, not to mention the carrier and amphibious landing ship groups ferrying Blackhawk helicopters and flight crews.

You see, when the President of the United States takes a vacation, he is surrounded by the most sophisticated communications technology in the world, with the most advanced global information gathering and reporting functions known to man.

All of this without even addressing the completely inappropriate nature of turning what might arguably be the world's worst natural disaster into a political controversy. Call the President inarticulate; attack his core beliefs; and belittle his view of America as policeman, but for Heaven's sake don't dishonor the memory of hundreds of thousands of innocents by diminishing their existence with a partisan attack.

The Norwegian emergency relief coordinator for the U.N. called the wealthier nations of the world "stingy." He intimated that we needed to stop worrying about taxes and start sending more money to other parts of the world.

I can accept that a U.N. official would be blinded by ideology. They were blind to the Oil-for-Food disaster, one of the world's worst examples of graft and corruption since the Teapot Dome scandals.

It wasn't stingy governments. It was criminal bureaucrats that bled international bank accounts to line their pockets and prop-up Saddam Hussein.

So a U.N. official calling the U.S. stingy might be a real compliment. He might have meant that we, unlike the U.N., can track and account for our aid and support. Lord knows the U.N. can't!

Clearly, the whole concept of what is appropriate political dialogue has changed since the Bush/Gore 2000 race. The recent Bush/Kerry race didn't help things at all.

This whole Red State-Blue State thing is very passť. Unfortunately, talk radio pundits who lack the intellect and sophistication to frame an argument serve their listeners a product not worth sharing.

Lest I sound like a GOP hack, I frequently find fodder for complaint from the right on my satellite radio. Try as I might, I've not been able to find anything quite as objectionable as these comments about the President.

In retrospect, I would have criticized the unfounded allegations about the Clintons being involved in Vince Foster's suicide. If you can't prove it, just don't say it!

So even with my anger over the absolutely inappropriate comments on that radio show, I will continue to flip back and forth between competing ideologies on my Sirius radio. If it gets too bad, I can always switch to heavy metal, all Sinatra, or Court TV.

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