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January 5, 2005


John W. Ashbury

At this time of year numerous publications offer a list of predictions for the next 365 days. As is usually the case, there is never a list of just how many of those prognostications actually came true.

Things will be no different here. We will offer some projections and sometimes utter nonsense. And we will leave it up to you to come back to this list in December to see if any of them actually happened.

  1. WFMD will switch to a liberal talk radio format on April 1 and then file bankruptcy before the end of the year when station management realizes the error of its ways.

  2. Alderman David Lenhart of the City of Frederick will reverse his previous statements and seek to unseat Mayor Jennifer Dougherty.

  3. Angered by Alderman Lenhart’s announcement that he will challenge Mayor Dougherty, Alderman Joe Baldi changes his registration to Democrat and files for the mayor’s race to take on Her Imperial Majesty in the primary.

  4. Former Mayor Ron Young gathers more votes than Mayor Dougherty and Alderman Baldi combined in the September Democratic primary.

  5. District 3 State Delegate Galen Clagett receives the Parrot Award from Nabisco for his refusal to differ from his Democratic colleagues in Annapolis

  6. State Senator David Brinkley, who represents District 4, is recognized as the most quoted state legislator by Baltimore’s Sunpapers. The Washington Post says he ranks only 181st, just ahead of Del. Joe Bartlett and State Senator Alex X. Mooney.

  7. County Commissioner John L. “Lennie” Thompson announces that he will not seek another term, puts his house on the market, and moves to Las Vegas when he hears that developers are running amuck there.

  8. All but one store in downtown Frederick closes due to a lack of sales. The City of Frederick then raises parking fees and fines again to counter the loss of revenue from the sales tax.

  9. Governor Robert Ehrlich finally discovers how to “win” in confrontations with the General Assembly leadership when he issues an executive order banning members of the legislature from the State House between April 15 and December 31.

  10. State Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch call a special session of the General Assembly at Fed-Ex Field in Landover to discuss the deteriorating relationship with the governor. When asked why in the football stadium, Senator Miller says it’s the only place in the state large enough to accommodate all of the Democratic lobbyists and other special interest people who want to get a piece of the action in Maryland.

  11. In Baltimore The Sun fires David Nitkin and Michael Olesker for their continuing failure to report the news and comment on it in a manner favorable to Governor Ehrlich.

  12. Frederick County State’s Attorney Scott Rolle is called up with the rest of his U. S. Army Reserve unit and sent to Iraq to defend soldiers accused of not being polite to terrorists when capturing them in the act of placing roadside bombs.

  13. By the end of 2005, Frederick’s mayor will be little more than an unpleasant memory even though she still has two weeks left in office.

  14. Delegate Galen Clagett will finally realize that his espousal of charter government is the primary detriment to its establishment in Frederick County.

  15. The water line from the Potomac River to the outskirts of The City of Frederick will be completed but without any agreement between the city and county, proving once again that Frederick’s mayor doesn’t always get her way despite her claims otherwise.

  16. The big issue in the City of Frederick election will be just who should get credit for the development along the Carroll Creek – the current office holder who takes credit for the successes of every other politician, or the former mayor who had the flood control project built in the first place.

  17. In marked contrast to past elections, all those elected to the Frederick City Board of Aldermen will be independents, another slap in the face of those politicians who want to retain the partisan nature of city elections for their own purposes.

  18. In early December the new mayor-elect of Frederick will announced a reshuffling of the city administration. Resigning rather than be fired will be John Leisenring, Jon Angel, Kim Dine and several other who compromised their personal integrity to satisfy the demands of their previous boss in City Hall.

  19. Jim Shaw, who has retired twice as planning director of Frederick County, will be called back into service again to resolve the unintended consequences of the actions of the past two boards of county commissioners.

  20. In a shocking move at budget time, the county commissioners will reduce the number of holidays for county employees to seven and reduce paid vacation to one week in an effort to keep some of them on the job more days than their days off.

  21. Frederick County’s Board of Education will hire a new superintendent of schools who will actually insist on academic excellence instead of building new facilities for both students and administrators.

  22. In a reversal of a major decision, the Board of Education will decide to abandon downtown Frederick after the city refuses to give them Site G on the Carroll Creek project for free and votes to build its $18 million new administrative facility on Thomas Johnson Drive at Hayward Road on land it already owns.

  23. In a surprise move, by the end of December more candidates will file for the elected offices available in the 2006 election than ever before as the citizens become more and more angry over the inability of our elected officials to get something done to benefit the citizens of Maryland.

There were other predictions, but deadline approaches; plus the editor is on my case.

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