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December 28, 2004

Mistreating Terrorists?

Jason Grabill

The release recently by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) of a report smacking Uncle Sam upside the head caused no end of hand wringing from the sob sisters on the left and assorted Frenchmen. It seems the folks in the ICRC are none too pleased with the way America is treating the terrorist scum we have locked up in Guantanimo Bay.

Oh, wait, I forgot. According to the oat bran muffin crowd, these are probably just poor, innocent goat herdsmen unjustly rounded up by the Cossacks in the military, and thrown into the dungeon at Gitmo for no good reason.

And, now, the ICRC, which used to say it was nonpartisan, and only interested in seeing that everyone got a fair shake as a prisoner of war, has caved in to the usual demands of the anti-American crowd in Europe (and a few in this country) and proceeded to give Uncle Sam "what fer."

Point to note, here. The ICRC is a separate entity from the American Red Cross. Interestingly, some of our tax dollars fund the ICRC, whereas the American Red Cross gets no money from Uncle Sam. In essence, your tax dollars once again go to support anti-American leftists overseas. Surprise!

Yes, it seems that we evil Amukans have been keeping these poor suffering "prisoners" (the ICRC won't call them terrorists, naturally) locked up without benefit of trial, making them stand for long periods of time, having them listen to heavy metal music (I think any rap song would be real torture, but that's just me), and interrogate the heck out of them. All of that, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross, is akin to torture.

Oh, the horror!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, over in a place called Fallujah, our Marines have discovered a real torture chamber. Complete with blood spatters, various nasty devices, chains, meat hooks, and things that would make an Auschwitz guard think he was right at home.

Do tell, where was the ICRC when all of this was going on? How many reports have their fellow travelers in Amnesty International released talking about this? Has the nightly news reported this over and over? Hmmmm. Probably not.

After all, these terrorists (or, as The New York Times likes to call ‘em, “opposition fighters” are battling big mean ole America, and some excess is to be expected. Islam, after all, is a religion of peace, and if you don't believe that, why, we'll just blow up your favorite landmark to prove it! There...that'll show America we are a religion of peace!!!!

In little reported items, it seems that some of the terrorists have been released from Gitmo from time to time. Wait, I'm wrong; the releases are reported, to be sure. However, you don't hear much about the re-captures......


Yes, well, it seems, that some of those prisoners/goat herders/innocent farm folk went right back to doing what they had been doing that got them sent to Gitmo in the first place.....while doing farm work, they naturally picked up one of the many AK-47's lying around Afghanistan, and used it...against Americans and other friendly troops. An honest mistake, I'm sure.

Funny, though, that this has happened more than once! I've seen reports of the "re-capture" of a couple of these "fighters" buried in the back pages of The Washington Post. I guess they had so much torture and deprivation down Gitmo way that they got home and decided to try and get back. Some people are just gluttons for punishment.

I can exhibit absolutely no sympathy for these killing scum. Personally, I'd like to see the entire lot down there in Gitmo dumped into the ocean. The Geneva Convention prohibits this, of course.

But, wait. The Geneva Convention was drawn up by civilized nations in order to protect uniformed soldiers from abuse if they are captured. Geneva also laid out a bunch of other rules in an attempt to make warfare "more civilized," but the bottom line is, you have to be a member of some country’s armed forces, in uniform, for these niceties to apply.

Basically, the Geneva Convention says if you get caught sniping at troops behind their lines, out of uniform, you can be promptly executed. If you were not in uniform, or wearing an "enemy" uniform, you can be executed if you were found engaging in combat.

There are some famous photos taken in late 1944 of a couple of German commandos who were found behind American lines during the Battle of the Bulge. These photos are famous because the Germans are tied to poles, blindfolded, and about to be "shot to death by musketry." They were caught wearing American uniforms.

Let’s see now, what kind of uniform did the 9/11 terrorists wear???

Um, okay, let’s try another. What kind of uniform are the terrorists in Iraq wearing?

How about Kabul? Anywhere?

I'll make it easier; go on EBay, and run a search for "Iraqi uniform." You'll get lots of results.

The Iraqi Army, even though they were fighting for a mad dictator, was treated as prisoners of war. They wore uniforms. Those uniforms have found their way onto EBay, since the previous owners have no use for them now. The soldiers wearing them aren't in Gitmo. Nor are the vast majority of them dead, either.

The guys we've been fighting the past year and a half ..... don't wear uniforms. Nor do the Taliban. Therefore, to put a technical point on this, The Geneva Convention doesn't apply to them.

But, America, being the evil empire that the International Committee of the Red Cross would have you believe it is, still treats this filth as prisoners of war!!! How evil of us. Only now we get bashed by the ICRC for "mistreating" these poor innocents.

Meanwhile, in Fallujah, the beheadings are given little mention by the "humanitarian groups." Other than the usual bland press statements we've come to expect, of course, "We deplore such actions...."

Yeah. That'll show 'em.

Let’s hope our tax dollars stop funding people that do nothing but slap us in the face and start going to more worthwhile projects.

Until next time, stay Low!

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