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As Long as We Remember...

December 6, 2004

Don’t Apologize for Being Right

Jason Grabill

Lately I've been hearing all sorts of bleating from the left. Yes, bleating. "We are coming back stronger than ever;" "the Republicans are all bullies;" "the sky is falling now that the Republicans are controlling everything." Blah! Blah! Blah!

What the good folks on the left side of the aisle are trying to do here is make Republicans feel guilty, for, well, voting and being Republican. That's what the game is, and I'm on to them.

I hate to break the news to the Democrats, but this is wartime, and during wartime, people want safety and security. Those red countians you look down your nose at really don't feel guilty about killing as many terrorists as we possibly can. And doing whatever it takes to make us safe in our beds. If that means “foreign student enrollment is down” in our colleges, as recently reported in The Washington Post, well, regular folks aren't gonna break out the hankies in a sob fest.

Tough for the foreign students!

No matter how many times some member of the chattering class gets on the boob box and tells us how totally wrong and evil Amurka is, the vast majority of Americans really don't want Muhammad to get pilot training, or his degree in sociology.

I've seen the articles by the Dems, and heard the news on the TV. The first thing the Dems do when they lose an election is demand some sort of “power sharing.” This all sounds so wonderfully democratic, mind you, and "can't we all just get along?"

I'm here to tell you, don't fall for it. When was the last time you saw a Democrat controlled Congress share a single thing with Republicans? It doesn't happen and never will.

But, for some dumb reason, Republicans fall all over themselves to emote and share feelings with Democrats when, realistically, the American people have spoken.....and they don't want Democrats running committees in the House. They don't want them in the administration, and they don't want them running the country. If they did, why, they would have elected them, now, wouldn't they?

So, my message to all the Republicans who are oh-so-concerned with how they look when a talking head starts whining about “fairness” and “meanness,” is, suck it up, and why do you care?

These are the same people that have no problem comparing Republicans to the KKK, or Nazis, or whatever. And now, you want to “share” with them? It's not like the Dems believe any of this applies to them when they are in control. But Republicans fall all over themselves to “share,” so the Dems will stop calling them nasty names...only that never seems to happen.

The Dems are singing the blues because they don't like being “called out” by Joe Citizen. By that, I mean, the Democratic Party nowadays is the party of the far left. The Michael Moore's, the Streisands, the Kerry's, and the whole lot. Anyone who believes any one of these people is “too nice” to us poor, barefoot red countians jus' don' get it.

But, the only way to get Republicans to act like France and immediately wave the white flag, is to accuse them of being bullies, not playing fair, being “mean,” etc.

Gimme a break!

What do you think all of that means in the last sentence, in the Democrats little world? Seriously! What does "not being a bully, being fair, building partnerships, it takes a village, etc.," all mean to a true Democrat? Isn't this all so, well, glandular?

The Democrats have become the party of glands. I may start using that – “The Glandular Party." It's whatever it takes to make them feel good about themselves. If that means interns under the desk, hey, go for it! If that means we let the U.N. dictate what we can and cannot do, it makes Dems feel so much better that third world despots can push America around, then go for it.

We can't have people feel angry at us, so we must pour billions of taxpayer dollars into making them feel better about themselves and say what fine chaps we Americans are!

I see all of that as a return to the Jimmy Carter years (for those too young to remember, our nation’s worst President) of kissing every despots hindquarters (and the leader of the Soviet Union's cheek!), and weakening the American image abroad. Of staggering inflation, rising taxes, and, most famously, believing that the entire country was suffering a “malaise,” and blaming......the American people.

Don't like that scenario? Try this one.

How about a philandering good ole boy President who 'felt yer pain'? And, after allowing mission creep to takeover a misguided U.N. mission in Somalia, let a bunch of third world thugs mutilate American soldiers corpses in the streets....with no response, (Oops, I'm wrong. we retreated. Guess that counts as a response), thus 'empowering' the fellows we now know as “al Qaeda” to believe America was weak and a stumbling giant, ready to be poked, pricked, prodded and punched like some Gulliver overwhelmed by the Lilliputians. And those are just a couple of quick examples off the top of my head.

Did any of us “feel good” about those times? Did it make you “proud to be an Amurkan?” Do you remember seeing American flags anywhere, anytime, except during Memorial Day sales during those times?

Funny how "Americanism" seems to come to the forefront when Republicans are in the White House, isn't it? Funny how you don't hear stories of American soldiers being snubbed or worse by twitting White House staffers when Republicans are in the White House, do you? Funny how re-enlistment rates in the services haven't decreased in combat units during this war, isn't it?

No, I'll not apologize for being Republican, and I don't think any other Republican should, either. Nor will I agree with attempts to “share” with the party of Messer’s Moore, Kerry, and Kennedy. If the Glandular Party doesn't want to go the way of the Whigs, the Federalists, and the Know Nothings (, I'll leave that alone for now), then, simply put, they need to reign in the communists, socialists, and those of their ilk that have taken over their party.

I won't apologize, or be made to feel bad by the Glandular Party. Neither should you.

Stay low!

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