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November 30, 2004

Newsflash! Mainstream Media...Ain't

Jason Grabill

Shocked, shocked, I am in seeing that all these big name reporters seeping out of the closet now that the election is ended. No, they aren't gay, folks. Calm down.

No, I'm shocked that all these people are anti-Republican, anti-red state, pro-terrorist, and basically pro-communist. (I get shocked by stuff a lot. I'm kinda dense thataway sometimes).

What, you say, are you kidding?


Sad to say, all these folks who, for years, have told us they are “mainstream,” “fair,” “just the facts” (or was that Joe Friday?), “unbiased” and whatnot, are finally showing their true colors. Or, rather, finally being honest with the “Amurkan people.” Now, lest you think I'm making this stuff up, I offer a couple of quotes.

"The U.S. needs a new election, doesn't have an intelligent electorate and we're not going to have it because our education system is in a shambles right now."

"Karl Rove orchestrated the release of a new Osama bin Laden tape last month to help President Bush win re-election."

Now, who do you think said this? James Carville? John Kerry? Michael Moore? Good guesses, sure.

But, no! Good old Walter Cronkite said this, last Thursday during a “promotional visit” for the Fisher Island Philanthropic Fund in Florida, as reported by The Miami Herald.

I think Uncle Walter has gone off the deep end. "And that's the way it was"........NOT. Hey, I'm old enough to fondly remember the guy on the boob tube every night. Think he's unbiased? But, lots of people would say he is, or was. (He still does stuff for the networks as a valued “senior correspondent”).

OK, next quiz!

(He) attributed voters' reliance on religion in the recent election to “ignorance" and "said Christian fundamentalism is a result of 'a lack of education. They haven't been exposed to what the world has to offer.'" In addition, "..... (he) said he also could not understand how ‘men who work with their hands voted for George Bush,’ and again attributing the phenomenon to a lack of education."

Hmmm. This sounds like someone living in the Upper West Side. Babs Streisand maybe? Alec Baldwin? Some other Hollyweirdo? Any Democrat? Mayor Jennifer? Nah. None of them. One of America's (supposedly) 'most respected' opinion persons....... Andy Rooney. Yep!

According to friend Andy, if you are religious and work with your hands, why, you are barely one step above the “moron” level. No doubt you didn't graduate grade school, and have never left the town you were born in. And, obviously, you are too ignorant to vote the “correct” way. One thing about Mr. Rooney, he's an editorial writer and gets paid (very well) to express his opinions. However, his opinions are the norm, not the exception, in the CBS newsroom.

Dan Rather’s final flap is simply the hard and fast proof. Now, I happened to always get a big kick out of ole Dan on election night (I've watched him for years on election night; call me masochistic, but he's such a goof he's hilarious), but I generally couldn't stand him any other time.

Despite multiple opinions to the contrary within their own organization, Dan and Company decided to run a blatantly slanted piece slamming President Bush shortly before the election.....and went and got caught. Then denied it....when all the evidence pointed the other way.

Now, can you imagine ole Morley Safer and "60 Liberals" (my name for that show) ambushing some guy with a camera crew for doing the exact same thing? Sure you can, because they've done it a zillion times or so. But not this time, since there are dang few “unbiased” newsmen left in the world. At least, if you watch Fox, they try to give both sides.

I could give multiple other examples of this so called “unbiased” media; The New York Times reporter who says: 'We're absolutely reviled around the world, as we should be".

No, he isn’t talking about The Times....he's talking about America: Mom and apple pie, and all that. And yet, no doubt he'd tell you that he and his paper represent “fair” journalism.

Sure they do. What utter twaddle that is.

I have a simple solution to this problem, though.

Turn the channel.

Don't buy the paper.

The (so called) mainstream media have been losing customer base at a rapid rate for several years now. A bit in The Washington Post recently, buried in the Style section if I remember correctly, said Post subscriptions are down something like 15 percent (don't quote me on that figure, but the number was an eye opener). Obviously, the mavens that run these outfits haven't got the message yet....but they will. If you hit ‘em in the wallet, the hearts and minds will soon follow, I assure you.

Until next time, Stay Low!

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