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As Long as We Remember...

November 22, 2004

Impaired Vision

Edward Lulie III

In their quest to regain power, Democrats are in dismay from losing. As they seek to discover the reasons the elite socialists (largely responsible for the disaster) are a spectacle, wringing their hands and crying in despair.

Their understanding of what happened is limited to questioning methods and tactics; was it a bad candidate? Did the Republicans cheat? Didn’t we cheat enough? Was our marketing all wrong?

Missing from any discussion is the whether it was the product (socialism) that was rejected by voters.

That is one logical explanation but it escapes detection by party leaders who can’t understand how or why they lost. It is the elephant in the living room, so large that it escapes their notice.

How can this be? How can it be that Republicans continue to convince voters to choose them instead of progressive socialists?

Might it be that average American voters do not accept the tenets of socialism? And might it be that the cult of socialist elites (for example, John Kerry) running the Democratic Party have gone so far in their “religious” faith in socialism that anything that questions it is immediately cast out as heretical and “wrong.”

The problem begins with the leadership of the Democratic Party; they are all members of a religious cult – socialism. To even be considered for a leadership post one must be acceptable and a devout orthodox socialist or one is cast to the outer circles with all such kooks.

Being an orthodox socialist brings one a belief that you are a “good” person because you share the beliefs central to the cult. The Democratic Party once accepted anyone who wanted to join but now limits leadership roles to true believers and no one else need apply.

This was the crux of Sen. Zell Miller’s fiery speech at the Republican convention; a long litany of examples of how he, a Democrat, no longer shares the values of his party. The Democrats have become a party which worships diversity but is intolerant of anything that runs counter to the orthodoxy of socialist ideas.

In this cult it is forbidden to allow dissent that questions either the basic tenets of socialism or the current gospel of group-think so pretentiously preached by the New York Times, CBS and PBS.

Is it any wonder that Democrats have limited vision? The solution to the problem of the Democratic Party’s loss of power is lost and unknowable because to address it one must first concede that socialism in America is not successful.

That is blasphemy to the cult of elitists who run the party. It is far easier to find blame elsewhere than risk damaging central tenets of their religious belief. In fact the left’s fear and hatred of the “religious right” is far better understood when you realize that, for them, it is a challenge to their worldview and religion.

To understand the religious fervor and cult nature of present day Democratic leaders, try comparing the prototypical fire and brimstone preacher with your typical leftist running for office. For “evil” and “sinner” substitute “Republican”.

The endless diatribes against President Bush amounted mostly to a litany of his “failure” to follow a socialist creed. The groups agonized woe over the European socialist’s disdain of the United States foreign policy ignores the simple fact that a majority of Americans were glad the French were unhappy. That was a plus for President Bush, and every admiring glance from Senator Kerry towards the French lost him voters.

American Democrats, almost in lockstep, bewailed our loss of status with the very same Europeans who were really irked because they’d been benefiting financially from Saddam’s brilliant scam, Oil for Food. One might even say those same powers were actually being bribed to keep Saddam in power.

Instead of crying out against the bribery, corruption and lies, Democrats are mostly giving the culprits a free pass. Since the offending parties are fellow socialists as is the United Nations, there is no desire to see this exposed. For Democrats the Oil for Food scam is a dead loss precisely because it rips away the veneer of international respectability of the United Nations and exposes the unbridled corruption and fraud of the petty dictators in charge.

Leftists have as an unspoken goal a desire to rip away the sovereignty of the United States and let the gentle rule of socialist utopia be enacted through the United Nations.

Unfortunately for leftists the Republicans are still in charge and have the U.N. squarely in the sights of a major Senate investigation. This investigation is quickly exposing just how corrupt and immoral the leftist leadership of the United Nations has been while the left ignores the story.

It is, even among many in academia, considered now that communism is largely discredited as a failure. In part the failure is excused by the left as a result of flawed humanity unable to reach such utopian goals.

So the left now worships at the altar of communism-lite – socialism. Their vision is largely centered on the European model, and any criticism of the creed is bitterly attacked as the work of evil imperialistic Republicans.

The elite inside the Democratic Party does not allow dissent on matters of orthodoxy. Is it any wonder why they completely fail to understand the nature of their own fall from power? Where is a new idea or vision to come from?

Take the much-vaunted Clinton example of “spin.” This concept advanced the art of public relations (putting the best face on something) and moved it across from simply being deceptive to being a modern version of the “Big Lie” (courtesy of that socialist regime run by one Adolf Hitler).

Here the truth was “spun” by a daily dose of “talking points” and outright lies which all served to aid the greater “truth” of socialism. Thus honesty became not a moral question but a test of commitment to socialist orthodoxy. That’s how spokesman after spokesman could lie and lie again without a trace of discomfort. This is done for the best of reasons (so the orthodoxy believes).

When truth is sacrificed for political expediency there is still a price to be paid. It comes in the form that one cannot then know what the truth really is. “Truth” becomes the orthodoxy’s gospel of talking points for the moment and anyone seeing it differently must be in the pocket of evil Republicans.

This contains the seeds of self-destruction because it creates an environment where “truth” is based on creed and orthodoxy and unlinked to any rational or objective standards. Thus the party heads in the direction of the moment and never allows any dissent as to the logic or reasoning of the elite in charge.

This is great for keeping a cult together but it is a disaster when you are attempting to persuade non-believers (i.e. voters) to your vision of reality. While this seems simple and easily understood, it is a concept that doesn’t exist inside the realm of the “faithful” on the left, who march through life with tunnel vision, unable to perceive reality outside of orthodox belief.

The Democratic Party has excluded non-leftists from its ranks and in doing so continues to lose power as it drives away both voters and classical “liberals.”

The typical presidential election follows a pattern; Democrats choose a leftist and then try to con the voter into believing he is really a “moderate.” The failure to elect him is portrayed as the fault of “stupid flyover people” who exist in the untamed red regions of frontier and backwards America.

Since the media wing of the Democratic Party (CBS, NBC, New York Times, PBS, etc) has lost credibility and market share, the left’s contempt for “flyover” people is no longer a secret. “Flyover” people now hear the left’s insults and for some strange reason are offended by it. Is it any wonder that candidates of the left in those regions are generally trounced at the polls?

Is it possible for Democrats to find a “new direction?” It seems logical that the only chance for the Democratic Party to change is to begin by abandoning the purity of leftist dogma and begin to tolerate opposing views and dissenting opinions.

Don’t bet on it. Generations have now been raised in the creed of socialism. The many and obvious flaws it contains does not daunt believers because they have “faith.” Like lemmings they will always head in one direction (left) even when it’s obvious that their course will bring disaster; to do otherwise is literally unthinkable.

Those outside of the faith of socialism have been turning to the Republican Party and the GOP has (although you’ll never hear this on PBS or CBS) become more inclusive. It stands on the verge of truly becoming the dominant party for the next 20 years in large part because Democrats continue to drive out people not committed to their “vision.”

Democrats have reached a crisis in which they must decide if they will continue as the party of socialism or begin to tolerate more moderate views of traditional liberalism, which included people with pro-military and “America First” beliefs.

Their search for direction is pre-ordained to fail because they will insist that the answers have to come from within their dogma of socialism. It will be a time of frenzy and despair in the days ahead as Democrats watch with sinking hearts the swearing in of 55 Republican Senators, more House Republicans and President George W. Bush.

In the months ahead their followers will further fall from power as they are purged from the CIA, the State Department and other administrative agencies. They will watch President Bush replace several Supreme Court justices as well.

Will the pain of failure and powerlessness be enough to make Democrats rethink their blind devotion to the cult of socialism?

Don’t bet on it.

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