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As Long as We Remember...

November 19, 2004

What’s A Soldier To Do?

Jason Grabill

In the upright, closed off hothouses of the angryleft (which I have created as a single word), there is an uproar coming. It seems that the U.S. Marine Corps was caught killing an enemy terrorist!

Yep, and they even got it on video no less. "Why this is just horrible," said Mr. Nat Nabob, leader of the left wing institute for Social Justice, Peace, Light, and Brotherhood.

"We certainly can't have this. No! No! No! Americans shown killing poor, innocent, wounded terrorists just sends the wrong message. The 'Arab street' will be in an uproar. If Senator (John) Kerry had been elected, none of this would ever have happened. Oh! Woe is me! I'm ashamed to be an American."

Now, I just made up the quote, if you haven't figured that out. But, I'll give you 10 to 1 odds that if you do a media search right now, you can put together darn near those exact same lines coming from a real, honest to gosh member of the angryleft.

Yep! Seems our 'star freckled, spangled fighting lads' (or whatever Time magazine is calling them this week) of the United States Marine Corps, aren't supposed to be killing the bad guys, at least, not on TV.

No! No! You see, that might get Amnesty International in a dither. And heavens to Betsy, what WILL the New York Times have to say? (I bet I can guess.)

Honestly, we are working ourselves into another round of liberal flagellation of the country because a Marine killed a terrorist. It's as simple as that. And I'm supposed to be all broken up about this?


This is coming from the exact same people who have no problem letting their kids play games like "Mortal Kombat 23," and others of that ilk. There is more killing on an average night on TV cop shows. (This past Tuesday night on NCIS we got to watch an autopsy. On Law and Order SVU we could have watched a multiple child murder case unfold.) We won't even get into 'pay TV' such as HBO, etc.

The same Hollyweirdos who pump this stuff into your living room are the same ones who are hand wringing now. The media is filled with images of death, both in real life (Seen the news lately? That big puddle of red gunk on the street isn’t paint), and 'make believe'. Now, all of a sudden they get hysterical when the real thing is shown.

No, it's not like this Marine killed a female aide worker, or, flew an airplane full of innocent people into a building, now is it?

But, dollars will get you donuts, the angryleft media will work themselves into a full blown snit-fit over this one. The Marine taking out this terrorist will be much more important news than, say, our victory in Fallujah. (In my opinion, the whole place should have been carpet bombed and bulldozed, then the earth salted so nothing would ever grow there again, but I'm kind of funny about terrorists.)

The allegations are that this 'wounded fighter' (I actually saw that line used by the Los Angeles Times) was mercilessly killed by the trigger-happy Marine who found him playing possum. Of course, the Marine said that in stronger terms, which the media bleeped out, lest they get fined by the FCC for letting such language onto the air. (Don't use logic on this one, it won't work, and you'll just get a headache.)

The bottom line is, this is war, folks. War isn’t pretty. Americans are taught to play by the rules to be sure. However, in the heat of battle, things happen. Despite the fact that the camera was there, none of us were.

Ever see any of the old war movies? The soldier comes up on a “dead” enemy, ignores “dead” enemy, “dead” enemy shoots soldier in the back. “Dead” terrorists (let’s call them what they are, LA Times) have no doubt done the same. This Marine has seen the same war movies we have, and is now living the real thing. This isn’t a movie! It's real life. Dead is dead.

I probably would have cut loose with a full magazine on the whole lot of them, just to make darn sure they were dead. Those who would criticize and anguish over this are typical of the Monday morning quarterbacks who – never having served in the military or been in a life and death situation (except for driving 270 at rush hour) – now wish to crucify this Marine.

I say give the kid a medal and send him back to work.

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