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November 16, 2004

Signs of The Times

Tim Wesolek

Now that the election cycle for 2004 is over and more than 50% of the popular vote was given to re-elect the President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, there is one small point of concern that I have about the actions of some during this period.

First a little background. One of the election traditions that we have at our home is that on Monday night, before any election, my daughters and I place campaign signs at two local polling places located in Frederick City. We have done this since we moved to Frederick over 10 years ago.

This year was no different, or so we thought. On Sunday we proceeded to the meeting place to make sure that we had enough President Bush, E. J. Pipken, and Roscoe Bartlett signs, plus literature to hand out Tuesday. Monday night we were out early to get our signs up so that they will have the best placement near the polls. Off to bed with a smile on our faces for a job well done, we thought!

Tuesday morning I was up and at my polling place at 6:50 A.M., right before it opens, and what did I see: all of the signs my daughters and I had installed had been taken down and were no where to be found!

After checking the entire polling place to make sure ALL were - in fact - gone (and they were) I made some quick calls to see if I could get more signs ASAP. In about 15 minutes additional signs arrived and I put them up around the polling place.

No blood! No foul!


All of the national (John Kerry, Terry McAullife and Nancy Pelosi), state (Michael Bush, Mike Miller and Sue Hecht) and our local Democrat party leaders (Tom Slater, and Soon-To-Be-Ex-Mayor Jennifer Dougherty) implore me to be tolerant of all kinds of speech, from Michael Moore and the Hollywood left, to the gay and lesbian community, to the ACLU, NOW, NAA(L)CP and many other left leaning groups and or musicians. But when I try and voice my opinion, I am always labeled as a racist, sexist, homophobe who is trying to impose my beliefs on someone else.

Well, on Election Day representatives of the local Frederick County/City Democratic Party went too far by taking down signs at polling places. When are the local Frederick County and City Democrat leaders - Tom Slater, and Soon-To-Be-Ex-Mayor Jennifer Dougherty - going to have the courage of their convictions, to espouse free speech for all, and to stand up publicly and say that they - Tom Slater, and Soon-To-Be-Ex-Mayor Jennifer Dougherty - denounce what some members of their party did that election eve night as being wrong; and that they - Tom Slater, and Soon-To-Be-Ex-Mayor Jennifer Dougherty - are going to strive very hard to have such actions NEVER happen again in Frederick City or County.

Or do they - Tom Slater, and Soon-To-Be-Ex-Mayor Jennifer Dougherty - agree that it is okay to remove (or deface) signs of the opposition party?

Because if they do, they should know that two can play that game.

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