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November 11, 2004

Election 2004: The Winners and the Losers

John P. Snyder

America surely dodged a bullet last week when it reelected George Bush to a second term. This year’s presidential campaign resembled a continuous bare knuckled barroom brawl, just the way it should be.

As always, arising from the battlefield are those who will benefit and those who will surely suffer from the outcome. Make no mistake, John Kerry, although he came up short, is no loser. For a chap who spent his high school years in a Swiss boarding school, he proved himself to be one tough hombre.

Although he seemed to have disappeared on occasion, John Edwards didn't do too badly, either. Democrats have a long tradition of trashing their candidates who lose elections. There should be none of that for these gentlemen. There was nothing more they could have done.

Winner! - The American People. Had Senator Kerry prevailed it would have signaled a retreat from the war on terrorism. Try as he might Mr. Kerry never looked convincing when he explained how tough he would have been pursuing terrorists. He talked a good game, but you had the sense that he would try to extradite terrorists to stand trial in the U.S., rather than hunt them down to wipe them out.

Loser! - The Mainstream Media. George Bush's win was even more extraordinary when you consider that he had two opponents – Senator Kerry and ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others trashing him at every turn. Collectively, they despised George Bush and threw away any pretense of objectivity to bring him down.

Winner! - Radio and TV stations in the battleground states. It is estimated that more than $760 million was spent at local electronic outlets in the 17 states deemed competitive. If you had a signal, than more than likely you had a tidy revenue stream right up to Election Day.

Loser! - Rotund anti-American, loyal Democrat, and filmmaker Michael Moore. Smart Democrats should rue the day they slobbered all over him at their convention in Boston. His movie, Fahrenheit 911, crossed the line into treason, and clearly ignited the passion of Republican loyalists in the red states. For a guy who hates America, he sure has found a way to become wealthy living here.

Winner! - Sen. Barbara Mikulski. She never had to break a sweat while dispatching State Senator E.J. Pipkin easily. Let’s hope the diminutive liberal returns to her six-year slumber. She surfaces only when the Democratic leadership needs to show solidarity with a photo-op. A gay rights group outed her last spring, claiming she was gay. Oy! Who cares? Loser! - It pains me to say this, but Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s job looks more daunting after reading the returns for John Kerry in Maryland, who won by a 13-point margin, even taking Baltimore County. If there is anyone who can pull it off, it’s Bob Ehrlich, though.

Winner! - Internet bloggers. They nabbed CBS News twice and destroyed biased exit poll results. My favorite, was a godsend. Who has time to watch network news? Always time to surf the net.

Loser! - Bruce Springsteen, The Dixie Chicks and Jon Mellencamp and all the entertainment industry knuckleheads who thought their political preferences might boost the Democrats. Just shut up and sing.

Winner! - Donna Crook, Katie Groth, and Barbara Craig, the newest members of the Board of Education of Frederick County. No one ever got around to asking Ms. Craig why her children attended Yellow Springs and Monocacy Middle, when her neighborhood schools would be the more diverse Parkway and West Frederick Middle School. If she pulled it off, shouldn't everyone be allowed to do so?

Loser! - The Frederick County Democratic Party. Despite a lot of talk about rallying around John Kerry, the President swept Frederick County by a 20-point margin. All those people moving in from Montgomery County and the Dems are still no better off than they were four years ago.

Winner! - Carroll County, who went 70-30 for Governor Ehrlich two years ago, followed it up by going 70-30 for President Bush. It is rumored that Carroll County Democrats have to register with the Sheriff’s Department so they can keep tabs on them.

While on the subject of losers, I have found the daily call in shows on National Public Radio to be hilarious. I heard one suicide contemplating liberal proclaim that he was positive that after four more years of George Bush, America will embrace Hillary Clinton with open arms. Now there is a loser for you.

God willing, my next winner/loser column should be in about a year from now. By then, the dust will have settled on the Frederick City mayoral and aldermanic contest. Plenty of winners and losers will emerge - for sure.

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