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As Long as We Remember...

November 10, 2004

Predictions for The Next Four Years – and Beyond

Edward Lulie III

With early exit polling favoring Sen. John Kerry, it wasn’t a difficult decision to forgo watching the media and getting a restful night’s sleep instead. Morning revealed a Bush win, a rather large one at that. So what does this all mean?

The Democrats have a truly daunting challenge! Do they stay with the far left or do they move towards the center and abandon their socialistic core beliefs?

With decreasing power in the House and Senate and the loss of the White House again, this election means that a generation of political partisans will not get government jobs or patronage. This means that more of them will abandon their plans for government and look at the private sector.

Losing the White House has a result that the myriad organizations that thrive on government contracts and grants will be less likely to be Democrat and more likely to be Republican. This means that the once pervasive network supporting the Democratic Party will be further pruned and diminished, weakening it for the next election.

The United Nations will be the subject of some very critical review by Republican-led House and Senate investigative committees. Expect a grand old time as they venture into the Oil for Food corruption scandal.

There is a strong sentiment inside the Republican Party to revisit our relationship with the United Nations with regard to redressing the concept that somehow the United States is under United Nations rule.

A Kerry election would have moved us towards the “one world,” socialist goals so beloved by our far left and many in the European Union. But Senator Kerry lost and the Bush Administration won’t soon forget the desperate attempts by United Nation agents to launch the explosives depot “October surprise” with CBS and the New York Times. Any Democrat that wants to stand up and defend the U.N. in these hearings better have a very safe district Global Warming will not be the theme of the day for the next four years at the Environmental Protection Agency. There will be no Kyoto Treaty or anything similar. Even had Senator Kerry won, the fact is that there is no way the Senate would ever ratify Kyoto.

Expect the “science” behind left-oriented-climatology theories to be more briskly challenged because many of the proponents of these theories spun them out of whole cloth for funding and political reasons. Now major institutions that want funding for research will find leftist scientists to be a major deterrent to that goal. As a result more science-oriented researchers lacking politically correct credentials may find employment.

The major media – CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and PBS, all lost market share and credibility in the last four months. Expect the bean counters at one or more of these organizations to purge the news departments and attempt to emulate the wildly successful and far less liberal Fox News. You may also expect shrieks and howls of outrage from the left when it happens.

The Supreme Court will see several new justices and the chances of them being more conservative than moderate was increased with the GOP moving to a 55-seat Senate majority.

Yet the far right of the Republican Party will probably be disappointed because it is unlikely that President Bush will nominate anyone so controversial that the Senate would not easily approve them.

Also the Democrats only have one weapon left, the filibuster. They might be wise to use the threat carefully because once the Republicans realize that they can make “deals” to win over the necessary handful of Democrats, it will only take one success at invoking cloture to destroy the illusion that Democrats can still stonewall.

The United States military will see an expansion in its number of forces and it will be significantly strengthened. Look to the United States Navy being increased in size as smaller more effective ships are added to the strength of our fleet.

The few Clinton appointees, who bored inside to infuse political correctness and mold the military into a new branch of social services, will likely find themselves counting paper clips in Alaska. It will be a good four years for the military with added prestige and importance.

This, of course, is precisely what the left is in dismay about: that the United States will remain an independent super power unwilling to bend to the will of the enlightened socialist worldview. What really concerns them is that there are many nations, more than a few that were under Soviet domination, that are molding themselves after the United States model. Madeline Albright will spend the next four years with like-minded European Socialists crying over their cocktails in joint dismay and revulsion at the sight of unbridled American power.

The election also produced a new awareness of voter fraud and has set the stage for what was once considered impossible, a national identity card. Although the expected dead heat election failed to materialize, it has left Republicans well aware of many schemes bent on stuffing the ballot box with illegal votes.

It is likely that legislation will be shortly forthcoming that provides standards for all federal elections, thus making voter fraud harder to accomplish. Expect something like a “voluntary” plan creating a national registry and making it so that voters will be given a driver’s license style photo ID, but only after proof of citizenship is provided.

Expect that law enforcement will be forbidden access to the database but that the legendary fraud Democrats have gotten away with in some inner city regions will be eliminated in the future; no more 100% precinct turnouts.

The Republican Party will, in the next four years, openly court black professionals and others to spearhead a campaign to win over black voters. While there is not much talk about this happening, it is already ongoing. The Republicans are determined to weaken the Democrat’s iron grip on the minority vote while broadening their own base and returning the mantle of Abraham Lincoln to themselves.

President Bush enters his last term of office with a mandate, and a host of problems. While the economy has improved, the war in Iraq and terrorism are still ongoing. He faces an easier time passing legislation, but still has some serious issues to deal with – such as tort reform and social security.

Republicans have pretty much seized the reins of government and can actively work to support the President. Unlike the Newt Gingrich revolution of 1994, this time the Republicans aren’t in a hurry, desperate to act for fear the chance will pass.

This time they have grown wiser and will move to change in ways that are less alarming and radical. This time they also have less of a foe in the weakened mainstream media who will not be able to dominate the news as they did when they pilloried Mr. Gingrich and eventually brought him down.

Democrats are now adrift in an unfamiliar and strange new world. Do they purge the remaining moderates and seek the purity of international socialism, or do they abandon purity for pragmatism?

So far they have found fault everywhere but in themselves. Still I doubt the progressives can change. It is more likely that some liberal congressmen spend the next two years turning red and whistling like a boiling teakettle as they explodes in socialistic indignation while Republicans move to enact legislation.

Posturing for the faithful in New York and San Francisco will be the style of most Democrats and they won’t be likely to listen to the words of reason from the moderates who urge them to come into the fold. Either the moderates will wrest control of the Democratic Party from the left, or there will be more defections to the Republicans who will gain in power and have a chance to rule the country.

It remains to be seen how wise that rule will be.

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