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October 28, 2004

Some Kerry Supporters Reflect Their Candidate

Bethany Stevenson

One should never make generalizations about a group of people. Having said that, it is ironic that a group of people should act in such characteristic manner that it defines their true inner nature.

My family was doing some campaigning on a busy street corner recently. We waved signs; we passed out informational fliers; we gave out bumper stickers. Wearing our t-shirts and hats to promote our cause, we tried to encourage support for President Bush and his re-election.

Those who supported President Bush and those who were undecided were quite polite in their communications with us. They honked their horns. They rolled down the windows to ask for fliers. They gave a smile or a thumbs up.

One young man, who had served in both Afghanistan and Iraq over the past four years, expressed his support of President Bush and asked for many fliers and bumper stickers to give to his fellow military comrades. "Four more years!" he chanted.

I would love to be able to say that supporters of Democratic nominee Senator John Kerry were both kind and polite, but that would be a lie.

Knowing I had children holding signs, they still gave "the bird" to them and to my husband and to me. They shouted the "f-word," they cussed us for supporting a "loser." They yelled and screamed at us while shaking their fists. At one point I was actually in fear for the safety of my children as the threats became obnoxious and Kerry supporters even tried to lure them to their cars.

There was one woman who asked for pamphlets and stickers with a sweet smiling face, and coyly asked me to read the sticker on the back of her car. The sticker was a Kerry one. Her intent, I believe was to take fliers and stickers so that real Bush supporters would not have them, a deceitful, lying, and "wolf in sheep's clothing" tactic.

As I have watched Bush supporters as they pass Kerry sign wavers, they only ignore them or give the thumbs down sign.

Do the actions of the supporters mimic the nature of the candidate? I believe so.

Senator Kerry is definitely a "wolf in sheep's clothing" with only deceit and lies on his side. He is "in your face" and not one who respects people. And these Frederick residents who support Senator Kerry that we encountered just go reflect this attitude of their candidate.

As the last days of this election come near, we have seen the campaign mudslinging and underhanded tactics increase from Senator Kerry. He is the type of person who will do anything, even lie, cheat or steal, to get the kind of power the presidency offers. Based on the "I-statements" he uses frequently, it is easy to see that it is all about him, not "we" - meaning Americans, as President Bush infers.

I would hope that those who are still undecided will look at the actions of Kerry's supporters and see Senator Kerry for what he really is. Make the right decision, vote for the man who is truthful, honest, and not seeking office only for his own glory.

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