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October 26, 2004

Dreading November 3rd

John P. Snyder

I will not proffer an etched-in-stone predication for next Tuesdays election. However, news that the presidential race in Hawaii, a reliable safe haven for Democrats if there ever was one, is now rated a toss up.

This convinces me that President Bush will win. It's the 10,000 lawyers the Democratic Party has lined up ready to parachute into close races that has me worried.

Imagine this scenario. After a long night, President Bush clearly captures the necessary 270 electoral votes to retain his job. Rather than conceding, John Kerry announces that he is the winner and will announce his interim cabinet.

Citing the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution, he announces lawsuits in several key states charging voting fraud, voter intimidation and a conspiracy to disenfranchise minority voters. Pending the outcome, he is president-elect and expects to be sworn-in in January.

Legal teams arrive in Columbus, Tallahassee, Harrisburg and Lansing, and other state capitals, to begin the work of throwing out the election in the courts. Massive voter fraud is charged. Punch ballots will be blamed for the large number of spoiled ballots in each state. Because people vote by different methods in each state, those who vote via punch card, it will be charged, have been discriminated against, causing a violation of the equal protection clause.

They will take cases before friendly judges, filing enough lawsuits to clog up the judiciary for the next year.

Recounts will be demanded. The works will be gummed upped enough to cast doubt of Presidents Bush's win.

Don't think it can happen? Think again. The Democrats so hate George W. Bush that tearing the country apart will be deemed necessary. They are still fighting the last battle - the 2000 election.

They believe Al Gore erred in not claiming victory on election night. They really believe the election was stolen from them. Hence, they are fully prepared to create a victory for themselves even if the returns do not go their way. There is a nightmare out there waiting to happen.

Luckily for the Bush campaign, this prospect helps them. No one, save for Democratic madmen, wants to see the country pitted in a prolonged constitutional battle. That prospect will no doubt spur others to go with the incumbent and spare the nation of such divisiveness.

John Kerry faces high hurdles in the Electoral College. Republicans believe the Kerry-friendly media has mischaracterized this election as too close to call. They are confident of a solid win.

So am I. Anything less than a blowout, though, and - like termites in an old wooden house - 10,000 trial lawyers will be trying to upend our system. I pray it does not come to that.

If it does, may they do so at their own peril.

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