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As Long as We Remember...

October 15, 2004

Yee Ha!

Edward Lulie III

You may have spotted the bumper sticker that says "Yee Ha." It is not a foreign policy. It is supposed to be a pro-Kerry slogan but it really makes a point that - I think - favors President Bush.

In essence, the Bush doctrine is actually a revised formulation of Teddy Roosevelt's walk softly and carry a big stick. The core of that concept is a deep belief that the United States is the best country in the world, the freest, most moral and a nation that has always reached out to help others.

Many leftists who support Senator John Kerry find this belief to be absolutely appalling. They see the U.S. as evil, bloated and greedy. To them the Cowboy is emblematic of what is wrong with the United States.

So, is a "Yee Ha" foreign policy good or bad?

If you look at past actions and not words, it is clear that Senator Kerry is not what he claims to be. For the left, words are cheap; results are the only thing that matters. To reach their utopian goal of one world socialism means that lying and deception are not only good but necessary. Words are just a means to an end, and understanding that allows one to view Kerry's continual flip flopping as nothing more than efforts to take advantage of what ever prevailing political winds are present at the time.

So he can be a pacifist and a saber-rattling warmonger at the same time. His supporters don't care a whit. They know full well where his heart is.

The rest of us have some problems with people that say things they don't mean and to whom political spin and posturing is all-important.

That is why when President George Bush (41) said, "Read my lips, no new taxes" and later went back on his word, he lost support with his Republican base. They didn't care that he was acting out of expediency. He had broken a pledge they considered important. They stayed home and helped seal his fate and elect Bill Clinton.

Senator Kerry's campaign staff, largely Kennedy and Clinton staffers, considers that such campaign promises are just so much vapor and steam, only meaningful for their value as a force to sway voters. To them what matters is winning and to reach that end whatever lies or "spin" are necessary is justified.

Need examples? How about the claim that the Clinton Administration would be the "most moral" in history?

Or Al Gore's claim to have downsized the government when in fact he and Bill Clinton presided (with the complicity of many Republicans) over the gutting of our military.

Wonder why there aren't enough troops to go around in Iraq? Just look back to the reductions in troops from the 90's when politicians were seeking a "peace dividend."

The left, still fuming over the lost great experiment that Ronald Reagan called "the evil empire," is inspired this election to oust Mr. Bush, that "Cowboy," and replace him with a fellow traveler who will always look first to the French and other European socialists for "mother may I?" guidance before daring to make a policy decision.

For them the United Nations is the greatest chance to bring the U.S. under control, to allow one world socialism. That was the guiding vision of the Kyoto Treaty. It is the heart of John Kerry's vision of America.

President Bush, like Ronald Reagan, doesn't care what the European socialists want, in fact, if they want it, that's reason enough for the U.S. to be suspicious.

For the left this election is crucial to their future. If they cannot regain power by retaking the White House or Congress, then many of the young actively looking to a political future will write off the Democrats and go either to the Republican Party or to the extremist left of Ralph Nader.

For the left this is a vital election and they are very worried, almost panicked? Why?

This is the first election where the major broadcast media has been exposed as what it has always been, a not-so-covert wing of the Democratic Party. Fox News and the Internet has blossomed and thrived and there is now an opposing point of view. It is an increasingly popular one and one which worries the left a great deal. Democrats no longer have total control of the news.

The day is past when the leftist elite that run broadcast news can just ignore stories that are unflattering or get away with outright lies that go unchallenged. They cannot stand the idea of a level playing field in the arena of free speech and broadcast journalism.

In an unbiased arena they tend to lose, thus their furor over the latest Bush "smear," calling Senator Kerry a "liberal." Trust CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS to insist on using the code word "progressive".

Yes, it really means "liberal," but they are hoping most voters won't know that. So when President Bush tells the truth, that Senator Kerry is the most liberal senator in Congress, it is, in their eyes, a viscous lie and a despicable smear.

Why? Simply because they know it is true and that voters have been rejecting northeastern "liberal" presidential candidates for decades.

They fear, probably accurately, that Kerry the "liberal" will lose. So they are more inspired, more energized, more partisan and more desperate than ever before.

In this new political landscape they have assembled legions of lawyers and registered every warm body they can find. For the left this is for all the marbles and even if they call Kerry "Herman Munster" or "Lurch" behind his back, he will still get their vote.

If the election stays close that is. At the first sign that President Bush really has a significant lead, there is a real possibility that many who would have voted for Senator Kerry will just stay home.

There is no doubt that there are major differences between Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry. "Yee Ha," for example, conjures an image for the left of an out-of-control cowboy, but to those on the right it evokes the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, charging the enemy.

It is an apt symbol of how divergent political thought has become in the United States today. This election is not about the silent majority, but rather about which direction the United States will take in years to come. Will we aggressively advance American culture and dominance or will we bow our heads to the European socialists and apologize for being the only world superpower?

A simple but loud "Yee Ha" at the election booth next month will send a clear message as to which direction that will be.

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