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October 7, 2004

Grasping At the Proverbial Straw

Derek Shackelford

As the upcoming presidential election heads quickly into this nation's future, one thing appears certain: this country is divided. The debate last week articulated the divergent views of President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry.

Both nominees disagree on what U. S. foreign policy should be. The major disparity focused on the current war in Iraq. The one issue I cannot understand is why Republicans don't criticize the President for this current policy.

I will admit that Senator Kerry has flip-flopped on the issue. I believe that he gave the go ahead for the war and now that the war has sunk into a quagmire, his opinion has changed. This can be noted in some of his earlier statements. Senator Kerry did give the authorization for the President to use force and, maybe in hindsight, he should have voted with his head and not with his colleagues in the Senate.

This nation agreed - for the most part - that Iraq was a threat to America and now was the time to eliminate that threat. We mostly came to this conclusion based upon the evidence provided - or should I say lack of evidence.

In terms of changing stories or flip slopping, President Bush initially stated that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, as of today no weapons of mass destruction have been found. President Bush also stated that Iraq had network ties with al Qaeda. The 911 Commission Report revealed that there was no direct involvement of Iraq in that terrorist attack, but did link the two in other areas.

President Bush stated that Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. He has been one for year even when current Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was shaking hands with him in the late 1980s.

President Bush stated that the people of Iraq want to be liberated and so do the people of the Sudan who have been involved in a civil war for how long?

This President has pretty much grasped at straws when it comes to justification of the current policy in Iraq.

There has been much dialogue about who won the debate last week. Staunch Republicans will say that President Bush held firm and showed resolve. Ardent Democrats will say that Senator Kerry made inroads and unveiled the true demeanor needed to be President.

At least this should put to bed the issue of the false documents used by CBS anchor Dan Rather. Mr. Rather had to apologize for using false documents. President Bush uses false documents for information and calls them intelligence and then rushes to war.

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