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As Long as We Remember...

September 8, 2004

Deep Anger and Disgust

Norman M. Covert

I salute the Frederick County Vietnam Veterans memorial each time I drive by Memorial Grounds Park at West Second and Bentz Streets. My salute and the haunting obelisk represent the bond that we veterans have and the honor in which we hold our comrades, who served, died, are missing in action, or are being held as prisoners of war.

We expended Herculean effort erecting the Memorial and dedicating it on April 30, 1995, the 20th anniversary of the end of the war. We blithely thought this would bring closure to the deeply felt wounds inflicted on us by America and Americans from 1965 to the present.

Our relief was short lived.

Don’t get me wrong, lots of Americans did honor our service during the Vietnam War. However, hundreds of thousands of us still harbor a deep resentment about the so-called “Peace Lobby” that featured as its spokespersons Jane Fonda and John Kerry. Some of the old hippies still live in Frederick.

(Editor’s Note: Mr. Covert has just ordered a T-shirt that reads, “I’m not Fonda Kerry.”)

The Vietnam-era veterans’ anger is real and deep-seated. We have not and will not forget how we were treated on the streets of America. I’ve discussed this in previous Tentacle columns.

I must add that there are still thousands of Vietnam veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of their truly heroic service. They also saw the many personal sacrifices of America’s young men thrown by the wayside as other Americans rallied in the streets, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

We remember that President Jimmy Carter slapped us in the face by pardoning the thousands of draft dodgers who went to Canada. I have a copy of my draft card that reads “1-A.” I surrendered it August 10, 1967, at the Armed Forces Entrance and Examining Station (AFEES) in Richmond, VA.

Adding insult to our injury, President Bill Clinton, Sen. John Kerry (D., MA), John McCain (R., AZ) and lots of other senators and congressmen rewarded the Hanoi government of communist Vietnam with most-favored trade status a few years ago.

In case you couldn’t guess, I have strong feelings of support for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, their ads, and the Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry. I am concurrently repulsed by the relentless personal attacks, lies and distortions emanating from the hired gums of John Kerry, his friends the anarchists, leftists and other Democrats.

This discussion has rekindled “The War” in our souls. John Kerry brought the roof down on himself. The Swift Boat ads, despite their tremendous impact in stubbing Mr. Kerry’s toes, were not the catalyst. I am tickled pink by the ads and want more and more of them.

John Kerry called himself a hero and a patriot. We don’t question that he served honorably in Vietnam, but he just jacked up his record a bit and coaxed a couple of Purple Hearts for wounds that one gets cutting the grass. At least two of his Purple Hearts dishonor several Frederick County veterans who spent months and even more than a year in the hospital recovering from their wounds, for which they received ONE Purple Heart.

Mr. Kerry has proved himself a charlatan and a liar. He also has added the National Guard to his list of enemies by deriding President George W. Bush’s record and honorable service. He also deludes himself thinking that we veterans are ignorant, that we don’t remember:

  1. He wore an old fatigue shirt and stood with Jane Fonda on several podiums to denounce his former “Brothers,” fanning the flames of dissent that probably killed many thousands of our comrades in arms.

  2. He performed for the media by supposedly throwing away his medals at the Capitol, medals which ironically are still framed and on display with trumped up citations in his Senate office;

  3. He testified in a high profile hearing before Congress claiming atrocities he supposedly witnessed or took part in and detailing others, which were reported to him through the “Winter Soldier” project.

John Kerry’s testimony has since been proved to be lies and a parroting of the Soviet Union’s wildly successful disinformation program in America. His work with the so-called “Winter Soldier” project was a complete sham, put on in Detroit for the gullible mainstream media, which sucked it up — and still does! Our own Frederick News-Post, to its shame, has tried its best to ignore the Swift Boat controversy, having run just one story about the book, “Unfit for Command,” just one!

Now we learn that Senator Kerry has somehow managed to gradually get his medal citations rewritten, unbeknownst to the former Secretary of the Navy, whose signature appears on Kerry’s third iteration of his Silver Star Citation.

Quoth former Secretary John Lehman, ‘I don’t know where he (Kerry) got it … I certainly didn’t sign it.” Interestingly Lehman was the secretary under President Ronald Reagan, not in 1969, when Kerry was in Vietnam.

Mr. Kerry has discussed since 1971 how he was “secretly” in Cambodia on Christmas Eve and it is “seared into” his memory. Well, the Democrats have admitted that’s a lie, too. He confused himself with the Francis Ford Coppola movie, “Apocalypse Now,” a fictionalized updating of the novel “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. Mr. Kerry wasn’t even subtle about his purloining of the basic plot.

Lt. Kerry was many miles away as noted in his own diary. It is obvious that he was setting a stage for his current presidential campaign. When I see John Kerry, my anger wells up from deep within me and I feel a great frustration that so many Americans are following him like a pied piper.

Many Americans held blind allegiance for eight years to Bill Clinton, an unrepentant philanderer, admitted liar and draft dodger, who continues to make millions. When I see his book at the mall, I am amazed at the gullibility of so many persons. Mr. Clinton still portrays a man lacking any moral fiber and a large number of Americans are giving Mr. Kerry the same pass on his immorality.

If any Vietnam-era veteran can overlook the sins of John Kerry, including his lack of fidelity with us, his bold-faced lies and lack of remorse, then that veteran has certainly forgotten what it means to hold “true faith and allegiance.”

One of our sayings during that war was, “It don’t mean nuthin’.” Well this time it means “sumthin’.”

I trust that every man and woman who served during the Vietnam War has the memory of John Kerry, the articulate traitor, seared into their memory on November 2, 2004.

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