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As Long as We Remember...

August 27, 2004

What Did Your Expect, Mr. Kerry?

John P. Snyder

Those of us who have raised children certainly recognized the juvenile reaction to the current offensive mounted by the 265 members of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth regarding the military career of Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic Party nominee for President.

"It's sooo unfairrr, the Kerry camp whined."Make them stop," they cried. "They are all a bunch of liars," they wailed.

The Democrats, and their business partners in the mainstream press, have shown they can dish it out but they can't take it. Not surprising.

What a terrific waste of time. Arguing about who did what 35 years ago in the Mekong delta is an endless endeavor.

But John Kerry chose his Vietnam era service to be the centerpiece of his candidacy. He sought to define himself as a strong leader by virtue of his service as a Swift Boat commander for four months in 1969.

I guess that when you have six mansions to chose from, and have access to a couple billion dollars it is easy to feel safe in a liberal bubble, an area that inoculates you from the rest of the world. He, no doubt, felt secure that a rock solid ring of defense would be provided by the mainstream media. That defense would allow him to say or do anything he wanted without any form of retribution or accountability.

Unaccounted for in the Kerry camp, apparently, was the seething rage of fellow veterans who served longer and harder but received no medals, and after their service, went quietly about the rest of their lives.

In typical Kerry fashion, he wanted to have it both ways: a war hero, but an anti-war hero as well; strong on defense, but eager to wage a softer war on terrorism; and a supporter of the war in Iraq, but opposed to it.

Questions about his service and his anti-war past have dogged him for 30 years. Did he not make himself a ripe target for those who remember all to well his assertion that Americans in Vietnam were war criminals?

In the face of compelling evidence that refutes his assertions, how did he react? Head on with documentation?

No. He threw a fit, all but cried in public, and allowed Jon Stewart from Comedy Central to lob marshmallow questions his way.

All he has to do is sign Form 108 and release all of his records, which he has refused to do, and the record will be clear.

Meanwhile his minions are collecting dirt on the 265 or more members of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to feed the liberal media spin machine and combat the charges. He, of course, had no qualms about demanding President Bush call a halt to the ads, which, of course, the President cannot do.

I have recently read "Not Fit for Command," by John O'Neil. It is laboriously footnoted and carefully construed.

What a story "if only half of it is true," to paraphrase a knucklehead who was talking about Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911."

Same goes for this book. It's a mantra we Republicans have been repeating. Liberals like John Kerry cannot be trusted to defend our country. They can, however, be counted on to blame America first.

Despite the media backlash, the message has been received by the people for whom this information was intended.

John Kerry has taken a major blow to the notion he is trustworthy.

Hopefully, this national conversation regarding Vietnam will subside. Then we can get to the main issues of this campaign.

Like, what did Senator Kerry accomplish in the 20 years he was in the Senate? He barely mentions it.

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