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February 12, 2020

Grievance Porn Over Happiness

Hayden Duke

“And as for those who are happy, they will be in Paradise, abiding there so long as the heavens and the earth endure, unless your Lord wills, as uninterrupted giving.” This is a quote from the Quran about happiness, (Quran 11:108).

Do you like to be happy? I do, nearly all of the time. I find that on some cold and gray days that a cantankerous attitude goes well with a cold breeze and a cardigan. But, I like to be happy, I’m sure you do as well.

Last week, while watching the State of the Union I thought I was watching footage of a wake, or at least a contest to see who could eat a sour Warhead candy the longest without making a disgusted face. It turned out I was watching members of Congress look utterly miserable even when they should have been on their feet and cheering – for a young girl who received an opportunity grant or the mention of our men and women in uniform killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. No, they sat, sullen and miserable. This was before the grand dame herself, Speaker Pelosi, petulantly ripped up a copy of the speech.

I don’t understand misery and pessimism but our country seems awash in it, even right here in Frederick County. This melancholy outlook coupled with an unearned sense of moral superiority makes Saturday Night Live’s Debbie Downer seem as if she were drowning in joie de vivre.

Few people can make a joke anymore without looking around and knowing that somewhere, someone might be offended. Yet, some of the same people who will scramble for their safe spaces upon hearing a differing opinion are the first to call others Nazi’s as the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee implied. Or, maybe Councilmember Kai Hagen whose obsession with President Trump would impress Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct who will hurl all sorts of epithets at the supporters of the President.

To be sure there is misery on all sides of the aisle brought about by a broken system but it seems more ingrained in some, not all or even most, but some members of the far left. America is a country to be despised, the ideals that have made us great are to be relived. I don’t understand this.

Do we need reform in so many areas of our country? Yes, absolutely, even one who is stone blind could see that. We have made those who disagree with us our enemies. The above mentioned Councilmember Hagen will recoil in horror and do the oft repeated clutching of pearls while denouncing President Trump’s declaration that the media is the “enemy of the People”.  Then go about attacking all those people who voted for Trump – who he seems to infer are either kindred spirits with the far right or too stupid to do otherwise.

We need reform, but we also need to laugh. Laughter is good and joyous and righteous. We need to replace grievance porn with the sound of happiness and laughter.

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