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January 19, 2020

NFC/AFC Championship Game Predictions

Guest Columnist

Chaz Packan

Televised on CBS at 3:05 PM: AFC Championship Game Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Last Meeting: Week 10 in Kansas City: Titans Defeated Chiefs 35-32 beginning their late season surge to the NFL Playoffs

Prediction: Titans-27 Chiefs-24

Reason: These are the two hottest teams in the NFL Playoffs. Kansas City overcame a 24-0 Deficit to Defeat the Houston Texans by a score of 51-31.  The Titans have defeated the NFL juggernaut of the past decade, the New England Patriots in New England by a score of 20-13, following it up with a victory over the Baltimore Ravens.  They dominated the best team of the NFL with a score of 28-12.  These two victories, coupled with their win over their opponent the Kansas City Chiefs towards the end of the season, will make this a memorable AFC Title Game on Sunday.  I predict the Titans winning by 3 points in Kansas City just like week 10’s match-up.


Televised on FOX at 6:40 PM: NFC Championship Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers

Last Meeting: Week 11 on 11/24/2019 49ers win in a blowout 37-8

Prediction: Packers-27 49ers- 20

Reason: The 49ers had a convincing win over the Minnesota Vikings. However they were unimpressive and at times sloppy.  On the other hand the Packers competed in a close game with the 49ers NFC West Rival, the Seattle Seahawks defeating them 28-23. As a result of the two performances last weekend, I favor the Packers slightly because since losing to San Francisco on November 24th the Packers have greatly improved their position in the NFC.  They finished strong at 13-3 while San Francisco had a majority of heart-pounding games that came down to the wire.  It was a question of where they would be positioned as of week 17 when they barely escaped the Seahawks, thanks to a goal-line stand in the season finale to clinch the NFC West and the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs. These results coupled with the 49ers late season struggles despite their status as a #1 seed I am going with the Green Bay Packers for the win.

Editor’s Note:  Super Bowl picks will be published on Super Bowl Sunday.

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