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January 14, 2020

Supporting Iran's Revolutionary Horizon

Jason Miller


Last week in typical fashion, an APB was put out on America by the Islamic Republic of Iran. We know how Iran thinks that any physical hardship in the Middle East is Israel’s fault. Any hardship in Iran is because of the United States.

I am very disturbed that many of my countrymen seemed to have forgotten about the many deaths that are attributed to Iran's sponsorship of terrorism across the globe. Iran doesn't even hide it. They declare it for the world to see. Yet many acted like President Trump was a war criminal for defending the American Embassy in Iraq.

Many of the talking heads on cable need to be reminded the current President of the United States was an adult when the Iranians seized the United States Embassy in Tehran. Some people living among us today were hostages taken from that U.S. Embassy in Tehran. They endured a hardship few will ever understand fully. The General that was killed by the U.S. drone was of the same ilk as the hostage takers.

President Trump faced an Iranian backed Iraqi militia attacking the United States Embassy in Baghdad. President Trump more than likely remembers the feeling that many Americans felt as days and weeks that turned into months dragged on and on in the "Iranian Hostage Crisis". President Trump relieved the embassy and its defenders. The President also increased troop levels at the embassy.

In response to American increases in embassy troop levels the actual leader of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) which is the largest arm of Iran's international terrorism efforts, made his way directly to Iraq. In coincidental fashion, press reports indicated that the IRGC commander was arriving to meet with the very leaders of the Iraqi militia who attacked our Embassy.

The main problem with international de-escalation of military pressure in response to attacks on military targets is that the pressure produced by the attacks is based on the likelihood of dialogue and exchange. Iran and the United States do not share diplomatic ties. Many very smart people in the international diplomatic corps fear a loss in the translation of a proportional response. There was no message lost by the United States’ response to the killing of U.S. personnel in Iraq.

De-escalation of the U.S. and Iranian brinksmanship may have been an accidental attack on a civilian aircraft from the Ukraine. The United States released a statement which declared a high probability that Iran accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet following Iran's attack on U.S. military bases in Iraq. This attack suggestion was quickly denied by the Iranians as a ploy of the Americans to smear Iran on the world stage.

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau; sent a formal request to Tehran for the purpose of fact finding. Several passengers on the Ukrainian jet that had crashed in Iran were dual Canadian citizens. The Canadians continued with their efforts to pursue official inquiries in keeping with Canadian protocol. As the Canadians continued to pressure Iran for information, the Iranians doubled down on their denial of any involvement in the aircraft's demise.

That was until over the weekend. The Iranian Government finally admitted to bringing the jet down. Iranian Air Defenses mistook the passenger jet for an American missile. The air defense commander had about 10 seconds to make a call. Iran had not cleared its airspace in the hours after Iran’s attack on U.S. bases in Iraq. The commander fired his defenses and shot down a passenger jet.

Iranian's are now gathering in the streets. They are demanding a complete and total change in leadership. This rising has nothing to do with the United States. We did nothing. Iranians are upset with its own leaders because 130 passengers on the Ukrainian jet brought down were Iranian citizens. The Iranian government is on the verge of collapse because Iranian leaders have now openly admitted to covering up its own killing of 130 Iranian citizens.

The protests are now growing as three days of morning for the Iranian passengers culminated in riots. The special police are now firing tear gas and becoming particularly heavy handed with the protestors. Ambulances carried riot police into the middle of protests where the beat some protesters senseless while arresting even more. This is not having the effect desired by Iran's leadership.

The Iranian Shah was deposed in a similar way. The Shah would enable his secret police to attack or even kill protesters. That escalated ushering in 3 days of mourning. Larger riots would erupt after the murdered protesters mourning time had finished. The protests against the shah would grow larger and larger as the Shah tried harder and harder to contain the protests. As the Shah's secret police killed or injured more citizens in riots, the riots spread and even escalated to all the parts of Iran. The Shah ended up fleeing for his life.

America's talking heads on cable should remember that Iran is a proud country. The Iranian people have a Persian history that encompasses more than 1,000 years. They are a people that have felt exploited and betrayed by both neighbors and allies. We as Americans should encourage the Iranian people to hold their government accountable.

As Americans we should remember that we hate Iranian politics and its current leadership. We should take heart to not hate the Iranian people. It looks like a few are beginning to see the Great Satan isn’t as evil as it seems. They see that the U.S. told the truth about the jet being shot down by Iran. Reconciliation starts by talking. Iranians might be listening now. We should be very careful on how we start to engage with Iran and how we embrace a people who are yearning for a better future.



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