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January 13, 2020

The Cost of Defending Climate Change

Jennifer Baker

This week service men and women in Iraq hid in bunkers, hoping the calculations were correct and on trajectory as Iranian bombs rained down. Isn’t it ironic what happened locally here in Frederick, that half a world away almost the same time the bombs rained down?

While American blood was on the line, the most pressing issues from this week’s county council was the news that Councilman Chaos and Jessica Fitzwater are close to completing a Climate Crisis Resolution for not the state or federal government, but just the county.

Not to worry Frederick County residents, after those pesky river board people would not roll over on property rights, this board will be comprised of local scientific and environmental community members, along with county officials. So, will this include Councilman Chaos’ hand-picked friends and county officials?

Remember folks, thanks to Livable Frederick resistance is futile and county government will impose their will whether you agree and can afford their latest requirements or not.  The good news is you have a year to prepare yourselves for the onslaught.

The county plans to cut greenhouse emissions 50% by 2020 and 100% by 2050 and as if that was not enough the resolution then wants to safely drawdown carbon from the atmosphere.

How those recommendations come out is anyone’s guess.

Could senior citizens be forced to change their oil furnaces to solar powered electric?  Will this outprice many current long time Frederick Residents in the county?

Is this really the central item, that all of the county should work on as an emergency?

Most Frederick residents feel there are many other items the county should focus on.  Roads to handle the fast pace of development that seems to have no break in sight, comes to mind.

Has the opioid overdose epidemic suddenly gone away?

Everyone in Frederick can afford the already high cost of living here?

Isn’t it ironic while actual lives are on the line half a world away the elected officials that should be representing us, were busy plotting to take away our freedoms those service men and women were in harm’s way defending.

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