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January 13, 2020

Parental Rights Under Attack In Annapolis

Cindy A. Rose

What is going on in Annapolis?  We aren’t a week into session yet and no less than three bills have been dropped to allow minor children to get vaccines without parental consent.

Baltimore County Delegate Robin Grammer (R) Introduced House Bill 66 - Public Health - Immunizations - Minor Consent.  The bill sought to give children 14 and  older the authority to consent to immunizations without parental consent.

The same morning Montgomery County Senator Brian Feldman (D) Introduced Senate Bill 135 Public Health - Immunizations - Minor Consent (Access to Vaccines Act). This bill is similar to HB66 except it increases the age to 16.

Montgomery County Delegate Marc Korman (D) has cross-filed House Bill 87 Public Health - Immunizations - Minor Consent (Access to Vaccines Act) in conjunction with SB135.

After parents and the public were made aware of these bills they began an e-mail and call in campaign to both Delegates and the Senator. 

Republican Delegate Grammer withdrew his bill stating:  After putting the bill forward, I had an opportunity to speak about the bill with concerned advocates who were well educated on the topic of vaccines and parental rights. After that discussion, it became clear to me that it was best to maintain parental control and oversight over the vaccinations of their children. As such, I have withdrawn the bill.”

Parents and the public called and e-mailed him to thank him for respecting parental authority.

As of this writing Delegate Korman and Senator Feldman are moving forward with stripping parents of their rights, endangering the lives of children and putting medical professionals in the awkward position of being sued should an adverse reaction occur during one of these procedures.

A question I haven’t seen brought up or addressed is where are these minors going to access these vaccines?  Are they going to drive themselves to their pediatrician and request one? 

My educated guess is they will happen at your local public school.  This isn’t the first time public schools would participate in stripping parents of their rights, duties and obligations to do what it in the best interests of their child.  They tested children without parental consent, let children walk out of class without parental consent, let children have alternate identities at school without parental consent, but, BUT you still need a parents consent to watch The God Father in class.  At least we still control that.

You may not recall, but two years ago our legislators tried to mandate the HPV (Gardasil) vaccine as a precondition to being admitted into public schools.  Parents and the public mobilized and those bills were withdrawn.

It’s this writer’s belief the current onslaught of “Access to Vaccine” legislation is an end run around the mandated HPV vaccine failure.  They want it administered but they don’t want to utter the word Gardasil or HPV. 

In my follow up column, I will explain “why” the push for “vaccines”, specifically the HPV vaccine.

In the meantime keep abreast of developments via the Facebook group Informed Choice Maryland.  They aren’t “anti-vax”, they are “it’s your choice” vax.


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