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January 10, 2020

Reject Identity Politics

Guest Columnist

Seth Eisenberg

The Frederick Democrat Party has said on Facebook you’re a Nazi if you don’t vote for them. This is coming from the party where a vast majority feel that killing unborn babies is acceptable, just saying. My father and his family are Jewish and I have been to more synagogues then churches.

There are other things about my heritage I could tell you, but do I need to? Do we need to engage in identity politics, just like the Democrats to prove we all should be really offended by the Frederick Democrat Party comments? Would knowing my families religious beliefs make you more offended by the comment? Or should I trust you understand what being called a “Nazi” insinuates. I don’t think telling everyone my family history will make it more insulting nor should it.

Now, I know some Democrats that are flat out disgusted by the “Nazi” comment and in no way support them. It seems the more they speak out loud, the more they scare off members of their own party. Then when local elected officials, Kai Hagen and Ron Young, decided to see if they could be more insulting to the very people they serve, by calling people “stupid” or trying to defend the Nazi comment, all they accomplish is pushing more Democrats away. That’s good, for more rational thinking political parties.

I would formally like to issue an invitation to any member of the Frederick Democrats, Kai Hagen, Senator Young or anyone that agrees with the comment, to come with me and visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. I will drive and even pay for lunch and after we can discuss the HUGE differences between any Republican and members of the Nazi party. The offer is sincere and I truly hope someone takes me up on it.

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