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January 9, 2020

Frederick Has a German Heritage, But Nazis? Part II

Hayden Duke

Have you ever said anything stupid? Anything that you wish you hadn’t said as soon as the words escaped your lips? When this happens most of us apologize either immediately or shortly thereafter. This is what normal, well-adjusted people and organizations do.

This is not what the leadership of the Frederick Democratic Party does. They say that Nazis are on the ballot in 2020. Many people across the political spectrum are rightly outraged.

This statement was posted on January 4th at 9:42 AM: “We stand by our post, which was a comment on our country’s democratic values and the importance of voting. We’re not sure why anyone took offense; the Frederick County Republican Central Committee is manufacturing fake outrage for some reason.”

They can’t imagine why anyone would be outraged as to why they were being called a Nazi. If the leadership of the Democrat Central Committee (DCC) ever gets on Wheel of Fortune I pray that instead of buying a vowel they buy a clue since they are clearly lacking one.

Whatever you think of the Republican Central Committee there is no fake outrage here, there is outrage that a storied and legendary political organization that has produced such luminaries as Beverly Byron, Doc McClellan, Charlie Smelser, some of whom in the older generation actually fought the Nazis are now led by their dime store counterparts who call people Nazis.

Josh Cramer, Democrat Central Committee member and editor of the Frederick Democrats Banner newsletter, also had something to say about this: “Donald Trump invokes the exact same policies that led to the rise of Nazism in Germany and led to a World War that left tens of millions dead.” I’ll spare you the rest of his screed, if you want to get the sensation of reading Mr. Cramer’s thoughts hit your hand with a hammer as hard as you can and you’ll feel that level of pain.

The DCC leadership and Councilman Hagen, who was quoted in my last piece, show a glaring and terrifyingly ignorant knowledge of history. I’ll give him a brief primer on how Hitler came to power, it was a confluence of events that included Germany’s surrender and the ensuing “stab in the back” belief held by many; the war reparations placed on Germany by the victors that could never be repaid; the rise of Bolshevism, Germany’s long held center-right beliefs; the crash of 1929 which saw Germans taking wheelbarrows of money to buy a loaf of bread; the inaction of government; the Beer Hall Putsch and Hitler’s imprisonment where he wrote “Mein Kampf”; and the idea of make Hitler Vice-Chancellor to bring him into government and “tame” him. This led to Germany’s rearmament and the inability of the European nations to attack a nascent Nazi Germany – France had 110 divisions at one point to just a handful of Germans and could have overwhelmed the country but didn’t because they didn’t want to get involved in another war.

Kai Hagen and Josh Cramer would have you believe that there are Brownshirts in our midst and that torch light marches down Market Street are in the offing.

In my next piece, and I know I promised it for this piece, I will be comparing the Nazi party platform and our current political climate and you can make your own decision if this sounds like our current political situation or if you think that this quote from No Country for Old Men by Anton Chigurh applies to the leadership of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee, “I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.”

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