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December 25, 2019

Celebrate The Meaning Of Christmas

Guest Columnist

Seth Eisenberg

It’s Christmas Day!!! I won’t miss the T.V. commercials about the new greatest thing to buy, because then and only then will the people in your life know you love them. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for capitalism and people making and spending money anyway they choose, I just think we have forgotten what really matters, here's a hint, it’s not an X-Box One

The most treasured gift I have didn't cost hundreds of dollars. It wasn't a special order nor was it a limited edition signed and numbered item that only the first 50 callers will get. It wasn't something that someone stood in a line for hours to get, no one fought with strangers trying to get the last one of the shelf. If it cost more than $20 I'd be shocked, but it brings me to tears every time I use it and I hope to pass it on to my son, should it stand the test of time.

It’s a record-a-book my mother made, “The Night before Christmas" in her voice. My mother passed away from cancer and while I have pictures of her and me, when I listen to this, I feel like she is sitting next to me. I have received many Christmas gifts in my life and appreciated them all, but this is the greatest gift I have ever received. To me, this gift completely sums up the meaning of Christmas.

So remember, when you're out and trying to figure out the perfect gift to get for a loved one, it’s not how much it cost they'll remember.  It will be the love put into it. For $20 my mom touched my heart and soul and that's a lot for so little.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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