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December 25, 2019

Fun Facts About Christmas

Cindy A. Rose

On June 24, 1870 in an attempt to unify an America that could be compared to the division we see today, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the bill making Christmas a national holiday.  He had hoped by creating a national holiday he could unify America.

Alabama mad Christmas a state holiday 36 years before President Grant.

Christmas is celebrated around the world by over 160 countries.

The tinsel your parents and grandparents hung from their trees was originally made from real silver.  The tradition can be traced to Germany.  I believe that, as my very German family made tinsel hanging an art form.

The Christmas tree has been sold in America since 1850.

If your son or daughter writes a letter to Santa Clause, it gets delivered to Santa Clause, Indiana. 

Counter to popular belief the busiest Christmas shopping day of the year is not “Black Friday”.  The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the busiest.  My guess is because that’s when most men do their shopping.

More than 1.76 billion candy canes are expected to be made for the Christmas season.

Over 100 years ago people use to tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve.

When Denny’s restaurants built their stores they stayed open 24 hours a day so they were built without locks on the doors.  The decided to close on Christmas Day in 1988 but couldn’t lock their doors.

Ugly Christmas sweater sales will rake in over $6,000,000.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was a marketing idea created for Montgomery Ward.  In image of Santa and his flying reindeer was the creation of Washington Irving.  He also created the Headless Horseman.

London’s Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is donated every year by the People of Oslo, Norway as a continual thank you for their help during World War II.  Another thankful people making this grand gesture are the people of Nova Scotia to the citizens of Boston.  In 1918 there was an explosion and fire to which Boston rendered aid.

James Pierpont’s “Jingle Bells” was written for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is home of the world’s largest floating Christmas tree.

In 1901 nature lover Teddy Roosevelt banned Christmas trees from the White House for environmental reasons.  Perhaps he wasn’t aware for every Christmas tree cut two or three are planted to take its place. 

Franklin Pierce was the first US President to have a Christmas tree in the White House.  He also installed the first bathroom and central heating system. 

It took until 1962 for the United States to issue its first Christmas mail stamp.

The biggest Christmas gift in the world is the Statue of Liberty.  It was gifted to us by the French in 1886.

From everyone here at The Tentacle we wish you and yours a very blessed and peaceful Christmas Day.

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