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December 20, 2019

Vote Your Principles

Guest Columnist

Seth Eisenberg

Local Republicans are facing an uphill battle in upcoming elections. Not only do the Democrats come out in force to vote, they openly and financially support candidates.  They also do not “eat their own”.

Now what do I mean by that you ask? Well, let us start with identity politics, which used to be solely owned by Democrats, it’s now used by some Republican as well.

Republicans used to stand for the right person for the job based on ability and nothing more. Now, every time I hear a Republican is running for something, more often than not, they point out their race, religion or sexual orientation as if that somehow is the most important thing they have to offer.

It’s not so much about their ability as it is their race.  As if it conveys some mystical likeability to be a leader. If for some reason, you are not impressed with that, just like the Democrats, some Republicans will accuse you of being a racist, homophobe or a bigot.

Another reason for the uphill battle is not calling out RINO’s (Republican In Name Only), because they’re popular and we don’t want to upset them. Most Republicans know a RINO when they see one.  Governor Larry Hogan would be an example for some, and many aren’t happy with him.

So, what did some local politicians do last election, they hitched their election hopes on his name. They lost, and lost big time, and then blamed the voters for not supporting them.

The voters wanted to support a Republican candidate, but some that lost weren’t what they wanted. It’s not the Republican voters fault for not voting for RINO’s.  Then voters were attacked for being smart!

We also attack our own candidates, I know for a fact this occurs locally.  There are some working behind the scenes thinking they are “King Makers” and can pick winners. They pick their “winners” not based on ability but by who they like and dislike. Who will follow their instructions without question. These ‘King Makers” will also go behind the backs of the candidates they don’t like and start whisper campaigns against them.  You read that correctly, behind the back of a Republican candidate they have personal issues with, they will tell other Republicans not to vote for them or work against them.  The adult thing to do is remain silent and let the voters decide.

It doesn’t matter to these people if the candidate they are working against is the best person for the job, or if they are destroying the party from the inside out, it’s personal. At the end of the day, these “King Makers’ haven’t made very many kings at all, as matter of fact, the Redskins have a better record than they do.

Together we can save the party, vote conservative, vote based on ability only and openly support worthy candidates with your time, money and energy.

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