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December 17, 2019

The Last Temptation Of Congress

Jason Miller

On a party line vote, Democrats passed articles of impeachment on President Donald John Trump. This act marks only the third time a U.S. President has had articles of impeachment levied against them.

The political aftermath will be evident when the full House of Representatives votes on the articles later this week.

History's recollection shows the first President to be impeached was Andrew Johnson. Johnson ascended to the Presidency after being Vice President under Abraham Lincoln but was never removed from office. The second time an impeachment was enacted saw President William Jefferson Clinton impeached after a very bitter Republican effort in the House which resulted in an obvious acquittal after a trial in the Senate did not produce the two thirds majority vote needed to remove a President from the Oval office.

The final vote against President Trump was predicated on the notion the President's conversation with the Ukraine's President requesting an investigation into American ties to Ukrainian corruption was a high crime. The reason being President Trump asked the Ukrainians to investigate internal corruption matters linked to American Politicians. Such, they argued was an abuse of power.

Many Democrat pundits and politicians have generally been full steam ahead as far as finding grounds for high crimes and misdemeanors requiring impeachment. It's the same biodegradable talking point test balloons that fringe progressives have been releasing like test balloon for about three years.

The more militant arm of the Social Justice People's Front wasted no time stirring up a hypnotic sympathy of anti-Trump impeachment chants since the adult temper tantrum they displayed at President Trump’s inauguration day festivities. The crying, cringing, burning, and smashing failed to assuage their instant gratification anguish.

Despite the Democrat Party's full court press on the House Judiciary Committee, polling indicates that independent voters haven't been swayed due to a perceived lack of tangible evidence documenting an actual crime that raises to the level of impeachment. A lack of evidence was painfully displayed over the path which started over corruption then collusion then bribery then extortion and now abuse of power.

The gamble that Congressman Adam Schiff imparted on Speaker Nancy Pelosi was to focus the House of Representatives in a partisan Hail Mary play. The hope being that America would see President Trump was a danger to the country after the House Intelligence Committee was finished with its investigation. That risk has backfired. The impeachment hearing with Congressman Jerry Nadler at the helm was meant to sound a five alarm warning to a national crisis. The alarm rang out like a dog whistle that only fringe leftists could hear.

Moderates on both sides of the isle seem more confused than convinced. President Trump's grey area phone call to the Ukraine, though disturbing to many; seems less disturbing when weighed against the justified duty of Congress to overturn a free and fair election.

Rudy Giuliani's private intrusion into U.S. foreign policy didn't make it easy for the President but such is the nature of the partisan rancor in politics today.

The articles of impeachment passed by Democrats against President Trump is akin to using a blurry picture of Bigfoot as proof the creature is real once and for all. The aftermath of passing these articles will further divide our country even further on party lines.

Our nation is splitting into two diametrically opposed factions leaving even fewer in the middle. Democrats decried Trump Republicans when the Senate made a simple majority vote necessary to elevate a conservative judge to the Supreme Court.

This partisan criticism fell on deaf ears when Republicans recalled how Obama Democrats made a simple majority the norm when appointing progressive federal judges. As Democrats raise the stakes in the game, Republicans respond in kind.

The bar used to measure efficiency and effectiveness of our national leadership is being lowered in a race to the bottom. Our national crisis is the level that both parties are willing to put the bar in service to their chances of holding onto or retaking federal political power. We are all Americans in the end and we must remember a house divided cannot stand. President Trump won the election. The Senate will never convict him under the Democrat impeachment articles.

As a national community, we must resist the temptation of politically vilifying our neighbors in mass. There are idiots and fanatics in Congress but no one party holds a monopoly on virtue. A submission to such a partisan temptation would usher in an era where impeachment becomes a standard operating procedure in Congress. That does not serve either party well.

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