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November 25, 2019

Time Marches On

Jennifer Baker


Thanksgiving week marks the start of the holiday season. It brings - as we get older - a reflection to all of us on time.

My grandma tells me that as you get older time passes faster and faster.

She turned 97 this week and at this point in her life much time has passed.

She has seen two world wars, listened to Pearl Harbor on the radio and watched 9/11on TV as it happened.

Most of her friends, siblings and peer group have passed on.

Her mind is sharp as a tack even with weakening sight, hearing and a walker.

She is still stubborn with a look and tone of voice that to this day will make you want to crawl under a rock when she is mad.

Theologians say time is linear, vertical and cyclical.

Time for us is linear with a beginning, present and at some point, an end.

Cyclical time is a constant circle of a 24-hour day, month, year, decade and century.

In heaven, time is vertical with no beginning or end just the soul’s present existence in God’s presence.

At 47, I can see my grandma is right. Time does pass faster as I get older.

As a child time was excruciating with the wait to be old enough to drive and graduate high school.

Now I often find myself realizing the time that has passed.

We go through our day-to-day lives with work, housework and with loved ones not realizing the passing of time.

Until one day we wake up and grandma who has always been in your life is 97 and the puppy you brought home is now at the sunset of her life.

Time sneaks up on us and we suddenly realize how much has passed and how little might be left.

Time is perhaps the most underutilized resource we have and we should treat it with more value.

How often do we think about something we will make time for later only to never take the time for?

This holiday season let us all give the greatest gift we have, our time.

Time is free, doesn’t need to be purchased in a long line at a store and there is no wait for delivery.

For some time is short and once the moment has passed there is no return.

This week let’s all try to be grateful for the time we have and let’s spend lots of time with those we love.


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