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November 20, 2019

Bringing Down The House - Part Three

Jason Miller

Progressives successfully perfected the Republican wedge issue tactic in the "2018 Blue Wave" while Republicans kept their heads down. The false idea that Republicans hate minority voters in general has been met by President Trump head on. After the Blue Wave, many Republicans turned on each other along pro Trump and anti Trump lines. Republican strategists scrambled to find out what to do after 2018.


In a can't beat them then join them approach, some real geniuses at the Republican National Committee decided to challenge this latest progressive perception of their party by trotting out their own identity politics and the talking points assigned to each faction.


Republicans in Congress talk more and more about bigger tents and great expectations. The sticking point is that Congressional Republicans seem more interested in backroom deals to one up each other than to rededicate their time to having an original thought.


Idle and empty pandering to an engineered voting block on wedge issues isolates and splits a would be unified post election base into carefully crated factions. Each faction is then identified by their own independent issue. A tasteless platform thus emerges as a mediocre glue that holds the whole thing together. Modern politics has become a simple matter of checking boxes to gain a majority of votes.


This electoral game of Tetris is a tragic byproduct of enhanced wedge issues cutting deeper and deeper into the fabric of the tie that binds Americans as neighbors and families. It has created a partisan hate that has been noticed by those of us who can remember life before publically traded social media companies.


The goal of these wedge issue engineers is a complete and total break from civility between the two major political parties. Hate is a lazy politician's go to motivator to get out the vote. It is the only way that some get their voters to vote. It is designed to tear the country apart for an election night win.


Many of today’s electoral factions have special interests that are diametrically opposed to one another. Under these conditions the left and the right are able to paint the other as an enemy of good and decent people. As the strategy is used more and more, the hate required to motivate the masses elevates.


President Trump pulled off a victory in 2016 by addressing issues. Issues trigger people who want nothing less than to feel good. The truth hurts but ideas that address the hard truths of life can unite a people for the best interests of a nation. Ronald Reagan said once that America is too big for small ideas. Every blue blooded American knows this to be a fact and not merely a suggestion.


If the political class and big business donors who fuel it continue on their present course, Americans might find themselves divorced from each other and their friends over irreconcilable political differences. Abraham Lincoln said a house divided cannot stand. How long will it take for partisan opportunists to bring down the house?

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