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October 23, 2019

Never mind the law…

Jason Miller

A trend is taking place in the showdown over Sheriff Chuck Jenkin’s partnership with the federal office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Frederick County. Surprisingly, it’s not the local cavalcade of uninformed, self-proclaimed experts calling the sheriff’s supporters racists, bigots, xenophobes, or any other insult. That’s a given.


The latest trend is how quickly these self-proclaimed experts turn their vicious verbal venom on those they’ve exalted in the past. The latest example came at the Charter Review Commission (CRC) meeting when a parade of these people shuffled out of the #NeverChuck clown car to offer their keen jurisprudence to a legal opinion by County Attorney John Mathias.


The trouble started when commission member John Daniels asked for a legal opinion from the county attorney (Mr. John S. Mathias) to clarify if the county executive is required to sign off on the Sheriff’s Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Homeland Security and specifically ICE.


Mr. Mathias concluded that not only did the county executive have no legal requirement to sign MOAs from the Sheriff’s Office, but that the county executive had no legal authority to do so either.


Mr. Daniels was appointed to the CRC by the #NeverChucker County Councilman Jessica Fitzwater. Councilman Fitzwater smiled her way into the 287(g) battle as she marched in protest of 287(g) with the RISE coalition of Western Maryland days after they filed a lawsuit against Frederick County over the program.


Not to be outdone on the CRC appointments, NeverChuck Councilman Kai Hagen appointed Lisa Jaronsinski to the Charter Review Commission. Ms. Jaronsinski took to social media to decry both 287(g) partnerships and ICE soon after her appointment to the CRC.


Mr. Mathias’s opinion seemed to have stirred the #NeverChuck movement into action as some local citizens lined up to give three minutes of public comment decrying Mr. Mathias’s conclusions. Some mumbled, while others began hurling insults and innuendo.


The room was so aghast at the spectacle that both CRC members Walter Olsen and Dr. April Miller encouraged the would-be #NeverChuck crusaders to apologize to Mr. Mathias at the end of the meeting simply on the grounds of human decency. Some did. Others didn’t.


The sad – but – but true nature of these #NeverChuck acolytes is becoming more and more evident with each adult temper tantrum they throw. They hurl insults instead of facts. They promote fear instead of logic. They cast a mighty shadow of the so-called tolerant sort from their drafty ivory tower.


That is, of course, when they’re not being arrested at pro 287(g) rallies for disturbing the peace.


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