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October 15, 2019

The Trouble with Trickles Part 2

Jason Miller

As Democrats on "Capitol Hill" travel down the impeachment path, has reported that House Democrats are placing the pieces for a political game of brinksmanship.


The situation is dire for both the president and House Democrats as both sides prepare for an election in 2020. The impeachment issue may very well be the final divorce of bipartisanship in a system designed for compromise.


The escalation of a bipartisan tit-for-tat over the guilt or innocence of the president obtaining Russian assistance in the 2016 election win tapered off when the Mueller Report was issued. The lack of any tangible evidence linking the 2016 Trump Campaign to actively engaged operatives of the Russian government hit the Democrat base like a train. The inability to find a quid-pro-quo agreement with then candidate Donald J. Trump’s campaign ushered in the need for something else to pin on the president for the purpose of his removal.


The Axios report states that documents obtained by them imply that Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi (CA) is directing the impeachment inquiry in two narrow topics of interest. The Speaker knows full well the costs and benefits of impeachment proceedings from her days in the House of Representatives during the William J. Clinton impeachment.


One focus will be on the recent calls and discussions by President Trump, which are alleged to have offered encouragement of investigators to pursue corruption inquiries of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the Ukraine as a condition of foreign aid. A second focus is the possible obstruction of justice by President Trump in relation to the Mueller-Russian Collusion Investigation.


The full Axios story can be found at:


A two-year political observation of the behavioral patterns of the Democratic party members in the House offers insight into the thinking of Speaker Pelosi. She has had to battle internal party divisions in a heated political environment. The Mueller report had deflated a once certain Democrat base whose sails were filled with assurances by Democrats that President Trump had, in fact; committed a serious crime against the country which would vindicate their feelings of outrage.


The far left wing of the Democrat party has driven the scorched earth approach to impeachment even further in recent weeks. The shift has come at the expense of the more cautious, methodical, and processed-based approach Ms. Pelosi has been championing, a position she maintained even before Democrats took over the House majority in November of 2018.


The current crop of Democrat presidential hopefuls, and far left fire breathers, seem to have noticed the shift. In a swift response, many have offered endorsed legitimacy to the tall tales of President Trump as being the very model of the modern day Leviathan. A once fringe idea of an illegitimate president being a clear and present threat to the nation is now a general viewpoint among many rank and file Democrats.


As Joe Biden sprints to the left in hopes of garnering the support of a Democrat demographic that is foaming at the mouth, his chances of being implicated in a Ukraine investigation increases. If Republicans ask questions regarding alleged Biden wrong doing, the blast to Mr. Biden as the Democrat party nominee for president would trouble any in the House Democrat leadership.


Joe Biden's nomination would open up a 50/50 Pandora's Box of chances should a vote on impeachment be predicated on the Ukraine focus points outlined by Axios, which are reported to be the one being entertained currently.


The fanciful notion of obstruction of justice set during the Mueller investigation all but fizzled and died out after Robert Mueller’s muddled and, at times, incoherent testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. The perceptions of wrongdoing were not met with a solid statement by Mr. Mueller. Many of the 24-hour news cycle's talking heads openly declared that they were skeptical if Mr. Mueller even read the report that carried his name.


Should President Trump be victorious in his current quest, the House of Representatives will need a full roll call vote on impeachment before he complies with any request from House Democrats for documents or testimony from any executive branch personnel. Republicans themselves would be offered subpoena power upon the passage of an impeachment vote in the House. The current impeachment inquiry procedures – without deference to the Democrat majority – would end abruptly.


The stage is now set for a partisan battle which could offer up unintended opportunities on both aisles given the president's more stalwart support from Senate Republicans.


Speaker Pelosi may even feel a sense of Deja-vu as she gazes from Capitol Hill to the White House as she's forced to walks the same fateful footsteps that Newt Gingrich treaded with an even more fateful decision on a partisan vote for impeachment that was passed in October 1998.


The view from the Hill is always foggy at best when gazing into a political crystal ball.


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