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October 10, 2019

The Trouble with Trickles Part 1

Jason Miller

One can't help but imagine a group of hungry seagulls as they watch Congressional Democrats flock from one idiotic impeachment justification to the next. The latest Democrat game of political whistleblower stands alone.


The latest impeachment attempt via classified information could even depress the clown currently struggling to revive Mitt Romney’s political relevance in wider Republican circles. Gone are the days of anti-Nixon bipartisan stewardship in the face of facts. This is classic political craftsmanship.


As the once mighty party of John F. Kennedy, the Democrats enjoyed the respect of all Americans. Even Republicans tipped their hat to the decades of innovative ideas. All the while arguments over the costs never diminished the idea that Republicans and Democrats generally agreed in principle that America came first and, as such, it should merit compromise for the good of the people.


Today's Democratic Party has descended into the mouth of madness as it sees its own presidential candidates turned into a fact-starved, hyperbolic flock of screeching socialist progressives, who yearn for an impeachment breadcrumb to bolster their futile attempts to win votes with other people’s money.


An easily startled gaggle of self-righteousness in their natural state, many Democrat presidential hopefuls demanded impeachment hearings based on a call that President Donald Trump made to the head of state in the Ukraine. A whistleblower, who had gotten the knowledge second hand, felt compelled to file a complaint.


Only a trickle of information had started to reach the press. The call itself was speculation at best. But the Democrats were still stirring. Could this be the one thing that could usher in an end to the big bad Orangeman? (Apologies to graduates of Syracuse University.)


In a mad dash to the microphones, Senators Kamala Harris (CA), Elizabeth Warren (MA), Cory Booker (NJ), and Bernie Sanders (VT) jumped at the gift. Highly paid focus groups certified that there is only so much free stuff one can pledge to give away in order to get votes.


As the information became evident, the president declassified the transcript of the call. Despite little more that opinionated perspective on the transcript, many Democrat presidential candidates dug in their heels despite the luster of their original claims fading upon the transcripts release.


Why? Because this was an opportunity for many Democrat hopefuls to get a two-for. The good ol two for the price of one. Joe Biden and Donald Trump served on a silver plate.


Despite all the free stuff pledged and all the victimhood acknowledged, Ms. Harris, Ms. Warren, Mr. Booker, and Mr. Sanders could not pull past former Vice President Biden in the polls. That was until the Ukraine mess with Mr. Biden and his son Hunter topped the fold.


Rank and file socialist Democrats are sick and tired of the moderate old guard not passing the torch to them. This presents an opportunity to the old guard Biden foes to point out the perceived corruption of Mr. Biden while chastising President Trump for investigating the corrupt practices of an adversary through a foreign power.


The trouble with trickles is that the drips don’t stop. Democrats using the transcripts of the president’s call to the Ukraine as grounds for impeachment is like using a blurry picture of Bigfoot as evidence that it's real.


Sooner or later facts will appear that may hurt President Trump, but the flood plain runs wide for Democrats, too, should a trickle of partisan allegations turn into a monsoon of charges from both sides of the aisle.


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