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As Long as We Remember...

October 8, 2019

A Reality Check for Extremists

Jennifer Baker

Winston Churchill, the World War II prime minister of England, once said “there is something good about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” And for half the room at last week’s Frederick City Board of Aldermen meeting that was certainly true.


For the other half of the room those attending supposedly love the horses, but actively work against those who know best the care and management of horses.


What the meeting does show is the ongoing battle between farmers, horsemen and animal rights extremists.


The local home-grown extremists in Frederick were spotlighted last year for chasing carriages in downtown Frederick and yelling profanities at children during Christmas.


In early spring, animal rights extremists sought help from the city to rewrite the current ordinance regarding carriage operators in the City of Frederick.


The goal was to remove carriages from Frederick in the short period between Thanksgiving and Christmas on the Friday and Saturday nights they currently operate.


While unsuccessful in their attempt at removing the carriages, they were able to change the rules regarding the treatment of horses. The new rules further limited operations and forced city police to not only police people but also ensure the city mandated watering and rest of horses was met.


What many fail to grasp is the ongoing social issue coming to a town near you soon of animal rights extremists whose main goal is to ensure that all livestock are liberated from humans.


Such groups seek, through emotion instead of logic, to give all animals the same rights as humans and –as such – the care and management by humans would be prohibited.


This may sound conspiratorial, but animal rights extremists were successful in the farming mid-west in shutting down a local farmer who raised beef and sold the meat in his local store to the public.


Barnum and Bailey Circus has ceased operations after years of continued assaults by animal rights activists.


These extremists once operations are stopped seem to move on to the next target and have little concern for the domesticated animals left behind without a home or caretakers.


Florida recently banned greyhound dog racing, but in the aftermath left 1000s of dogs in need of new homes, dogs that were bred and raised to race and will have large adjustments to life as a companion animal.


In any aspect of life there are good and bad actors, animal rights extremists though do not seek an education to know what is good or bad care of an animal.


The skinny horse on the side of the road may be a 34-year-old animal loved and cared for by the same person its whole life, an owner who diligently works to provide quality care until the time the horse dies of natural causes. This is love of a longtime animal friend and not abuse.


With the current harvest underway, be sure to thank a farmer. As livestock owners they face a growing criticism of their way of life, and few see the farmer spending the night in the barn to tend a sick calf or the horse owner whose car needs repair because hay was more expensive this year than last.


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