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October 4, 2019

How Bizarre Can We Get?

Patricia A. Kelly

I don’t want to know, but our increasing weirdness and complete loss of sense is in my face almost every day, so I’m going to have to move to a very isolated cave to have the slightest chance of peace.


There’s the recent, “righteous” outrage of Democrats, as they go one more round in their perpetual fight with President Donald Trump, as if they haven’t been doing the same thing for nearly three years.


Yesterday I read they’re thinking of adding obstruction to the impeachment inquiry, this time because he was slow to answer information and testimony demands from the House of Representatives that was investigating the investigation they had endorsed, which found no impeachable offense. He had given them the information the first time around. How exhausting! Congress could be working on issues.


Speaking of this, while checking into an organization called FAIR, bemoaned in Letters to the Editor recently in the Frederick News-Post (FNP), I found an organization called SPLC, or “Stop Politicizing Legitimate Issues.” Didn’t have time to look into it further, but what a concept!


Recently, also in the FNP, I saw an article regarding the end of late fees for poor children who don’t return borrowed books. The concept behind this ludicrous idea is that the poor children might need the books. Not even mentioning the tax-supported public nature of the library, with heretofore equal access for all, if poor children can get to the library to borrow a book, why can’t they get there to return it?


And what kind of a lesson is it for a child to learn that he can get away with violating perfectly legitimate rules? That will surely help him grow into a responsible adult. And what about the other poor kids? How will they get the book?


An equally fascinating recent “thought” trend is the assertion that immigration is related to climate change, and that we should accept more immigrants because of this. I’ve even seen one article that suggested we should take every South American person who wants to come because we are the world’s worst polluters and their droughts are our fault.


I keep thinking about the only other major environmental defense movement of my life. This one began in the 60’s with the publication of Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring.” After that, as human impact on the environment was studied, one of the most important recommendations, always very strongly emphasized, was zero population growth.


No matter that immigration at today’s rate will create a U.S. population three times the present one within a hundred years. No matter that the carbon footprint of immigrants increases the moment they cross our border.


Now we must retrofit or demolish all existing buildings, limit car and airplane use, stop eating meat, etc., but we can have all the babies we want, it not being politically correct to mention the traditional birthrate among many of our southern neighbors.


Could it be that people are politicizing this entire global warming/environmental concern thing to increase their voter base or their power? Could equating desire for legal immigration with hatred be a political move?


I know it’s an extremist idea, but should we consider looking at the issues here?


Common sense dictates that the resources of the earth are limited, climate change or not. Of course, we should all care for and preserve these limited resources. We’re just more aware now as population pressure and technology have increased.


Wouldn’t it be refreshing to look at these issues without politics, and start reducing waste and plastic use, and eating real, unprocessed food from sustainable sources? We could even keep our heat a little lower in the winter and wear sweaters in the house.


Why are we berating and even demonizing each other? Why are we turning perpetrators of crime into victims? Why are we teaching our children that obeying laws and rules is optional?


The only answer that could explain all this is that anarchy will one day serve someone, maybe the leader of some Saul Alinsky-style revolution.


That one’s hard to even consider.


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