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October 3, 2019

Showing Support for Enforcement of the Law

Ken Kellar

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins is perhaps the most loved and hated man in Frederick County. He is loved by many for enforcing the law and fighting crime. He is hated by many for enforcing the law and fighting crime.


“Loved” and “hated” might be a bit of hyperbole. “Admired” and “resented” might be closer to the mark. Or maybe “appreciated” and “unappreciated” capture the essence of our sheriff’s status.


If you align more closely with the words: loved, admired and appreciated rather than hated, resented or unappreciated, there is an event you might want to consider attending.


On Sunday, October 6, there will be a rally to support the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office’s cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) 287(g) program. It will focus on the safety of all Frederick County citizens, and how criminal Illegal aliens have impacted our families and communities.


Location: Baker Park Band Shell in Frederick (N. Bentz & W. 2nd Streets) behind the old Armory.


Date: Sunday, Oct. 6,


Time: 2:00 – 3:30 PM.


Speakers will include Angel Moms (those who’ve lost loved ones in crimes committed by illegal immigrants), Thomas Homan (former Acting Director of ICE), State Senator Michael Hough and Sheriff Jenkins.


This is an opportunity to show your support and appreciation for our county’s law enforcement officers and their efforts to protect us.


I usually cringe at the idea that people need to gather together and hoot and holler to try to be heard by their elected officials. Rule of law, a free press and an educated and informed citizenry should be enough without theatrics. However, attending rallies with like-minded people can be quite a tonic for the soul.


It’s easy to start thinking you are the only one who believes this or that on an issue. It’s easy to keep quiet when someone starts yapping about a political issue, arrogantly assuming all in the room, or at the table, or in the car, agree.


But attend an event like this rally to support Sheriff Jenkins and you’ll see you aren’t alone. You are part of a very large group of sensible human beings. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll speak up next time someone assumes theirs is the only way.


You don’t need to wear any slogans or carry a sign. Just dress neutrally and show up. You don’t need to yell or applaud. Your presence will be message enough.


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