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As Long as We Remember...

June 30, 2004

Hold Your Nose! Michael Moore's Movie Is Now Showing!

John P. Snyder

I was half tempted to go out and see Fahrenheit 9/11 the latest documentary by Democratic icon Michael Moore.

The media was hyping it incessantly and it got the thumbs up from Terry Mc Auliffe, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. My lovely daughter, soon to be a college sophomore helped me decide when she asked: "Are you freakin' crazy Dad? Why would you give your money to a fat slob who hates America," she asked.

And so I stayed home.

We all pay a price for freedom here in America, and allowing Mr. Moore's filth to be shown in theaters across the country is really a payment towards that freedom. I recall watching a demonstration by the Ku Klux Klan down Broad Street in Augusta, GA, the summer of 1986. They marched, carrying signs vilifying blacks, Jews and Catholics. It was gut wrenching.

The ignorance and ugliness of the Klansmen brought tears to your eyes. It made you want to throw up. But then the march was over; they returned to their caves, and life went on. Those, like Mr. Moore, who hate their country - and themselves - will no doubt feel their views have been validated.

I have read dozens of reviews and spoken to a generally liberal reviewer that found the movie disgusting. Mr. Moore's comments regarding America, especially while traveling in Europe, have been well documented.

He said Americans are dumb and lazy. He expressed the thought that America has "brought sadness and hurt to people around the world."

He has said many times that Americans are simply an "ignorant people." He draws large crowds in France and Germany.

Fahrenheit 9/11 attempts to dissect the war on terror, clearly blaming George W. Bush. When you control the content, factual errors are of little concern. The war in Afghanistan was to make sure UNOCAL got a gas pipeline in? Iraq was a better place when Saddam Hussein was in power? Black soldiers have died in larger numbers than whites?

Facts apparently are ignored in order to make a point. As always with liberals who hate America, there is a moral equivalence with whomever we are battling. To them we are no better than Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Hitler or whomever.

In the end I suspect Mr. Moore's movies will find themselves preaching to the choir. Democrats who feel the United States is a blight on the planet earth will refer to this movies as a validation of their accusations.

Those who feel that our country, while not perfect, surely beats anything that comes in second, will not see the movie.

You really have to hand it to Mr. Moore. The only thing more grotesque than his views is him personally. He has found a way to make a living catering to the darkest thoughts of those who feel there is a capitalist plot behind every action. There is no more easily led segment of our country. These were the "useful idiots" that thought communism was a fair political system. These chumps can be counted on to make him a rich man.

I will not allow myself to get all worked up over this idiotic movie. At some point, like the KKK marchers, the parade will soon be over, and Mr. Moore will return to his cave.

And life will go on.

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