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October 1, 2019

Congress A Diatribe

Patricia A. Kelly

Our country was designed with a system of checks and balances that included a three-part government, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Each branch was designed to be equal. Each branch was designed to keep the others in check.


Many now say that the president is egregiously expanding his role, making decisions and enacting executive orders beyond his constitutional purview. This may be true.


What’s not said is that the same thing has been happening for years under several presidents. This is bad, if for no other reason than that the next president can unilaterally undo any and all such orders from the president(s) before him.


Why is this happening? The answer is Congress. The legislative branch of our government has become a bunch of kindergarteners fighting in the sand pile instead of the equal third arm of our amazingly designed government.


The Executive branch comes up with ideas. The Legislative branch creates legislation as appropriate to implement some of these ideas. The Judicial branch, with the Supreme Court at the top and District and Circuit courts below, lets us know if the above is constitutional/legal.


This is why we all should want constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. But I digress.


Congress repeatedly fails to create legislation appropriate to solve the huge issues facing our country today.


Immigration reform is a need recognized in our country for decades and should be the subject of a bipartisan bill providing fairness to those applying to move here, as well as for those seeking amnesty. It’s not even that complicated, except that members of Congress are so often interested in only two things: their own re-election and their party’s victory.


On immigration, there should be no restrictions as to religion, race, gender or even country of origin. Immigration should be open to healthy people who can contribute to our country. These immigrants should be required to declare their loyalty to America, to learn English, which, by the way, should be declared our national language, to support themselves and to blend into American society to the best of their ability.


Priority should then be given to the admission of their spouses and minor children, but not their grandmothers, aunties or brothers. Decisions about the number of immigrants allowed per year could be partially based on our country’s skills needs, but definitely based on the number of new entrants our country can tolerate each year.


These decisions should be based on science and statistics, along with projections about what the admission, for example, of 2,000,000 people per year, would do our environment, to school construction, to the workforce, to the rights of current American citizens.


That’s just one example. Look at the behavior of Congress regarding climate change. One side is screaming, even going so far in a recent Frederick News-Post column, suggesting we should take all Central and South American applicants because our consumption has influenced climate change and caused the droughts, etc., that make them want to come here. That should make things great for everyone. Just imagine.


What about the now forgotten environmental warnings of the 60’s and 70’s? Does anyone remember Rachel Carson? The importance of zero population growth? The question of how many people one country can provide with clean water and air?


Never mind. It’s all forgotten now, not being politically correct in a time when the left favors importing millions (of potential voters) whose culture, just as did ours in the 19th century, calls for having multiple children.


No, now we must all stop driving, retrofit all buildings, stop using fossil fuels and more, but can have all the babies we want.


It’s sickening. Instead of spending three years with one side persecuting the elected president, who won the Electoral College vote which gives each state a fair voice in the presidential election, and the other side defending him, both sides should be working for us. We do vote them in, and even pay their salaries. They should be coming up with truly fair immigration and climate laws, reasonable plans for renewing our infrastructure, national defense, border security, the war on terror, correct role of the federal government, budgeting, etc.


Can it be true we are paying these people to yell at each other, call each other names, and attempt to get the best of everyone but themselves?


Maybe we should think about firing them and getting a real Congress. Heaven knows, we could use one.


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