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September 24, 2019

The Left Ruins Everything

Ken Kellar

The City Council of Leander, Texas, voted 5-2 to stop the public's ability to rent meeting space at the local library for any purpose. They also voted 6-1 to require background checks for presenters to audiences of children under the age of 17.


This is a direct result of community outrage of the Drag Queen Story Hours being conducted in the local library. One of the storytellers was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy. Protesters discovered pornographic photos they found on line of the proposed storyteller.


Prior to the council-vote ending public use of the library for all events, the story-event proceeded in a closed library (apparently due to protests over the event) with a local pro-LGBT church footing the bill.


From the promoters of Drag Queen Storytelling, "Drag Queen Story Hour captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity in childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models." Others would view this as grooming or recruiting of children for sexual purposes.


With the council vote, Breitbart reported: "Use of the library will now be limited to those events sponsored by the library, city government, or the parks and recreation department."


One of the councilmen who voted to continue to allow library meeting room rentals said: "We have one issue that occurred in a magnificent city, our little city of Leander, one issue happened, and now it's punishing everyone who does play nice in the sandbox, follows the rules and behaves themselves."


Promoters of sexual and psychological deviancy took advantage of a civic system of libraries instituted to promote the general welfare. They used the public system to promote their own self-interest and desires and subsequently caused permanent harm to a city. Due to the alphabet (LGBT etc.) agenda, the public lost access to a publicly funded facility.


Now, if Leander Parks and Recreation wants to invite a farmer to teach kids about dairy farming, they will have to pay for a background check for the old farmer due to the Leander experience of a convicted pedophile using the library to gain access to more children.


Almost all parents in America do not feel the need for their children to be exposed to queer role models, especially not in publicly funded facilities. The Leander Council agreed and stopped the parental abuse, but unfortunately, fear of the ACLU, or other legal action, compelled the council to deny all citizens access to the library meeting space.


While writing this piece, headlines like this are popping up: Maryland to Require Schools to Teach LGBTQ History, and Public Library Deletes Pictures of Drag Queens Fondling Children at Story Hour.


What about inserting the alphabet agenda in Maryland’s public school history curriculum?


I am a student of history, almost expert in many aspects due to extensive study on my own. I was a top scholar in high school, graduating 7th out of over 400 students. I took Civics, Honors World History and American History. Yet, when I graduated from high school, I was pretty clueless about history. History was a big jumbled mess of facts, stories and dates. It took decades of reading and reflection for me to develop a linked and coherent understanding of history. The injection of niche political agendas into our children’s curriculum is reckless, and abusive, making an already challenging subject that much more difficult.


Liberty isn’t easy. It allows people to do obnoxious and even dangerous things. The alphabet agenda has convinced a small set of parents that exposing their small children to sexual and behavioral deviants is good parenting. They are horribly wrong, yet free to do it.


The next time someone defends the alphabet agenda with statements like, “…as long as it’s between consenting adults…” remind them of the grooming and recruiting efforts targeted at our children. It is wrong.


As the headline indicates, the left ruins everything. Why must this be?


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