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September 20, 2019

Is He Worth It?

Patricia A. Kelly

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, that is the question. Some supporters of our president undoubtedly find his rhetoric funny and appealing. Most, I’m sure, do not.


His personal flaws are obvious. He’s overtly narcissistic, a poor and repetitive speaker without a teleprompter. He can’t take an insult without fighting back. He has a pretty clear history of philandering. Although not a misogynist, he has certainly benefited from his looks and power in relationships with attractive women. He is blunt and excessively outspoken.


A lot of us, including my 94-year-old mother, have often wished they could take him across their knees and give him a good spanking. He deserves it sometimes.


Vilified by the press, virtually all Democrats and by supporters of the Democratic anointed one, Hilary Clinton, more lies have been told about him than he has ever thought of telling. The count of alleged lies attributed to him is a lie unto itself, and I mean lies, at 12,000. Ridiculous!


He is secretive about his tax returns, embellishes his claims of personal greatness, and certainly embellishes his claims of innocence.


Back in the days of real journalism, news stories were factual, and editorials expressed opinion. Now virtually every news story about President Donald Trump includes pejorative adjectives and assertions about his motivation. Anti-Trump media and Democratic leaders have spent the last, almost three years brainwashing the country into thinking that he is so evil he will bring down our democracy.


The facts tell another story. Yes, Mr. Trump believes in himself. He also loves our country, and is working hard to make it better, more economically sound, and safer in the world. His views may be old fashioned in the view of some liberals, contributing to current brainwashing about the value of socialism.


President Trump is for opportunity rather than government subsidy of people’s personal lives. He is for peace through military strength, fairness to America in foreign trade, and removal of the legislation that encouraged American businesses to move to other countries where labor was cheaper. He wants these companies back, as part of his strategy to make America richer and more independent. He stands for the integrity of American borders and controlled immigration. He’s against the Democratic push for one world without borders.


Mr. Trump will talk with anyone, friend or enemy, to reign in terrorism, secure fair-trade deals, and end or prevent wars. He’ll also get up from the table and go home if these talks aren’t working.


I’ve seen the impact of socialism in the world, and of communism, which is socialism by force. Countries should have borders, and integrity, and I’d like them to form alliances to create a stronger force for human rights, dignity and opportunity to find work that supports their families, instead of lining the pockets of leaders.


I don’t want to see our tax rate double, with someone else deciding who will be my doctor, how long I’ll have to wait for surgery, and even whether I’m eligible for the treatment I choose.


If I borrow money, I should be required to pay it back. If I am healthy enough to work, my sustenance should be my problem, and I should reap the rewards of my work, not primarily support others. I don’t want to live in a country where the distinct minority gets to infringe on my rights.


None of the doomsday projections about President Trump have come to fruition. He has not started World War III, or any war. He has been forceful in sanctioning bad actors while demonstrating consistent willingness to negotiate. He has not mistreated or caged anyone, unlike some of his predecessors, but worked under laws Congress is unwilling to change.


Yes, he is moving to detain applicants for amnesty, but is allowing their children to stay with them. He even expressed sympathy for DACA, but Democrats rejected the deal he offered, while also delaying funding to provide better conditions for detained immigrants. Mr. Trump has not violated the Constitution. He has created no more executive orders than his predecessors and would not be forced to create them if Congress would do its’ job as the legislative branch.


How I wish we had a more smooth, tactful and diplomatic president. I wish he didn’t like debt. Still, I don’t see anyone on the horizon who could do a better job at protecting America’s economy, traditions and integrity. This country was founded on the principle that people should, within the limits of the law, have opportunity, choice, and responsibility for their own actions.


There is no present 2020 candidate who will follow the founding principles that made America a great success.


Trump is worth it.


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